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Best Soil For Golden Pothos in 2022 (For A Healthy Plant)

And yes, this will be my final article for today. I can’t wait to get started on it before taking a break and coming up with a ton of new ideas to write about.

I don’t know why, but every day when it comes time to write my final piece, I feel much more driven. This may be because I know I can take my time and rest afterward. Anyway, I never moan about my job because I enjoy it and it keeps me motivated to be open and honest about what I know.

So now that I’ve stated my sentiments, it’s time to discuss some more weighty issues. I’ve put together a list of the best potting mixtures for Golden Pothos in this post.

Since they beautify my home and seem so lovely, I like those plants. The soil is so crucial to a plant’s health, and choosing the ideal potting mix is not that simple. But don’t worry; you can locate such potting mixes by just reading this post. So let the celebration begin.

The Top 4 Best Soils For Golden Pothos

5. Mother Earth Coco + Perlite Potting Mix

Your Golden Pothos will thrive in our Mother Erath Coco + Perlite potting mix since it has all the nutrients it needs. This potting mixture’s major component, coconut coir, offers optimal aeration for producing Golden Pothos. Perlite is another ingredient in this potting mixture, which helps the soil drain effectively.

This potting soil may be used for any indoor plant species that enjoy soil that drains well and holds moisture at the same time. Any type of plant is protected from overwatering and overfertilization by this well-drained mixture.

Why Should You Buy It?
This would be a wonderful choice without a doubt if you don’t care about your money and want to purchase potting soil that contains a significant proportion of coconut coir.

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4. FoxFarm FX14054 Happy Frog Potting Soil

Due to the elements, it includes, I can readily say that this potting mix is special. You don’t need to add anything to this potting mix because it is ready to use. A good combination of organic materials called Happy Frog mix contains soil bacteria, sphagnum peat moss, perlite, and composted forest humus.

All of these components contribute to the development of the moisture-retentive, well-draining soil that your Golden Pothos needs. Additionally, it contains earthworm castings, bat droppings, and Leonardite-derived humic acid, which raises the soil’s acidity. Oyster shells and dolomite lime are the main components that balance pH and normalize acidity.

Why Should You Buy It?
All you need to do is go out and get this potting mix if you want to acquire a potting mix that is the best microbe boosted and contains everything your Golden Pothos needs.

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3. Miracle-Gro Moisture Control Potting Mix

Since this potting mix is a thing of miracles, it truly lives up to its name. It offers so much and gives Golden Pothos all they require and maybe much more. Sphagnum peat moss, perlite, processed forest products, and coconut coir are also included in their composition. All of the components I’ve listed above help the soil drain properly and retain moisture.

Compared to standard indoor potting mixes, this potting mixture may hold up to 30% more moisture. However, aside from this, the soil once more drains swiftly. Miracle-Gro Moisture Control You don’t need to fertilize your Golden Pothos because potting soil feeds plants for up to six months. This potting mixture was created in a way that it may shield the plant from both overwatering and underwatering.

Why Should You Buy It?
It will be a fantastic choice if you want a potting mix that will feed your Golden Pothos for up to 6 months while also having sufficient drainage and aeration.

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2. FoxFarm FX14053 Ocean Forest Potting Soil

FoxFarm Ocean Forest is one of the most well-liked potting mixtures among gardeners seeking organic potting soil. There are a lot of organic materials in the well-draining soil of this potting combination.

Given that it possesses all the qualities that most plants require in their soil—good drainage and moisture retention—this potting soil is a terrific option. The manufacturer’s liquid fertilizer is the best way to use this potting mix for the greatest results as it will enable the potting mix to provide the optimal conditions for nutrient uptake.

It is made up of organic substances that are both marine and terrestrial, such as peat moss, forest humus, fish meal, and earthworm castings. As you can see, this may be a great potting mix for your Golden Pothos because it is rich in organic matter and has good drainage.

Why Should You Buy It?
Given that it is fully organic and meets your plant’s needs, FoxFarm Ocean Forest is always the best option for your Golden Pothos. So don’t be reluctant to buy this potting mix.

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1. Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix

Since Miracle-Gro gives us the best product, particularly when it comes to potting mixes, this additional product from the company is not named as the best by accident. Since it produces the best results, Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix is the most popular potting mix for many indoor plants.

Perlite, coconut coir, and sphagnum peat moss make up its material. This potting mix’s many components work together to ensure that the soil drains well and retains moisture at the same time. You can tell that this potting mix offers everything your Golden Pothos requires simply by reading this information, so there.

You won’t need to apply any further fertilizers because it already includes enough fertilizer to nourish the plant for up to six months. This potting mix from Miracle-Gro contains a wetting component in it and was designed to lessen the risk of gnats.

Why Should You Buy It?
With everything it has to provide, it is without a doubt the perfect potting mix for your Golden Pothos.

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Buying Guide

Golden Pothos are lovely plants, and many of you probably like cultivating them. However, there are a lot of things to take into account before beginning to develop a plant, like light, temperature, soil, and so on.

The soil is, in my opinion, the first and most crucial factor to take into account because various plants have varied needs in terms of the soil. Therefore, you should always check to see that you are giving your plants the proper soil. And in this section, I’ll explain what factors you should take into account when buying potting soil for your Golden Pothos.


Always check the soil’s drainage capabilities before buying a potting mix for your golden Pothos. This is crucial since Golden Pothos do best in this kind of soil. Additionally, choose a pot with holes in the bottom so that water can drain out. As you can see, the pot you are using should drain effectively.


Numerous indoor plants, like Golden Pothos, adore soil that is rich in organic matter and minerals. For the plant to be able to flourish healthily, the potting mix that you chose for your Golden Pothos should be rich in nutrients. Some indoor potting mixes include plant food, but depending on the variety, additional feeding is usually required from one to six months after repotting.

Moisture Retention and Aeration

In addition to needing good drainage, Golden Pothos also appreciates moisture retention and aeration in the soil. Peat moss and coco coir, along with well-draining elements like sand or perlite, help water to percolate through the mixture while holding back a tiny quantity so that the plant’s roots don’t dry out between waterings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of soil does a Golden Pothos need?

Always check that the potting mix you are using has good drainage and retains moisture as well since Golden Pothos grows well in most well-draining potting mixes. For your Golden Pothos, this mixture of soil would be ideal.

Do Golden Pothos need big pots?

Golden Pothos don’t need a lot of repotting and may even perform well in smaller pots. In general, the new pot shouldn’t be any bigger than the root ball or the previous pot by more than two inches. The container with a depth of 10 inches would be ideal since it would provide sufficient area for plant development.

Final Words

Let me finish this post with a few closing remarks. As you can see, there is a lot to read because there are a variety of exciting potting mixtures that will best meet the demands of your Golden Pothos. You may get the best potting mixes with high-quality materials, a wealth of organic matter, and many other characteristics in the list I have created above.

Therefore, all you need to do if you’re uncertain about what kind of soil to use and what would work best for your golden Pothos is read this article. From there, you’ll be able to make the finest choice.

I’m hoping this post will serve as a useful guide for you.

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