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Best Herbicides For Poison Hemlock in 2022 (Buying Guide)

The Poison Hemlock belongs to the carrot edible family. Each part of the plant is toxic to human beings and animals. The plant is small and has a white flower that grows in an umbrella shape.

The most toxic parts of the poison hemlock are the seeds and roots rather than the foliage. You can get poisoned by consumption, inhalation, and direct contact with the skin. For that reason, protect yourself by wearing a face mask and hand gloves while using herbicides. 

However, if you know how to deal with poison hemlock which is using chemical herbicides, always read the instructions that the manufacturer gives, as well as be informed about the amount, the spraying conditions, and wear protective equipment. The best time to avoid using herbicides is when the forecast shows rainy or windy days.  

Early diagnosis is always preferable since they can be removed with hands with the right protection. 

The Top 5 Bet Herbicides for Poison Hemlock

1. Weedtrine D Herbicide- Best Aquatic

Weedtrine D is a lifesaver herbicide for residentials that live near lakes. The product is made for a wide range of weeds that are found in ponds, pools, fountains, and lakes. Do not apply any type of other herbicides that aren’t specified for aqua use.

Any floating weed below or above the water will be eliminated including the duckweed in a non-violated way.

Bear in mind that it would be necessary to mix with surfactant. The application is done in a hand-held spraying method directing to the poison hemlock.

The product will show visible results for 1/4-1/2 acre pounds. You also encounter water restriction, it should be 3 days dependent on the application rate and 1-day restriction for livestock, and 3 days for ornamentals and irrigation landscapes.

Weedtrine D herbicide has 8.53% diquat dibromide and should look like clear water.

Why Should You Buy It?
If you are residential and live near lakes, fountains, or pools, Weedtrine is the ideal product to get rid of poison hemlock. You have enough liquid volume to cover large areas.

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2. BioAdvanced Brush Killer- Most Versatile

As the name presents itself, the Bio Advanced is meant to get rid of 70 other types of weeds and brush with the special formula. In a 32 fl. oz, the herbicide kills even the toughest plants, and the best part above all is seeing the results in the period between 1- 6 weeks.

Apply BioAdvanced along fences, cabins, trails, and wooded areas that are hard to pull with hands. The efficiency won’t fade even though after 4 hours of watering.

The concentration formula mix depends on the size and what you want to kill because it can kill even stumps.

For example, for a pump-style tank, you should apply 4 fluid oz and fill it with 1 gallon of water, which will treat 500 square feet. For the dial-style hose, the sprayer applies the same 4 fl. oz. and spray backward. If you want to get rid of stumps, use full power and don’t dilute.

Why Should You Buy It?
Not only you will forever say goodbye to poison hemlock, but also more than 70 types of weeds and brushes. The fast showing results just within one to six weeks and treats the large areas. Don’t miss out, it’s great value for money.

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3. Roundup Concentrate- Best Fast-Acting

Shout out to my impatient gardeners that want to see results in a short period of time. By using Roundup Concentrate, you can see the visible reaction in 24 hours. The manufacturer guarantees to kill the weeds from the root once and for all. 

Use the herbicide around the trees and shrubs, near fences, and areas that are placed home accessories.

The ease of use is impressive. For ideal results, apply 4 fl. oz. of the herbicide and add 1 gallon of water. Spraying in the foliage will kill the root and place it in the area of growing. 

You may need to repeat the same process more than twice since the ingredients to provide safety has a lower concentration. For example, the needed acid has 18% glyphosate and 2% triclopyr.  

The sprayer is rainproof for 30 minutes after application of herbicide which is why it shows a super fast reaction and better results.

Why Should You Buy It?
This herbicide is directed to the impatient gardeners because visible results are shown in 24 hours. The half-hour rainproof and very affordable price range is worth giving a shot.

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4. Compare-N-Save Broadleaf Weed Killer- Best Budget

Compare-N-Save Broadleaf Weed is the ideal concentration to get rid of the poison hemlock, corn, soybeans, small grains, and many other weeds and brush. The versatile use is amazing, you can use this herbicide for lawns, golf courses, ornamental turf, residents, airfields, street sides, parks, and athletic venues. 

The active ingredients contain 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid which is equivalent weight to 3.8 pounds per gallon.

The great feature of Compare N Save herbicide is also being used to control the aquatic weeds.

The manufacturer clarified the use in detail. For example, let’s explain for general use, add 0.5 gallons of herbicide per 1000 square feet. The best results are shown (perennial and biennial weeds) if you apply during the growing season but before flowering. Plus, you have to water the weeds before application. It treats 43,280 sq. ft. area.

Why Should You Buy It?
The budget price and the offered specs do not match. The concentration is ideal and guarantees that will get rid of broadleaf weeds. The herbicide treats a really large area and can be used for aquatic weeds as well.

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5. Roundup Ready-to-Use Brush Killer- Best Value

Here comes the famous brand Roundup with another greatly valued herbicide. With 128 fl. oz. just spray the foliage and it will kill the entire root. The brand gives promises fully that the weeds won’t come back. 

For those easer and restless gardeners, the visible reaction is shown for 24 hours which is a really short time, the roundup never fails to surprise the customers as usual. It’s rainproof after 30 minutes of application as well. 

When you apply this ready-to-use spray, make sure the poison hemlock is wet thoroughly, but not soaked. You can use it around other trees or fences and the equipment in the garden won’t get in your way.

The active ingredients that this herbicide contains are just the right amount of glyphosate and triclopyr. You may need more than one application to get rid of weeds once and for all.

Why Should You Buy It?
It offers great value for money. It acts super fast by showing results within a day. Plus, is 30-minute rainproof and can be used for a wide range of weeds, grass, stumps, and vines.

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What’s Important to Know When Buying a Herbicide for Poison Hemlock?

Herbicides contain chemical ingredients that can fight back the toxicity if you follow the given instructions. Here is important information you need to know regarding herbicides:

  • Check the weather before spraying and avoid if the forecast shows rainy or windy days, you need warm and sunny days for application. 
  • It’s recommended to wait for 2 weak to cut spray after applying herbicides.
  • Don’t think that the more herbicide the better result, this only will hurt your pocket and waste your effort.
  • Always wear a protective environment because the root and the seeds are the most dangerous part of the poison hemlock.
  • Act as the manufacturers tell you, every step and the amount is mentioned on the label.
  • Knowing how to apply is as much important as the amount.   
  • Apply the herbicide when the poison hemlock is in the growth time to elicit the best results.
  • In the first year, apply herbicides in Fall, and in the second year, spring times are ideal. Don’t wait for the poison hemlock to grow larger.

How To Control Poison Hemlock

Applying glyphosate during the growing period, check whether the strength is around 41% or above.

Important Note: Glyphosate should be mixed with 2% spray production that contains a surfactant. Keep in mind that spraying should happen when the plants are wet. 

Avoid applying herbicide for poison hemlock that stands in the water unless the manufacturer has mentioned “aquatic use” on the label.

Here you have 2 control options for poison hemlock 

  1. Manual Approach- for small undesired pests, you can just remove them by using your hands but dig deeper to get rid of the root as well, we don’t want the weed to come back, do we?
  2. Cultural Approach– pursue the disturbed area regularly by checking seedlings that become visible in the soil. Early prevention is always easier.
  3. Chemical Approach- a high concentration of glyphosate (41%) can be used for spot treatment or whole application.
  4.  Spot Treatment- you don’t have to apply thoroughly, use herbicides only to spot treat.
  5. Cut the Stem Approach- Inject with hand tools into 1 foliage per plant from 10-12 inches over the root crown. 

 A Brief Recap

Hopefully, the article was helpful and clear. Before deciding which one to purchase, check the needed active ingredients such as glyphosate and triclopyr. 

Apply ONLY the way that manufacturer describes on the label and never use any herbicide for aquatic weeds unless the brand has mentioned that is ok to use.

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