Apple Tree Leaves Turning Brown: Causes & Fixes

Plant owners or tree owners are used to the fact that the leaves can turn in different colors such as brown, yellow, and some others. But still, if you are considered a newbie in the world of plants, I am pretty sure that you have different worries when it comes to the part of colorful leaves.

Well, here goes another article in which I will tell the apple tree owners about the issue of apple tree leaves turning brown! It is a super common problem that many people encounter, and that is the reason why I chose to elaborate on this topic, as I have seen many people questioning this.

Without further ado, let us find out more about the main topic of this article: Apple Tree leaves turning brown! Let us get started!

Why Are My Apple Tree’s Leaves Turning Brown? – Reasons

An apple tree is one of the most widely grown species, and the most important thing about it is that it can live for about 100 years and even more if no damage is done to them. You may know that there are different types of apple trees, and I would like to mention that it comes from the family Rosaceae, while the genus is Malus.

However, as the article is about the leaves turning brown, there are some reasons that you should definitely know, and I am more than glad to help. Apple tree’s leaves can turn brown because of improper watering, soil, and the weather conditions such as temperature.

Let me elaborate more about these reasons!


Every kind of plant or tree has its own watering requirements and a proper watering form. Apple trees own it as well, and when it comes to water as an issue and a reason why the leaves turn brown, it is important to mention that you are not doing the watering as it should be! You may be underwatering or overwatering the tree in any kind of form.


Even though it is not specific, apple trees have a need on the soil as well, and if the leaves are turning brown, you should know that it is definitely not the greatest soil to have your apple tree planted on. It is somehow related to the watering process as well because if you have soil that cannot be dried as it should, the overwatering may happen quickly.


Temperature is one of the most common reasons why leaves turn brown in apple trees, and not only, as a matter of fact, the high temperature can damage different trees and plants as well. An apple tree cannot stay inside, and it basically is outside in the sun and even on the hottest days of summer. Well, that hot temperature is one of the main reasons why the leaves are turning brown.

Things to Do: How to Prevent Apple Tree Leaves Turning Brown?

As preventions in apple tree’s leaves turning brown you can fully be based on the reasons that cause this problem.

In order to deal with proper watering, you should know that an apple tree should be watered once a week or once in every ten days. If there is rain, then the period is even more prolonged. When it comes to the soil in which you have the tree planted, you should always remember that an apple tree needs soil that can be well-dried. The last thing that I mentioned above was the temperature, and what should be mentioned about it is that apple trees hate low temperatures and during these periods the tree goes into its dormant process. However, if you have an idea what room temperature is, you should know that apple trees love it. (don’t put them in your rooms, though jk)

Important to Know: Fire Blight

Just as the name of different diseases in a human body, being as alive as us, apples and other fruits have diseases as well. Completely related to the apple leaf turning brown, I would like to mention a super famous sickness that may be present on your apple tree and its name is Fire Blight. It is a bacterial disease that occurs in many different fruits, but the first ones that are always mentioned and diagnosed are apples and pears mostly.

Fire blight is definitely a cause why the leaves on apple trees turn brown, but that is not the only symptom that shows your apple tree is sick. It has a super-quick infection on the apples as well since they turn brown immediately.

Besides the things mentioned, if your apple tree has this disease, the leaves not only turn brown, but they dry fastly as well as they get shrunk and may fall down.

Fire blight can also move along to the roots of the apple tree and if they are damaged, you can say your last goodbyes to your beloved apple tree.

How to Deal With It?

In order to completely get rid of the fire blight disease, you should fully cut the part that is infected, but you should always remember that if it is done earlier it is definitely better!

Final Words

Coming through the end, you that read it until the final part can quickly notice that there are not too many reasons that can cause brown turning leaves on an apple tree, but still, the ones that I mentioned are the most common ones. However, you should always have in mind and remember deeply in your brain the name Fire Blight, as it is one of the diseases that commonly happens to apple trees in general, and if your apple tree owns it, it is definitely better if you know beforehand.

Anyways, I really hope that this article will help you guys find out what is going on with your apple tree and why its leaves are turning brown!

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