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Cymbidium orchids growing in Vietnam.

Mokara Orchid is a trigeneric hybrid between the Ascocentrum, Vanda and Arachnis Orchids. Created in Singapore in 1969, Mokara is now as popular as its parents. The first Mokara hybrid was called Mokara Wai Liang, named after C.Y. Mok of Singapore. This hearty hybrid has a unique flower shape and the potential to last up to two or three weeks in the vase with proper care.
Mokara is a Vandaceous orchid. It is important to remember that all Vandaceous orchids are of monopodial growth habit. That is, they grow from the tip or crown of the plant. The inflorescences appear from the axis of the leaves. Flowers are long lasting and appear in a cluster along the spike. Mokara is very popular in Saigon where it is grown in many small orchid farms in Cu-Chi, Trang-Bang (about 40-50 km from Saigon). These Mokara farms produce fresh cut-flowers for the flower markets in Saigon. Pictures of Mokara orchids in this page were taken from these orchid farms.

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