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Best Soil For Money Tree in 2022 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Money trees are definitely the plants that I love most, and I am pretty sure that there are many people like me. Especially you that found yourselves in this article, asking for the best soil for a money tree.

Before stating anything else, I would like to mention some important and interesting things about this spectacular plant! This type of plant is the one that will bring you luck and good vibes combined together in the best way possible. It is known that money trees can bring good energy to your houses in general and also it can increase your fortunes.

Let’s get back to work, though. You probably know that there are different types of soils that you can find and use as well, but it is important to know that a money tree needs well-draining soil first of all, and then it needs some other specialties as well such as its drainage, pH level, and most importantly, the ingredients that it is made of.

In this article, I will add some of the greatest soils that you can find on the market so, without losing your time, let me get this article started with the hope that you will find the best soil for the money tree, and with the hope that your newly planted money tree brings you luck!

The Top 5 Best Soils for Money Trees

5. Miracle-Gro Indoor Potting Mix – Best Budget

Let me get this article started with one of the most famous names of soils, and yet it is one of the soils with a super cheap price, making it the best budget choice among the other soils that I will mention in this article.

This potting soil is specially made for indoor houseplants just like money trees and it helps each one of them have spectacular growth in general. This soil comes at 6 quarts, and it is considered enough to be used on 3-4 pots for money plants.

The ingredients used to make this soil are peat moss, perlite, and coconut coir; which are known as the best components that soil can own. Here, you will also find 15% nitrogen, 30% phosphate, and 15% potash, which is the perfect NPK range for feeding your money tree.

The coconut coir added to this soil helps with the watering procedure, as it is known for the well-draining part. There is a neutral pH level as well, which will grow your money tree in the greatest way possible.

Why Should You Buy It?
Being indeed a miracle, this soil is one of the cheapest ones that you can find in the whole market.

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4. FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil – Most Versatile

Next on, I am pretty sure that you already met with it, but it is the FoxFarm soil that cannot be missed in any list when it comes to choosing the best soil for any type of plant, as it is definitely amazing.

This soil, differing from the one already mentioned, can be used both indoors and outdoors, so without matter where you have a money tree planted, it will be the same. In a package of FoxFarm, you will find 12 quarts of volume which can be used to plant or replant a lot of pots.

The components that make this soil one of a kind are earthworm castings, forest humus, moss, fish meal, crab meal, and bat guano. Yet again, here are also included the main ingredients that are used in fertilizers; meaning that the FoxFarm soil will also feed your money tree.

Based on its adjusted pH level from 6.3 to 6.8, you can clearly notice that it will be the best one to choose and use. The soil is also well-draining which is again needed for a money tree.

Why Should You Buy It?
Listed as the most versatile, this soil can be used wherever and whenever you want. Indoors, outdoors, and many different plants love this type of soil. I am pretty sure that you will love it as well!

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3. Money Tree Soil Blend – Best for Most People

Hence the name, this soil is specifically made for money trees n general, and there is no doubt that it won’t do a great job whenever you want to plant, or even replant a money tree.

The 2 quarts of soil volume that are found in one package will allow you usage on 1-2 medium money trees when it comes to replanting money trees. Otherways, this soil can be used both indoors and outdoors, but in a pot.

Before you directly choose this soil, it is important to mention that the ingredients that it has are perlite, peat moss, sand, and worm castings. Basically, these ones mentioned are the types of components that help in the perfect growth of a money tree.

On this soil, you will find super appropriate drainage, and it helps the roots of the money tree grow perfectly and normally, with impressive strength. As for the pH level, it is neutral, which again is amazing.

Why Should You Buy It?
This soil, besides being one of the main choices by many money tree owners, is also an affordable product that will fulfill your needs and your money tree’s needs as well.

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2. Jessi Mae – Money Tree Soil – Best Runner Up

You know what, I would like to refer to this soil as the cool looking one, even though on the inside it is a normal type of soil used, especially in money trees.

The Jessi Mae soil comes in an interesting and cool package which includes 4 quarts of soil volume that will help you fully grow your indoor money tree in the greatest way possible. There is no doubt that this soil cannot be used in other indoor plants, but still, you may want to have in mind that it is more specifically made for money trees of any kind.

As long as the ingredients are important, the Jessi Mae soil is made of perlite, peat moss, vermiculite, and peat moss. Besides them, you will also find worm castings and compost, that provide your money tree with nitrates like potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Considering everything that is mentioned above you can clearly notice that your money tree will be grown with super strong roots, and you don’t have to worry about the overwatering or underwatering issues, since this soil will protect your plant as it is a well-draining one.

Why Should You Buy It?
Made perfectly for your money tree, you can clearly understand why you should choose the Jessi Mae soil. It is indeed the one that will provide your money tree with perfect growth.

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1. Money Tree Soil – Best Overall

Last but not least here goes the best overall soil that I have chosen for you and your money tree! It comes from Rio Hamza Trading, which is a brand that owns soils for any kind of plant, of course especially made for each type that you may need.

This soil comes in 4 quarts of volume, and it is one of the best choices for planting or repotting your money trees both indoors and outdoors. It is versatile and quite amazing.
The components that this soil includes are peat, worm castings, perlite, bark nuggets, and lime.

They are all-natural ingredients and they will definitely grow your money tree in the best way possible.

Now I wouldn’t like to sound repetitive, but still, this soil is again a well-draining one that will not let your money tree be overwatered in any way! It is powerful enough with its neutral pH level as well, and it is more than sure that your money tree will be more than happy to be grown in such an impressive type of soil.

Why Should You Buy It?
Basically, because it is the best overall! This soil has whatever your money tree needs, and it is definitely the best choice that you can do!

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Final Words

Moving along, here we are at the end of this article! I can assure you that the soils that I mentioned above are definitely some of the best choices for your money trees, as they include everything that a money tree may need. The last three that I mentioned are specifically made for money trees, so you won’t encounter any kind of problem, and you shouldn’t have any doubts.

Still, I really hope that this article will help you choose the best soil for a money tree!

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