About Us

FlowerPictures & Its amazing team

What Is FlowerPictures?

FlowerPictures was launched in 2001 as a community where everyone could share photos of flowers, along with other information about them.

We’ve came a long way and evolved into a blog where our expert gardeners write articles on how to grow, care and harvest plants on your gardens.

From gardening tips, to gardening tool reviews, we have articles about everything, and we keep growing every day!

Our Team

Gabrielle Anderson

The Mother & Founder Of FlowerPictures.net

I am the founder of this blog! I’ve been running FlowerPictures for more than 20 years now, and i love working on it every day!

I own a very large garden and i learned a lot during my 20 years in the field!

Ella Holmes


I like being around plants. I really do. I work at a botanical garden in the UK, and i share my experiences in this blog.

Natali Michalska


I am Natalia, from Poland! The weather is cold here mostly but i still manage to grow many different things in my 1000 sq.ft. garden! I am a mother of two amazing girls!

Aurora Hansen


I am Aurora! I’m passionate about painting, writing, and of course, growing everything in my garden. Flowers are pretty and happy. And I’m a flowery person!

Become A Part Of Our Team!

  • Experience In Gardening
  • Experience In Writing
  • Must be fully transparent
  • Be Kind To Everyone Else On The Team!


If you’re a gardening enthusiast, and have experience with gardening, we would love to have you on our team! To apply, please submit your CV to apply@flowerpictures.net along with your work experience, and someone from our team will review it and get back to you as soon as possible!

About Us

FlowerPictures is a website dedicated to the most beautiful things in life - PLANTS!

Its run by enthusiast gardeners that have years of experience.