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7 Best Pruning Shears For Roses in 2022 (Buying Guide)

I got out of bed, had my coffee, and then found myself reclining on my balcony with a stunning view of my magnificent garden. I adore the sensation it gives me.

I truly enjoy the fact that I am a morning person since it allows me to observe all the beauty that mornings have to offer, including birds, flowers, and the crisp scent. I start my day with this sort of motivation, and then I go to work and write my articles.

I’ve got a ton of things for you today, which I know you, my readers will find fascinating and helpful. So allow me to introduce the first article of today, in which I’ll discuss some excellent pruning shears. Let’s get going.

The Top 7 Best Pruning Shears For Roses

7. iGarden 3 Piece Combo Garden Rose Pruner Tool Set

The endurance is a unique quality of this outstanding rose pruning tool set. They are particularly renowned for this quality; in contrast to many other pruning shears, their steel construction makes them unusually robust.

The tool set comes with a bypass pruner with a comfortable handle, loppers, and hedge shears. It has comfort grip rubber grips and high carbon steel blades that are corrosion resistant. You may make some precise cuts without harming the plant by utilizing this pruning kit.

These tools, in my opinion, also have a beautiful appearance since I really enjoy the colors orange and black. The packaging is 16.6L x 9.9W x 2.9H in size, and it weighs 2.15 ounces.

Why Should You Buy It?
Without a doubt, this set would be the best choice if you wanted to get the most resilient pruning shears.

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6. ARS HP-VS8XR 8-Inch Rotating Handle Hand Pruning Shears

The best gardening equipment is always offered by the Japanese company ARS HP. This pruning shear is among the best on the market since it offers a lot and is composed of high-quality components that ensure the product’s long-term endurance.

The blades’ rust resistance comes from the chromium used in their construction. Because of the rotating feature and reduced stress on the wrist and hand, the handle is multipurpose, so you won’t experience any hand problems even if you use the pruning shear for an extended amount of time.

As you can see from all the details I have provided above, the Ars HP-VS8XR is incredibly comfy. Additionally, it incorporates a special latch lock that allows for one-handed use. This pruning shear has the following measurements: 12L x 5W x 2H, and it weighs 10.4 ounces.

Why Should You Buy It?
The fact that you can make a clean cut with this pruning shear, which is one of the best available, and the reasonable price make it unrivaled.

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5. Okatsune 103 Bypass Pruning Shears

The Japanese company Okatsune is known for producing sturdy, long-lasting instruments. The Okatsune 103 Bypass pruning shears are extremely adaptable and useful for a variety of tasks. Because they are built of high-quality materials, they are incredibly strong and efficient.

The blades are manufactured from specially forged, premium izumo yasugi steel, and they can keep their edge for an extremely long time while still providing a precise, clean cut. Because of their flexibility and two-angled grinding, the blades will easily cut through wood without harming the plant.

The spring is shaped like a V to ensure that the cutting weight is dispersed uniformly along its length. The locking device on the pruning shears is very simple to use. Pruning shears have the following measurements: 10.24L x 2.91W x 0.79H inches, and they weigh 8 ounces.

Why Should You Buy It?
This would be a great choice because these pruning shears have a lot to offer, are of excellent quality, and are reasonably priced.

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4. Fiskars Power Gear 2 Pruning Shears

These pruning shears are a need, in my opinion, as they are outstanding and have a variety of functions to demonstrate. They are among the top pruning shears on the market today. You will undoubtedly be astounded by the performance of these pruning shears when you first use them since Fiskars Power Gear’s design is cutting-edge in every way.

Because they are constructed of carbon, these bypass pruning shears are of the finest quality and durability. The blade’s alloy steel construction prevents rusting. Its enhanced blade shape facilitates cutting in confined locations. The innovative gear technology in the pruning shears increases cutting force by three times, and the can mechanism concentrates force where the branch is heaviest.

Fiskars Power Gear won’t give you any pains even if you use them for extended periods of time since they are incredibly comfortable and easy to use. The handle rolls smoothly with your hand action. These pruning shears are sturdy enough to handle branches up to 3/4 inch thick and sharp enough to cut through the most delicate stem. The pruning shears have the following measurements: 11.5L x 4.75W x 1.63H inches, and they weigh 8.8 ounces.

Why Should You Buy It?
This is the one to choose if you want a set of high-quality, ergonomic, and multipurpose pruning shears that you can use for both heavy tree stems and your flowers.

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The ratcheting catch-and-hold function of these pruning shears allows for maximal cutting action with minimal effort. Because they are constructed of carbon, these pruning shears have a long lifespan, are strong, and can resist the demanding job in the yard.

The Gardener’s Friend Ratchet pruning shears are appropriate for elderly gardeners for especially heavy-duty work. With conventional shears, you might not be able to cut through dry, woody stems, but these anvil-style pruning shears will. Since I’m talking about the finest pruning shears for roses, the fact that the pruning shears are also excellent for trimming flowers has a lot to do with the subject of our article.

These pruners’ ratchet technique allows them to clip branches up to 3/4 inches in diameter and as tiny as flower buds. The item has the following measurements: 7.95L x 0.55W x 3.15H inches weighs 7.8 ounces and includes a locking mechanism.

Why Should You Buy It?
Don’t hesitate to get the best pruning shears if you want to achieve outstanding results and make your yard work appear easier than it was before.

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2. Gonicc 8″ Professional Premium Titanium Bypass Pruning Shears

As a result of its extreme durability and comfort, Gonicc pruning shears are among the most popular gardeners. To be honest, they perform their duties as well as they can. After a long day in the garden, many pruning shears leave your hand stiff; the Gonicc bypass may ease the pain.

The extremely sharp titanium blade can chop branches with a diameter of up to 3/4 inches. The handles and body of the pruning shears are drop-forged. You may use the non-slip, ergonomic handles all day long with no issues because they are both incredibly sturdy and light.

When you first see those pruning shears, you could notice that the blade is a little greasy. This is because the blade is constructed of Ultra-fine Polishing Technology, which also prevents corrosion. The gold Gonicc 8 Bypass pruning shears, weigh 6.5 ounces and have a pleasing look.

Why Should You Buy It?
Don’t hesitate to get Gonicc 8 if you want a pair of pruning shears that you can use for extended periods without giving your hands pain and that is of great quality.

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1. Felco F2 Classic Bypass Hand Pruning Shears

Without a question, the greatest hand pruning shears on the market are the Felco 2 Classic Bypass models. They are the most adaptable pruning shears and are produced in Switzerland. Felco F2 are extremely durable since they are composed of high-quality materials.

Hardened steel is used to make the blade, while lightweight cast aluminum is used for the handles. In addition to having a thumb-controlled locking mechanism, the pruning shears incorporate a sap groove along the blade that prevents debris from accumulating. A replacement spring and an adjustment tool are also available.

The handle design is perfectly proportioned, the spring has enough resistance for simple pushback, and the pruning shears are made to be quite comfortable, so you won’t have any problems using them. This pruning shear’s weight is 8.5 ounces.

Why Should You Buy It?
This is the one you should choose without a second thought if you don’t mind your budget and want to get the best pruning shears on the market.

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Buying Guide

This section, in my opinion, is crucial because you should always make sure that the thing you intend to purchase will meet all of your demands before making a purchase. You should always be aware of the factors you need to take into account when choosing a product to get the best option for you.

When purchasing pruning shears, there are a lot of things to consider. and understand that I will mention those elements so you may make a more informed choice.

Blade Style

There are many different types of blades for pruning shears that you should take into consideration depending on what you require.

Bypass –The most common and adaptable cutting style, it produces highly precise cuts. These pruning shears contain two curved blades that are near to one another and may cut through brittle, thick, or thin branches. If you spend a lot of time in your garden and want to do the task fast, with clean cuts, and without harming the plants, you should pick this kind of pruning shear.

Anvil –This kind of pruning shear only has one blade, which shuts on a flat edge known as an anvil. It looks like a knife and cuts similar to a knife. This is the ideal type to use if you’re cutting deadwood.

Ratchet –It is comparable to an anvil blade, but there is a mechanism that makes the cutting motion stronger in the former. Because it reduces strain, the ratchet blade is intended for people with tiny, feeble hands.


Durability is the most crucial aspect to consider when buying pruning shears. To endure the demanding labor in a garden, pruning shears need to be made of high-quality materials. You will have to spend double for the inferior shears since they will break after only a few usages and are not very sturdy.

To get outstanding results, always make sure that pruning shears are strong enough and look at the entire quality of the product before buying.

Ergonomic Handles

Long-term usage of pruning shears can wear down your hands and muscles, especially in the fingers, arms, and shoulders. Therefore, you must ensure that they are comfortable for prolonged use. Always check that the handles are comfortable enough to use because they lessen the strain on your hands when using the shears.

Look for versions with ridges or bumps in the lower handle. Some models also feature handles that are PVC- or rubberized-coated to help avoid slipping.

Lock Mechanism

Additionally, the lock mechanism is crucial since it guards against accidents in the yard. Therefore, check to see if pruning shears have a lock mechanism before buying. Some variants include a lock on the side that keeps the jaws from opening. This is a crucial issue to take into account if you wish to avoid accidents.

Weight and Size

When buying gardening tools, especially pruning shears, weight and size are always crucial considerations. Choosing the proper set of pruning shears for your yard work also heavily depends on the weight and size of the tools. If you want to labor in your yard for an extended period, be sure the pruning shears you select are portable.


What are the best pruning shears for roses?

You may prune roses using any style of pruning shear, including ratchet, anvil, or bypass shears, but bypass pruning shears work best for cutting through young, green rose stems, while anvil pruning shears work best for removing dead stems.

Can we use scissors for pruning?

You are welcome to use your scissors, why not? However, you should be aware that you will have to put in a lot more work than is necessary and that you will damage your scissors. So it would be preferable to get pruning shears and use those instead of scissors.

What is the use of pruning shears?

Cutting branches, stems, twigs, and other gardening tasks are what pruning shears are designed for. Pruning shears are therefore a crucial piece of equipment in your yard if you want to maintain your trees and plants tidy.

Final Words

It’s time to wrap up this lengthy yet really useful article. As you can see, there are many things you can read where you can learn about the best pruning shears for your roses since I have made a list of the best products that will provide the best results for you.

Therefore, all you need to do if you want to buy pruning shears but are unsure of what to think about or which ones are the best is read this post.

I trust that this information may aid you in decision-making. Thank you!

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