Dahlia is a native plant from Mexico to Colombia in America continent. It is the beauty queen of flowers in late-summer in many gardens around the world. Dahlia flowers as big as your head with astonishing colors towering over the rest of the garden.

Dahlia was first grown in the Royal Botanical Garden in Madrid, Spain, more than 200 years ago. However, dahlia was more popular after introducing into England in early 1800's. By the 1840's, they were being hybridized to make double forms and expand the colors and became high demand by the gardeners in Europe.

Today, there are more than 200,000 different dahlias, although only about 6000 are named. The American Dahlia Society (ADS) categorizes dahlias into various groups based on size, form and color. Currently, there are 9 sizes (from less than 2 inches to more than 10 inches), 18 forms, and 15 colors or color combinations of dahlias.

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