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Best Soil For Fiddle Leaf Fig in 2022 (Buying Guide)

Since I am the sort of person that grows a lot of plants indoors since I am obsessed with them, I am sure that many others enjoy doing so. Taking care of plants makes me happy and inspires me. I cannot adequately convey to you the joy I feel seeing children develop properly since it is something you should experience.

However, there are numerous factors we must take into account if we want to be able to see them healthy, with the soil ranking as the most crucial one. I’ll thus include the best potting mixtures for fiddle leaf figs in this post. Now let’s see what I have prepared.


The Top 6 Best Soil For Fiddle Leaf Fig

6. Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant Food Potting Soil

The Fiddle Leaf fig potting soil would be the ideal choice if you wanted to grow a fiddle leaf fig. It is a premium potting soil mixture made with top-notch components that are intended especially for growing fiddle leaf figs. Brown patches, root rot, and many other problems are avoided by this soil. It is made up of perlite, coco coir, and old bark, all of which contribute to the soil’s ability to drain efficiently.

The ideal mix of water retention and drainage is provided by fiddle leaf fig plant-feeding potting soil, which also guards against both under and overwatering. It has been specifically prepared with nutrients like Biochar, which improves the retention of nitrogen, phosphorus, and other vital plant nutrients as well.

The fact that this soil is safe and non-toxic, and even the container is composed of recyclable materials, is its finest quality. Numerous other types of houseplants, including rubber plants, aroids, and all other plants that like well-drained soil, also thrive in this soil.

Why Should You Buy It?
This would be a great choice if you want the soil of your fiddle leaf fig to drain effectively and include many essential nutrients that will promote healthy growth in your plant.

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5. Superfly Bonsai Succulent & Cactus Soil Mix

Although it is labeled for cactus and is renowned as the best soil for them, the elements in this potting mix also make it ideal for fiddle leaf figs. It is a ready-to-use pre-mixed combination that offers good water retention and drainage, making it the ideal solution for any plants that enjoy soil that drains well.

Due to the potting mix’s non-organic composition, it offers excellent drainage and nutrient absorption. Large fiddle leaf fig roots may be supported by the potting soil thanks to the structural stability that the clay pellets and pumice contribute.

By applying this mixture, dealing with problems like overwatering or underwatering will be simply a dream. This mixture is ideal for lowering the danger of overwatering and underwatering.

Why Should You Buy It?
There is no need to hesitate if you don’t mind your price and want to buy potting soil that is of great quality and has good drainage.

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4. Mother Earth Coco Plus Perlite Mix

Mama Earth An excellent substitute for potting soil is coco perlite, which promotes healthy and balanced plant growth. Due to its composition of 30% perlite and 70% coconut, the potting soil has improved air circulation and drainage, which is why fiddle leaf figs thrive in it.

Another key component of this combination, perlite, aids in moisture retention and keeps the mixture light and aerated. Because of this, perlite avoids overwatering or inadequate drainage, which is crucial for plants. For young fiddle leaf fig plants, this mixture works well, but it lacks the structural stability needed for larger ones.

Since this mixture lacks any extra structural components, adding sand or gravel will enhance the number of ingredients and improve the outcomes. This mixture is safe for all plants and may be used on both indoor and outdoor plants.

Why Should You Buy It?
This mixture provides the most aeration for your plant since it contains the highest percentages of coconut and perlite. Therefore, this is the mixture to choose if you want the optimum aeration.

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3. Perfect Plants Fiddle Leaf Fig Soil

The fiddle leaf fig soil that Perfect Plants has introduced has all the components that the fiddle leaf fig needs. Pine bark, perlite, and coconut coir make up its material.

Small organic bits made of coconut coir hold and release water, creating a moisture cycle below the soil’s surface. Pine bark is another organic supplement that contributes to soil lightening and compaction removal, increasing the amount of oxygen available to the plant. Aeration in the soil is provided by the mineral rock perlite.

As you can see, this soil combination has all the necessary components for a plant to grow healthily, especially a fiddle leaf fig. This soil combination may be applied to both indoor and outdoor plants, and it increases bright, green foliage every six months.

Why Should You Buy It?
Don’t hesitate to buy this soil combination if you want to provide the finest moisture control for your fiddle leaf fig.

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2. Miracle-Gro Indoor Houseplant Potting Mix

One of the greatest potting mixes on the market, this one is great for houseplants in general and the fiddle leaf fig in particular. This combination contains essential components that plants need.

The appropriate mixture of components, including perlite, sphagnum peat moss, fertilizer, wetting agent, and coir, makes an indoor plant less susceptible to gnat infestations. Therefore, this potting mix is the ideal foundation for your houseplants, and it is also recognized as a high-quality item that complies with industry requirements by the Mulch & Soil Council.

This potting combination retains moisture while still having excellent drainage, which is essential for a fiddle leaf fig. Up to a height of 4 to 5 feet, it is good for growing tiny fiddle leaf figs. Miracle-Gro potting mix can be used with sand or gravel but does not include any extra structural components.

Why Should You Buy It?
This potting mixture is among the best ones on the market, not only for fiddle leaf pigs but also for many other plants. Therefore, don’t think twice about buying this item.

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1. Leaves and Soul Fiddle Leaf Fig House Plant Soil

Since it is all-purpose and works with a variety of plants, including fiddle leaf figs, this plant soil is unquestionably the best you can buy. The majority of gardeners use it because it promotes the healthy growth of the plant.

The climate offered by this plant soil is ideal for the growth of fiddle leaf figs. It is comprised of non-organic components and is a ready-to-use premixed plant soil. Additionally, it maximizes nutrient absorption and gives the roots good aeration.

Pine bark, sawdust, sand, and moss make up its constituent parts, and as a result, this plant soil drains efficiently and retains enough moisture to suit the demands of the plant. As you can see, this plant soil is the best one because it includes everything.

Why Should You Buy It?
Without a doubt, it is the greatest potting mix on the market that will meet all of the demands of the plant, so don’t hesitate to go out and purchase one.

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Buying Guide

Let’s say you’ve decided to cultivate a fiddle leaf plant, but you’re unsure of the optimum soil for it. No need to worry; I’m here to advise you on this situation. To help you make the best choice, I’m publishing a buying guide to keep you informed about the factors you should take into account when purchasing potting mix.

Type of Soil

Different plants require different types of soil, which come in a variety. Since various soil types have varying levels of aeration, pH, drainage, etc. Therefore, a growth mix created especially for the plant is frequently the ideal soil mixture for fiddle leaf fig. Fiddle leaf should at the very least grow in soil that has the following elements:

Sphagnum moss: This moss has two functions, including good drainage and water absorption and release.

Bark: This ingredient aids in drainage and prevents the mixture from compacting.

Perlite: It aids in forming air pockets in the soil, enabling the plant to absorb more oxygen.

Coconut coir: It absorbs water and releases it slowly, allowing the potting mix to remain light and airy.

Charcoal: This element absorbs pollutants and salts from the soil.

Water Retention

The ideal situation for a fiddle leaf fig is for the soil to drain effectively while yet holding on to moisture. The components I’ve listed above combine to create soil that has enough moisture and drainage for fiddle leaf pigs.

pH Level

The fiddle leaf pigs favor soil with a pH level between 5.3 and 6.7 and a near-neutral acid/alkaline balance. If the pH is below 5.3, the plant will be too acidic and its leaves will begin to yellow; if the pH is over 6.7, the plant will be too alkaline and its leaves may get spotty.


Drainage is the most crucial aspect to take into account when choosing a potting mix for fiddle leaf figs. Fiddle leaf figs require soil that drains properly since their roots will rot if they remain submerged in water. So always check the soil’s drainage before utilizing it to cultivate fiddle leaf lettuce.

Final Words

Now that the article has come to a close and I am typing my final lines, I can see the light. Writing such an informative post and enlightening you on a variety of topics was a pleasure for me.

As you can see, there are numerous excellent potting mixes that you may use for your fiddle leaf figs if you want to obtain the best results and ensure that your plant will develop healthily. I tried my best to discuss all that you need to know about this issue.

I sincerely hope you like it and find it useful in your decision-making.

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