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Best Soil For Plumeria in 2022 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

There are some very interesting plants; without a doubt, plumeria is one of them! Why do I say so? Some people interestingly know plumerias as small trees but big shrubs!

Plumerias are also known as frangipani, and they come from the family Apocynaceae. They are beautiful flowers in general that come in some main colors, such as pink, white, and yellow.

However, as you are here for something else, I would like to go directly into the main topic of this article! Which is the best soil for plumeria? In this article, you will find listed some of the types of soils that are considered some of the greatest ones that you can choose and use on your plumeria plant.

Now, without any further ado, let us get this article started! Let’s see which is the best soil for plumeria!

The Top 5 Best Soils for Plumeria

5. Organic Potting Soil – The Budget

This article’s first type of soil that comes with the best budget is organic potting soil! Based on its name, you can clearly understand that the components used in making this soul are all-natural.
This soil allows usage on different plants and comes at 2 quarts of volume. More importantly, it can be used indoors and outdoors without any problem.

On this soil, you will find 75% natural substrate; meanwhile, the other 25% is dedicated to perlite, as the best component to be used on a type of soil for plumeria. Everything that it owns will help your plumeria plant grow perfectly fine, with solid roots and shining flowers.

The soil pH on this organic soil is adjusted at 5.5, one of the adjustments that plumerias and many plants like plumerias do pretty well. The soil generally is well-draining as it holds and releases water whenever needed, without worrying about overwatering or underwatering.

Why Should You Buy It?
This soil can perform amazingly on the part of growing your plumeria plants without worry. Plus, you don’t have to spend too much money on it, as it is one of the cheapest soils compared to the others I will mention in this article.

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4. WONDER SOIL – The Familiar

The Wonder Soil is a soil that makes you somehow wonder on the part of what are the things that it owns. It makes you wonder how good it comes to different plants, especially plumerias.

This soil is made especially for succulents and cacti, but I would like to mention that different soils made for succulents will help you grow impressive plumerias. Wonder soil comes at 12 quarts of soil volume.

There are different ingredients, and the main one is coco coir. Besides it, you can also find worm castings, mycorrhizae, kelp, pumice, and water-saving polymers. Now, without even saying anything, just by staring at its ingredients, you can clearly understand how powerful this soil is.

The coconut coir components also help the water drainage part as it can help you save 50% of water. On the other hand, the pH level is neutral, with an adjustment at 7. Overall, this soil, based on everything it owns, became quickly the one in use by many people and helped them grow amazing plumeria plants.

Why Should You Buy It?
As it is listed, this soil is in use by many people worldwide, especially plumeria lovers. I don’t think there is any better choice if you need wonderful soil for your plumerias.

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3. Hoffman 10410 – The Versatile

The next soil that appears in this article, the one that has earned a place here, comes from the brand Hoffman, which is in charge of bringing different types of soils and fertilizers to many plant owners.

The Hoffman 10410 comes at 10 quarts of soil volume, and again it is a type of soil especially made to grow succulents in general, and it will do an impressive job in many other plants as well, just like the plumerias that you may already own. You can use it indoors and outdoors, making it one of the most versatile soils you can use.

Some ingredients are added to this soil: limestone, sand, perlite, reed sedge peat, and the amazing sphagnum peat moss, which plumerias require. Once in use, you will notice that it brings health to your plumeria plants and strengthens their roots in the best way possible.

This soil is one of those that are known for aeration as it deals with air and water in the most unexpected perfect way. You will also notice the neutral pH, as it will grow your plumerias quite well.

Why Should You Buy It?
Versatility is one of the most incredible things that any type of soil for any kind of plant should use. With versatility on this soil, you can understand that you can use it wherever you want and on any plant you own.

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2. FoxFarm Ocean Forest FX14000 – The Challenger

The next soil I have chosen for you is one of those you have definitely heard of. The famous Foxfarm is one of the most recognized names worldwide, and different gardeners and plant owners use it.

This soil comes at 38.6 quarts of soil volume, and it is indeed one of those soils that is a big helper and supporter for your plumeria plants. I would also like to mention that the Foxfarm is a quite used soil in many different plants, not only plumerias.

In making this soil, the brand has used earthworm castings, crab meal, forest humus, bat guano, sea-going fish meal, and moss. Besides them, you will also find fertilizer within, which besides helping your plumerias grow healthy, will also feed them.

An important fact I should mention about this soil is its aerated texture which has to do a lot with the drainage part as the soil itself can hold or release water whenever the plant requires it. Remember that your plumeria plants will never be overwatered or underwatered with this soil. As for the pH level, this soil has an adjustment from 6.3 to 6.8.

Why Should You Buy It?
Hence the listing part and the way that I listed it, you can clearly understand why this soil is one of those that you should use. It is made full of amazing ingredients that will help you grow plumerias in the perfect way possible.

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Buying Guide

Like when choosing anything you need, soils also include some things you should consider before choosing the best ones! The buying guide of soils is definitely an important thing that should be mentioned based on that you can clearly understand and choose the best soil for your plumeria plant. Before choosing the best soil for plumeria, here are the things you should consider:


Wherever you want to plant or replant your plumerias, you should consider where you can use them. For example, some soils can be used only in pots only indoors. Still, take it as advice; always be concerned more about the soils that can be used indoors and outdoors.


When choosing soil for any particular plant, you should consider that not every type of soil will be made of the same ingredients. That’s why it is a thing that you should check before choosing the best soil, in this case for plumerias.

pH Level and Drainage

The acidity of the soil and the fact that it is well-draining or not are two other essential things that you should consider before making any purchase on the soil. You may need to consider that the soil for plumeria loves an acidic and neutral pH level; meanwhile, it should be well-draining.


I don’t quite mention the prices of soils in general, but the price tag that soil comes at is also one of the most important things that you should consider. The soils mentioned in this article are all quite affordable, but as you may know, not everything comes at the same price. The first thing to do would be to have a budget in mind, then choose what you need based on that.

Final Words

Here we are at the end of this article! Again, I want to assure you that all the soils I listed throughout this article are definitely the greatest ones that will do a fantastic job on your plumeria plants. Yet again, you know that everything is up to you and you choose whatever you want to!

Still, I really hope that this article will help you choose the best soil for plumeria!

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