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Slide show of Annual-Perennial Flowers 4.

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Spotted bellflower Spring vetch Squaw weed Statice Strawflower Sun drop Sunflowers Swanriver daisy Sweet alyssum Sweet coneflower Switch grass Tailflower Tall bellflower Tall thristle Indonesian Wax ginger Tatarian aster Texas bluebonnets Threadleaf coreopsis Tickseed Tickseed  coreopsis Toadflax Toadlily Tomato flowers Toothache plant Torch ginger Trailing impatiens Uncarina roeoesliana Rose mallow Verbena Vinca Virginia bluebells Virginia Spiderwort Water iris Downy aster White snakeroot White-wine cup Wood sage Yarrow Yellow ironweed Wild carrot Wild papaya Evening primrose Wood lily Wood sorrel Zinnia Pearl millet Saxifraga Scotch broom Stock flower Sweet pea Trailing redtail Chinese-violet cress Portea Bacopa Carnation Evolvulus Japanese anemone Kohleria Larkspur Obsidian-coral-bells Shell ginger Bugleweed Spike gayfeather( Liatris spicata) Clasping coneflower Argyranthemum frutescens Argyranthemum (Crested Merlot) Begonia hybrid Bush iceplant Freesias Giant coreopsis Houseleek tree Iceland poppy Incarvillea delavayi Lavender (Lavandula) Leptospermum scopanium (Red-ensign) Red-velvet sage
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