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Vietnam Flowers and Bonsai plants.

Vietnamese loves flowers. People gives flowers in every occasions. At the airports, you can see people carries flower bouquets waiting to greet their friends, relatives at the gate. You can find flowers in public parks, along the streets, roads. However, there is no good flower gardens in Vietnam. The Saigon Botanical Garden, established in 1864, grew to a collection of nearly 1,500 species. With the war and its subsequent dislocations, the gardens declined. Since 1975 there has been little investment in the garden and all scientific work has ceased.

The climate in Vietnam is tropical monsoon which is divided into the rainy and dry seasons. Vietnam climate is perfect for tropical flowers. Dalat city, in Central Highland about 1,500 m above sea level, is the capital flower of Vietnam. If you love flowers, you should visit Dalat in the early Spring, especially during the Flower Festival.



Flowers in Vietnam:

Flowers used to celebrate Tết, the Vietnamese New Year, in Vietnam.

Flowering peach village 'Nhat Tan', Hanoi 2013.

Tết flowers in Hanoi, 2012.

Tết flowers in Hanoi, 2010.

Flower festival at Tao Đàn Park, Saigon, Tết 2010.

Spring (Tết) flower pictures (Hanoi flower market Tet 2008).

Flower festival at Tao Đàn Park, Saigon, Tet 2009.

Nguyễn Huệ flower street, Saigon Tết 2009.

A Tết flower market in Saigon, 2009.

Fruit arrangements to celebrate Tet 2009.

mai flower

Orchid pictures

lady's slipper orchid

Rose pictures


Adenium pictures

Tropical flower slide show. hibiscus

Bonsai plants

Vietnamese also loves bonsai plants which are called "cay kien"or "cay canh". You can find bonsai plants everywhere in Vietnam, especially in front of office buildings, hotels, restaurants, etc.