Adenium Flower Show in Saigon, Vietnam.

The adenium show at the Flower festival in Saigon, Tet 2009. Most of adeniums in this show are hybrids imported from Thailand and Taiwan. They were grown by Vietnamese nurseries or private gardeners and often renamed in Vietnamese. Adenium is very easy to grow and very popular in Vietnam, especially in South Vietnam where the temperature is warm year round.

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Adenium-1 adenium_bachngoc-hongdang adenium_chieutim adenium_dailoc adenium_daimynhan adenium_daimynhan-2
adenium_daimynhan-3 adenium_giabao adenium_giabao-2 adenium_hackimphung adenium_hackimphung-2 adenium_hackimphung-3
adenium_haidang adenium_hongdang adenium_hongduc adenium_hongduc-2 adenium_hongduc-3 adenium_hongthiennga
adenium_huyetlong adenium_huyetlong-2 adenium_huyetlong-3 adenium_lieuhong adenium_ngocthienha adenium_ngocthienha-2
adenium_ngocthienha-3 adenium_onggianoel adenium_onggianoel-2 adenium_saohoa adenium_tantheky adenium_tantheky-2
adenium_thaibach adenium_thaibach-2 adenium_thantai adenium_thantai-2 adenium_thienquan adenium_thienquan-2
adenium_thienthu adenium_thienthu-2 adenium_vuonghong adenium_vuonghong-1 adenium_vuonghong-2 adenium_vuonghong-3