Avocado Leaves Turning Brown? Causes & Fixes

Avocadoes are one of the most favorite plants for different people, and almost everybody wants to have these plants in their houses. However, there are different issues that you may face while growing an avocado, just as in many other plants.

Well, you don’t have to worry because that is the reason why I am writing this article for you! Why are the avocado leaves turning brown? What are the reasons? How to deal with them? In this article, you will find the answers to the questions mentioned above, as well as some other information that needs to be known for the prevention of this “illness” in avocado leaves!

Without any further ado, let me get this article started!

Why Are My Avocado’s Leaves Turning Brown?

Every plant’s leaves are a little sensitive, and an avocado leaf is no exception. There are different reasons that may cause avocado leaves to turn brown, and the most common ones are sunburn (too much light), overwatering, underwatering, soil, humidity, and temperature.


One of the first reasons that cause the brown color on your avocado leaves is because the plant got a sunburn! That is somehow related to the position in which you leave the plant, as if the plant faces the sun for too long, just as a human’s skin, the leaves can turn brown as well. By the way, there may also happen the shrinking of leaves because of the sun.

Overwatering and Underwatering

Another sickness of different plants is considered the watering process. Even though every plant needs water in order to be grown properly, during this process appear two weird things that every plant owner hates, and those things are overwatering and underwatering. Both overwatering and underwatering are causes for the leaves to turn brown, and that’s why you should be very careful while watering your avocado tree.

Not Proper Soil

If you notice brown color at the edges of the avocado leaves, then it is important to know that it comes from the soil that you have the avocado planted. You might want to check out what type of you have used and have an idea where you have the avocado planted.


Avocado trees and avocado plants are native to tropical places, and they are used to the high humidity of 70-80%. That’s why, whenever there is dry air, the avocado leaves can easily turn brown, and not only! They also create different wrinkles around if the air is too dry.


Again mentioning the tropical places that avocados come from, you probably know that they are warmer places, and if the place that you live is frosty and a lot chillier, the leaves of an avocado quickly turn brown, as they are not in a very good relationship with cold weather.

How to Prevent Avocado Leaves From Turning Brown?

Based on everything that is mentioned above, you guys can have somehow an idea on how to prevent the brownish turn of the avocado leaves, still, I would like to mention some things that you may want to do!


Give your avocado plant about six hours of natural light, but never forget it on the light!

Watering Schedule

Having a watering schedule for an avocado plant is the best thing that you can do, in order to prevent brown leaves. You should water an avocado plant or tree every two to three days.


The soil is in fact something that should be known before any of you plants an avocado, but still, it is important to know that avocados like their soil loose and well-draining.

Humidity and Temperature

Yes, again. As you can read above, humidity and temperature are somehow linked to one another on growing avocado plants or trees, and you should always think about them. In order to prevent brown leaves, you should put your avocado at a normal room temperature and not in super-dry air.

Algal Leaf Disease in Avocados

Differing from the brown color of avocados, there is a disease that should definitely be mentioned about avocado leaves and it is the algal leaf disease.

This issue in avocado leaves causes some interesting spots, and they are really weird to look at. Those spots not only come in brown color, but there are included green, yellow, and red-orange.

The algal spots are small at the beginning, but if you leave them like that they can quickly move through the branches.

Note: This disease can lead to total damage to the avocado tree or plant.

How to Deal With Algal Leaf Disease?

In order to get those spots out of your avocado’s leaves, you should clean the surface of the soil in which you have your avocado planted, as well as leave the soil to dry faster, since too much moisture is the reason why they appear.

Final Words

Here we came at the end of this article! I tried to be as clear as possible and I think that knowing what are the reasons that cause brown leaves in avocado leaves makes the job easier for you in order to find out what are the preventions. However, you should always check out more and find out more about leaf diseases, just like the one mentioned above!

I really hope that this article will help you deal with avocado leaves turning brown, and I hope it helps you prevent it and make sure that your avocado tree or plant is safe!

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Have fun!

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