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Best Insect Killer For Lawns in 2022 (Buying Guide)

Whenever one person says the word lawn human imagination keeps thinking about a super good-looking garden area which is green, cut, and looks amazing, right? Especially in a house garden, the first picture that comes to our mind is perfection! Well, at least that is what comes to my mind when a person says that.

Anyways, lawns can o from their amazing look to a super dry and weird look when they are touched by some things that nobody likes. Those things are basically insects or otherwise known as pests.

An insect is one of the worst things and the most difficult things that a person should deal with, and if you have ever noticed, when you take out one kind of insect, it seems like they gather more.

Since most people deal with the issue, many different and famous brands have brought to the market insect killers that will help you get rid of insects in your amazing lawns. Well, that is basically the reason why I am writing this article, to show you which are those brands and what are the best insect killers for lawns that you can find. I will mention different options, and I will list them based on what they are best known for, along with a buying guide at the end of this article.

Now, without further ado, let us see which is the best insect killer for lawns!

The Top 5 Best Insect Killers For Lawns

5. Spectracide 95830 – Best Budget

The first insect killer that appears in this article is the Spectracide 95830. It comes from a really well-known brand, and it will deal perfectly with any insect or pest on your lawn.

This insect killer comes as a spray and on one bottle you will find 32 fluid ounces (946 ml). The main substance that is added to it is Gamma-cyhalothrin which is a type of chemical used as an insecticide and in different agriculture products.

It is not a natural insect killer, but you shouldn’t worry at all because it is safe for people and animals as well. Its only aim is to deal with insects that may damage your lawn, and a specific verification says that it has in targets more than 260 species of insects. One spray bottle of Spectracide 95830 with 32 fluid ounces will deal with 5120 square feet of your lawn.

After applying this insect killer to your lawn, you can be more than sure that it will be protected for up to 3 months.

Why Should You Buy It?
Spectracide 95830 is for those people that hate giving too much money on insect killers and let me say that it is one of the cheapest products that you can find, not only in this article but overall.

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4. Spectracide Triazicide – Best in Granules

Here goes another insect killer that comes from the same brand as the first one mentioned. As you already know from above, it brings amazing products! Anyways, there are differences, and that’s why I chose to introduce to you the Spectracide Triazicide.

The main difference is that this insect killer comes in granules and in one package you will find 10 pounds. Yet again, the main chemical substance added to this insect killer is Gamma-cyhalothrin which will help your lawn be as safe as ever.

What should be mentioned about this product is that after applied to your lawn, you should immediately water your lawn as the water will help the granules spread and go deeper into the soil. Once everything is done and the lawn is dry, you can walk freely around. You can be more than sure about killing different insects as it is verified to kill over 100 species.

Spectracide Triazicide insect killer will protect your lawn for a whole season; meaning that it deals with insects for 3 months.

Why Should You Buy It?
If you cannot use liquid insect killers or you just don’t want to use them, this product is the greatest one that comes in granules and it will deal with insects on your lawn in the best way possible.

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3. Sevin 100530128 – Most Versatile

Here comes another very famous name in the world of herbicides and different insect killers. I am more than glad to mention the Sevin 100530128 insect killer as the most versatile one in this article!

Just like the insect killer mentioned above, Sevin is also an insect killer that comes in granules, and in one, you can find 10 pounds. Now even though similar on that part, the substances that the Sevin killer owns are zeta-cypermethrin and bifenthrin. They are also known as chemicals that kill many different insects.

It is an easy-to-be-used product, and besides that, it is also safe for pets and people. Of course, you should have in mind that after the application, the lawn should be watered. As for the number of insects that it can kill, Sevin as a brand says that it deals with more than 100 species of insects, and in one application, one package can cover up to 10,000 square feet.

The specialty that the Sevin insect killer owns is that it can deal easily with insects above and below the soil of your lawn.

Why Should You Buy It?
The Sevin 100530128 that I mentioned is an amazing insect killer which has the main features and does all the things that your lawn needs while killing an enormous number of insects and pests, and if you are in search of a versatile one, you can easily choose and use it.

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2. BAYER CROP SCIENCE 700280B – Best for Most People

Hence the listing part, you can notice that the Sevin insect killer is one of the most commonly used killers by many people, especially many gardeners that love to take care of their lawns. The brand that brings this product is known for its impressive job!

This insect killer comes as a liquid and in fact, it is a spray. In one bottle, you will have 32 fluid ounces while it is divided at 0.72% imidacloprid and 0.36% B-Cyfluthrin. These two substances are very powerful in acting in the direct central nervous systems of insects.

It is a safe one to use, but you should know that it should be fully dried so that you and your pets can walk on the lawn again. This insect killer is in charge of killing 62 insects that may cause damage to your lawn, one bottle covers up to 5,334 square feet.

Besides killing a number of insects it also kills mosquitoes, and it deals with both above and under-surface insects in general. The protection is the same as the already mentioned above sprays, which will protect your lawn for up to 3 months.

Why Should You Buy It?
Based on everything that is mentioned above, you can clearly notice why this insect killer is used by many people, and if you want to be one of them, you can be! By the way, it is also an affordable insect killer.

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1. Ortho BugClear – Best Overall

Last but not least, a name of a brand that appears whenever a gardener needs something for their gardens, Ortho! Ortho is one of the most perfect brands that fulfill every need and necessity that any gardener may have, and here it appears with Ortho BugClear insect killer that will do an impressive job of killing insects on your lawn.

A similarity that this insect killer has with some of the ones mentioned above is that it comes as a liquid in a spraying bottle, and in one bottle is included 32 fluid ounces. The chemical substances that Ortho has added to this insect killer are bifenthrin and zeta-cypermethrin which come in a high percentage.

Ortho BugClear coming in a spray bottle is definitely the easiest insect killer to use, and with just one bottle of it, you can treat a lawn of 5,300 square feet. A specialty that is worth mentioning is the fact that this insect killer is known to kill more than 235 insects, while it also deals with mosquitoes of any kind. Besides being used in lawns, you can also apply this insect killer in trees, flower beds, vegetables, and more.

When it comes to the protection part, the Ortho BugClear is definitely a step further from all the insect killers mentioned in this article as it protects your lawn for up to 6 months, and not only 3.

Why Should You Buy It?
I don’t think that I can say anything else about the Ortho BugClear insect killer besides the fact that it is a perfect killer to use! When applied you will notice that insects will be completely gone and the lawn will be protected for a pretty long time.

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Buying Guide

Everything has its main things that should be known, and insect killers are no exception. As we search for the things that should be considered in different products, there are some worth mentioning things that you should know about insect killers. Well, here go the things that you should take into consideration before choosing the best insect killer for lawns a.k.a the buying guide:


You can easily notice that insect killers come in different types, the main ones being liquid (spray) and granules. Now, before choosing one, I would advise you to firstly decide on what type of insect killer you want to use or you are able to use on your lawn.


Without knowing what any insect killer contains, you can never notice what it does. That’s why, whenever I have to talk about insect killers or any type of herbicide, I mention what it owns within so that you can have a clearer idea of what you are using. Always have in mind to find out what it contains as it is super important.


Nobody would want to use an insect killer that can cause damage to other things besides insects. You should always check out whether the insect killer that you are about to buy is safe, especially if you are a parent of toddlers or an owner of pets.


By ability I mean what the insect killer is able to do, in fact I mean the exact number of insects that it can deal with and kill as well as if it can work under the surface as well. An insect killer that deals with more than 100 insects is the best thing to use!


On the insect killers that I mentioned above, in some of them, I mentioned how long the protection is on your lawn, and that’s basically because it is quite important information to look for. Anyways, you should know that most insect killers have a protection rate of up to three months.

Final Words

Moving along, here we came at the end of this article, in which I tried to explain to you which insect killers you should look for and basically the reasons why they are good to be used. I assure you that all the insect killers that I mentioned will be the best ones to use, but still, everything is up to your choice and preferences.

Still, I hope that this article will help you choose the best insect killer for lawns as you are searching for one!

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