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St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis had been my home for 25 years. During this time, I visited many places in Missouri, especially the state parks. In this page, I have pictures of some landmarks of St. Louis, such as the Gateway Arch, the Cathedral Basilica, old Courthouse, Busch stadium, and many pictures of scenery around Missouri. The two well-known places in St. Louis, the Botanical Garden and the Zoo, are not included in this page. But you can see them separtely in my site: Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis zoo animals. Pictures of the Missouri state parks are from Forest Park, Castlewood, Elephant Rock and Table Rock. Other pictures are from city parks (Creve Coeur, Ellisville, St. Louis county).

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Blue-Bird park Blue_bird-2 Blue_bird-3 STL_arch STL_footballdom STL_oldbuschstadium
STL_oldcourthouse STL_oldcourthouse-2 Shaw_reserve-1 Shaw_reserve-2 Table_Rock balloon_race
castlewood-1 castlewood-2 castlewood-3 castlewood-4 castlewood-5 castlewood-6
castlewood-7 castlewood-8 castlewood-9 creve-coeur_lake elephan_rock_mo_05-1 elephan_rock_mo_05-2
elephan_rock_mo_05-3 elephan_rock_mo_05-4 jeffersoncity ozark-1 ozark-2 ozark-3
ozark-4 ozark-5 ozark-6 ozark-7 ozark_bridalcave ozark_bridalcave-2
ozark_hahatonka-1 stl_artmuseum stl_forestpark-1 stl_forestpark-2 stl_forestpark-3 stl_winter-06-4
stl_winter_06-1 stl_winter_06-2 stl_winter_06-3 stlcathedral_06-1 stlcathedral_06-2 stlcathedral_06-3