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Epiphyllum (Orchid Cactus).

Epiphyllum is commonly known as Epicactus, Epiphytic cactus or orchid cactus, which refers to the numerous hybrids of Epiphyllum crossed with other closely related genera. Epicactus plants have been popular for over 100 years. Hybridizers around the world, particularly those in Europe and America, have sought repeatedly to produce new and exotic biotypes, resulting in numerous cultivars of almost any color imaginable. Nowhere else in the Cactus family has such progress been made to achieve huge flowers in so many brilliant colors- over 10,000 named hybrids exist.

Names and Pictures of Epiphyllum hybrids

Gallery Pictures of Epiphyllum.

Pictures of some epiphyllums in my house

Video of epiphyllum flowers

Most Epiphyllums can be propagated from seeds or leaf cuttings. When the fruit is ripe, the seeds can be used to produce new plants. But the most popular propagation of Epiphyllum is "leaf" cutting. The leaf can be cut, let it dry for several day, then grow in a well-aerated potting soil. For best results, the cuttings are dipped into a rooting hormone/fungicide (like Rootone) before planting.

Some epiphyllum flowers can form edible fruits and seeds can grow into new plants.

Epiphyllum fruit

All epicacti are essentially houseplants. Most of them are easy to grow in the home environment. They can be left alone to grow in a hanging basket, or staked on a trellis or some other supports. In winter, rest plants and keep the soil just barely moist. If possible, keep epicactus in an unheated, but not freezing (temperature about 50 F), places in the house.

Most Epiphyllum flowers last only few days after open.

Life of epi flower

However, some epiphyllums, like Pond Lily Cactus (NopaIxochia phyllanthoides), can last several weeks after open.

Pond lily cactus