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Best Herbicides For Buckthorn in 2022 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Gardeners and farmers are really struggling with invasive buckthorn in their woods. To end the suffering, you need to take an action and that’s where the herbicides come into place.

The ideal treatment time for buckthorn is during Fall, while the sap is flowering from the roots and gives full access to the absorption of herbicides. Moreover, this “I’m taking over the land” kind of species keeps the foliage and carries on growing much later than plants, by cutting back the damage the herbicide will do to other species that got in dormant for winter.

Buckthorn is a widely-spread ornamental flower. The frequently found types are glossy buckthorn because of its shiny and actually beautiful leaves. 

In the US Department of Natural Resources, there is a list of herbicides that helps you control buckthorn and explains in detail if you use triclopyr or glyphosate (at a certain percentage).  

The Top 5 Best Herbicides For Buckthorn

1. Roundup Concentrate- Most Versatile Use

Everyone is familiar with the Roundup family and is very satisfied with the result, including me. 

It kills every type of tough leave with highly concentrated active ingredients such as 18% glyphosate (1.2 lbs) and 2% triclopyr (0.13 lbs) just as the buckthorn needs to taste in order to disappear forever.

Not only kills buckthorn as an invasive type of weed, but this herbicide also kills any tough weed in the grass, stumps, and other 200 types including woody brush and vines, Poison Ivy/Oak/ Sumac, Kudzu, and wild blackberry.

Roundup acts in 24 hours and the manufacturer guarantees that will result successfully. Plus, is 30 minutes rainproof and won’t wash away easily.

This easy-to-use sprayer, have pretty clear instructions. It follows the technique of spraying the root to kill the entire plant. This is a chemical ingredient, so you better keep away from the breathing creatures.

Why Should You Buy It?
You can use it for every kind of tough weeds, it will kill the undesired tough weeds on the grass or even kill stumps. The fast-acting within a day and rainproof characteristics have tested positive in success.

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2. Airmax Shoreline Defense- Best Aquatic Herbicide

Airmax works with pretty simple guidelines and does a great job with its product. Maybe the price is a little bit higher, but thankfully the quality covers in the most effective way.

The shoreline defense is a specified treatment for aquatic buckthorn and other types of weeds in ponds, lakes, and water gardens. Even the most insistent weeds will be gone.

Airmax Shoreline Defense is too good to be true for beaches and shorelines and 1 quart (32 ounces) can control up to 10,000 square feet. You should apply this chemical water treatment directly to the foliage letting the weed absorb the herbicide thoroughly. It will treat the roots and give you fresh long-lasting control.

The active ingredients are highly concentrated in the percentage of glyphosate acid covering 53.8% and the other 46.2% are mainly based to control the root of woody plants. 

Why Should You Buy It?
If you suffer from undesired weeds on the water or near watery places, the herbicide is the best-to-pick product. It covers a quite large area and kills even the most persistent weeds. The midrange price will definitely meet your expectations.

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3. Navigate A Selective Herbicide- Best Overall

Navigate has started to show off itself lately in the gardening industry with its effectiveness in weed treatment.

Navigate herbicide controls water milfoil, waterstargrass, bladderwort, water lily, coontail, watershield, water chestnut, spatterdock, and other aquatic plants including buckthorn. 

If you want to get the best results, apply the herbicide during growth which the weeds absorb everything in that period. It’s way easier to get rid of them. The granules sink pretty fast in the water and the water use is restricted for non-turf irrigation.

50 pounds of the package targets the aquatic plants that the brand has listed on the label. It comes in granulated form with unique heat-treated attaclay that withstands fast decomposition in the water.

The active ingredients inside are 27.6% butoxy ethyl ester of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid.

Why Should You Buy It?
It’s a herbicide that navigates to a permanent solution to weeds. The granulated form will save money and can be used for longer. The active ingredients inside are ideal for aquatic plants and it’s worth giving a shot.

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4. PetraTools Blue Herbicide Lawn Dye- Best For Even Spread

Airmax Shoreline Defense is an American family-owned company and actually is coming up with very effective solutions to weeds such as buckthorn, but this time 30% more.

What is an amazing thing about the product is having a blue spray which is very visible, so you see how evenly you spread the herbicide. Even though is a liquid herbicide, it saves up money, avoids uneven spread as well as keeps away from the chemicals.  

The product fades in 24-48 hours and disappears naturally into sunlight exposure or rainfall. I say naturally because is non-toxic, non-corrosive and 100% organic. The ease of use will is a timesaver if you don’t have much time to spend on gardening.

Here’s how to use it. Apply 1/6 oz. or 1 teaspoon of the blue sprayer and add 1 gallon of water. For 2/3 oz. of the sprayer, add 4 gallons of water.

Why Should You Buy It?
Spreading the herbicide evenly is suffering, but the blue spray makes it visible, so no spot will be missed. The quick fade and is 100% nontoxic will be safe for kids and pets. The price is actually cheap and this time, they come 30% more concentration.

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5. Fertilome Brush Killer Stump Killer- Best For Killing Stumps & Woody Plants

Fertilome brand owns a wide range of organic and chemical use to make the life of property owners much easier. The matchless price and quality will absolutely work on every weed type. 

I always say early diagnosis is always better and this time, we share the same opinion with the manufacturer because weeds on the lawn are best prevented with Fertilome. 

The brush and stump killer herbicide contains 8.8% triclopyr. It functions in cabins, fences, walkways, and even in noncrop areas.

For great results, spray the herbicide on the leaves thoroughly when they have stopped growing. The signs of working are wilting and yellow leaves between 1-6 weeks, so that means you’re doing good. Always check the forecast, if it happens to rain, then abort the mission because the effectiveness drops if 24 hours haven’t passed.

Use a hose-end tank and combine 8 to 16 tablespoons (4 to 8 fl. oz.) and 1 gallon of water. 

Why Should You Buy It?
The Fertilome weed killer is specified to kill stumps and other woody types in a short time period (1-6 weeks), it is basically a shortcut. The price is reasonable and it’s a shot.

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How to Manage Buckthorn?

After you think the buckthorn is fully developed, adding herbicide to get rid of the plant or hand removal with sharp objects will do the job fine. Just spray 2% glyphosate and 1% triclopyr acid at the end of October after dormant. The manufacturer tells exactly how you should use the herbicide on the label. You have to act accordingly.

Buckthorn usually grows 6 inches in diameter and can be managed by basal bark treatment. The solution or oil in the herbicide should be sprayed evenly on the stem from 12-15 inches over the ground.

If the area is way too large, you need to come up with a multiyear approach and be consistent in the use of herbicides.

Does Buckthorn Have any Benefit?

It is believed that buckthorn is rich in vitamins (A, C, K) and protects the human body against heart disease, but nothing’s evidential.

With sea buckthorn, the case is a little bit different. The studies show that it drops joint inflammation. Joint inflammation for those who aren’t familiar is when the immune system releases chemicals with the signs of swelling.

Can Buckthorn Grow Near Water?

Yes, it is possible for buckthorn to grow somewhere near water. Water quality is the head of the department or the main cause. 

The Riparian zone which is the area between land and river can stop the spreading and it’s kind of hard to take over the place. 

Is Buckthorn Toxic?

Almost everything about the buckthorn is toxic, starting from the berries, stem, and roots except the leaves. The sap of the buckthorn causes skin irritation as well. At times, it is mistaken for blueberries and without identification, please keep the children away from it.

A Brief Summary 

I consider the weeds in general including buckthorn as glue, you have to wash your hands away with soap to get rid of the sticky-finger situation. The same rule applies to the weeds, and they are the most unnecessary and eye bleeding to see. 

Herbicides are the cure if you use the right amount such as described on the label and use a reliable brand.

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