San Diego Zoo.

San Diego Zoo, located at the downtown San Diego, is the world famous zoo in the USA. The zoo has over 4,000 animals of more than 800 species. San Diego’s climate is cool year round by breezes from the Pacific. The zoo location is perfect with hundred acres of parkland that the zoo occupies close to the centre of the city. Its landscape is beautiful with a richly wooded series of canyons and mesas that impose a complex three dimensional geography on the park, making it delightfully confusing to explore. Because it is relatively large, it is quite hard work and may take whole day to explore the park on foot. You can have a quick way to explore the zoo by using cable car sky ride, and best of all using a double-decker open busses that cruise the wide roadways around the zoo. We spent only half day at the zoo, not enough to cover the whole zoo. You need to visit the zoo to see wild animals blending in a beautiful landscape with many exotic plants and flowers.