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Recently, new adenium hybrids were imported from Thailand and Taiwan that made adenium growing in Vietnam more colorful. Vietnamese gardeners also learned how to breed adeniums and created many unique adenium cultivars. Some of the Vietnamese adeniums are displayed in this page including Valentine Pink, Nhu Hong, Thien Long, Vuong Nu, Dragon Fire....

Most of pictures of the adenium in this page were taken at the "Su Co" adenium nursery in Saigon. We thank Mr. Co, the owner, for the permission to take pictures of his adeniums. We also thank Mr. Khuong Hoang for introducing me to the Vietnamese adenium. Mr. Khuong Hoang is an active member of the Yahoo adenium group. He is the author of an excellent adenium book written in Vietnamese: Ki thuat trong & kinh doanh Su Thai (Aug. 2006, Tong Hop publisher, Hochiminh city, Vietnam). I highly recommend this book to the Vietnamese adenium enthusiasts.


Adenium in Vietnam

The Vietnamese adenium is called "Su Thai-Lan" (literally means Thai plumeria). Adenium had been introduced to Vietnam from Thailand more than 40 years ago. It was integrated silently into the Vietnamese gardens. You can find adenium everywhere in Vietnam, growing as potted plants for its beautiful flowers.

Most adenium plants in Vietnam are propagated by cuttings. Pink adenium is the most common color.