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Best Trimmer Lines in 2022 (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Trimmer lines are similar to a haircut, when you trim a lawn, it grows back and the dead ends that have been suffering for a while from your steps are no more there. Basically, you leave space and welcome the healthier and vibrant lawn. 

Trimmers offer different sizes and shapes to maintain pure green fields. If you get the best trimmer, you won’t allow the weeds and undesired crabgrass, dandelions, quackgrass, nut sedge, or moss.

If you mistake the size of the trimmer line, you won’t be able to the best out of the product, even though how quality the product is.

Many gardeners and ordinary garden-care lovers go for the same brand, which is something I wouldn’t recommend, it’s not a phone charger, and the trimmer lines are universal. Just because the lawn mower machine from the manufacturer is offering good features, that doesn’t necessarily mean the trimmer line will do the same.  

The Top 7 Best Trimmer Lines

1. Husqvarna String Trimmer Line (095-Inch 840ft Spool) – Best Low-Noise Production 

Husqvarna string trimmer line is made out of co-polymer material using the latest technology to ensure long-lasting life and even better performance in difficult grass. This commercial-grade trimmer fits all the standardized trimmer heads, it’s universal.

The titanium cover is so lightweight and quiet that drops the noise up to 8dB than other rivals in this line, a big thanks to the round design. The manufacturer claims that their noise reduction line cuts 50%, by not making your ears bleed and being aware of the surroundings.

This trimmer line is 0.95 inches in size, but it’s noteworthy to mention that it couldn’t trim brambles, but it’s suitable for thick grass and weeds. The cutting line with this trimmer is 840 feet.

Product Dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 5.5 inches
Item Weight: 3.04 pounds

Why Should You Buy It?
It’s a quite lightweight trimmer with the use of strong materials that makes the landscapers’ and contractors’ dreams come true. It includes a free line cutter. The price range may be high for a trimmer, but Husqvarna covers it very well with the performance. Plus, if you want quieter trimming times, this product is indispensable.

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2. DEWALT Trimmer Line- Best For Money

Dewalt gains its power and reputation by producing premium gardening tools and equipment including string trimmers. This line puts the emphasis more on the advanced copolymer which is tough and resistant to every possible condition of the grass and weeds.

The grass and weeds are in pretty much every string trimmer line offerings, but the difference stands that Dewalt does great with brambles. The brambles are shrubs of the rose family, to be more precise the blackberries.

At a very affordable price, you will get 0.080-inch width and 225 feet length sizes (2 other sizes are available as well). The premium brand is a mixture of aerodynamic materials and twisted design to speed up the cutting process and drop drastically the strain on the engine.

It’s highly valuable and to be honest, the best option for offered price because it’s hard to find these kinds of excessive durability that not only grass but tough weeds and brambles are participating in the process.

Package Dimensions: 6 x 6.5 x 1.88 inches
Item Weight:  8.1 ounces

Why Should You Buy It?
The extremely tough guy, DEWALT Trimmer Line offers excellent premium quality and the brand is the top-picked by a wide range of users. The design is so effective for trimming tough grass, but tough weeds and brambles. The premium brand is very reliable and the price with quality is worth trying.

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3. Husqvarna String Trimmer Line (095-Inch 140ft Spool)- Best Budget

No doubt why the Husqvarna string trimmer is number one on the best-seller list. If you pick the right tool, you cannot expect less, that’s obvious. Husqvarna has extensive tools and accessories for gardening, cutting, sewing and drilling. They should be more appreciated since very less companies can guarantee that.

It packs all the possible features that you can ask for from the string trimmer starting from the long-lasting life, amazing performance, and faster acceleration.

The best feature that we can put above all is the low-noise reduction element, the design reduces the unnecessary machine voice level by 50%, so you can trim the grass in peace.

However, as for durability, Husqvarna is all right, but it can’t withstand too much pressure and abuse from the tough grass types. The bright side is that it’s universal and will last for ages.

Product Dimensions: 1680 x 0.1 x 0.1 inches
Item Weight: 10.6 ounces

Why Should You Buy It?
If you’re sick and tired of the noise of the lawn machine and look for something quieter that will last for ages, go ahead and get one. It’s highly attractive that the price point is dirt cheap and the performance is the same as the high-end products we usually encounter.

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4. Oregon 22-895 Magnum Gatorline Square Trimmer Line- Best For Edging Lawn

Oregon gained its reputation a long time ago by breaking the rules in the multiple gardening products such as saw chains, bars, and any other outdoor equipment to make the customers’ lives much easier and to this day, they continue to produce excellent top-quality products.

I know how hard-working you are and putting some hard work into the trimmer will surely reduce your effort. The trimmer works well with every type of head. Please note that it can cause serious damage if it’s not installed according to the manufacturer’s guide. Read first and apply the rules for safety.

The square trimmer line is ideal for the edges of the garden, straight cuts with much less effort since the most tricky part is the borders. It has a super strong inner core duty Magnum Gatorline material.

The square shape trimmer slices 0.95 inches standard diameter and the spool holds 15 feet, which is suitable for heavy weeds.

Product Dimensions: 8 x 8 x 9 inches
Item Weight: 2.95 pounds

Why Should You Buy It?
The string trimmer by Oregon has highly durable materials that will deal with grass and weeds perfectly. The edges of the lawn where needs much effort, with this product thankfully, the work will be easier and quicker.

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5. A ANLEOLIFE String Trimmer Line- Best Convenient

Anleolife comes in 2 forms commercial and heavy-duty, plus it comes in different sizes giving you the option based on your needs. This 5-pound trimmer can slice the standard 0.95 inches by 1280 feet spool.

The durability is unquestionable because it’s made out of very tough nylon 66 copolymere material together with added plastics affects the strength and power of the machine.

The perfect replacement for every type of head whether it’s gas or an electric trimmer. The effectiveness and ease of use will keep your garden tidy and neat all the time with much less effort. Inside the box, there are free cutting tools for convenience.

Package Dimensions: 7.53 x 7.41 x 7.41 inches
Item Weight: 5 pounds

Why Should You Buy It?
With Anleolife string trimmer line you get to choose the commercial and heavy duty. The super tough nylon adds more power and lessens your work. The bright side is the bonus cutting tools included in the box. Heavier weeds and thicker grass are the least of your concerns.

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6. Copperhead Vortex Trimmer Line- Most Durable

The innovative powerful range of machinery again came out with the best options possible that you can ask from a trimmer line.

We know that every gardener wants a premium-quality product to get the best work done. This is a great way to introduce this copperhead large spool because for a very long time has been many customers’ favorite item so far.

The durability of this trimmer is insane because of the nylon vortex material. It puts the difference with being able to withstand the toughest abuse on the lawn, so we have to praise the copperhead line for this feature.

The US-made line, copperhead has a 095 X 1140′ large spool and comes at a very affordable price range.

Copperhead vortex trimmer line features a twist, ensuring quick multiple cuts, resistance, and effective trimming sessions.

Product Dimensions: 9.25 x 6.5 x 9.25 inches
Item Weight: 4.62 pounds

Why Should You Buy It?
If you seek something more durable that will come out alive despite the abuse, then the copperhead vortex trimmer will do the job fine, we must thank the nylon material and 0.95 inches thickness.

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7. Arnold Maxi Edge Commercial Grade String Trimmer- Best For Small Trimmers

So far, we have mentioned the standard thickness and length of the string trimmers, however, none of these above won’t fulfill your needs. Maybe the Arnold trimmer is what you’ve been looking for? Without wasting time let’s go over the specs.

This commercial grade trimmer comes in 0.8 thickness which is smaller than standard engines. The design provides great strength and durability with a copolymer design.

Maxi Edge contains 14 refills specified for the bumpy head type of trimmers. That means it will cover to 280 feet line and as a bonus, you will can an extra cutting tool.

I cannot say it’s highly durable, but if the size fits, then with a little more care, you will be able to get beautiful grass without weeds.

Product Dimensions: 9 x 9 x 2 inches
Item Weight: 10.7 ounces

Why Should You Buy It?
Arnold Maxi edge has a smaller 0.8″ thickness but has 14 refills in total which means 280 feet of line. If the head of your trimmer is smaller than standard, I can guarantee you can’t find a product better and more affordable like this one.

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What to Consider Before Buying A Trimmer Line

The Shape

There are 6 shapes of trimmer lines in total:

  1. Premium Round Line
  2. Quiet Line
  3. Commercial Round Line
  4. Commercial Square Line
  5. Pentagon Line
  6. X-Line

The line shapes happen to be for different applications. Sometimes even the shape isn’t available in size and it’s really hard to find the perfect fit.

You may wonder what shape has to do with the topic. Well, it has because the shapes can resist the fabric becoming worn at the edge which typically happens through constant rubbing, splitting, and durability.

Trimmer Line Size

The size represents the diameter, it doesn’t matter if the line is square, this is the thumb rule. The size of the trimmer line has an average range between 1.2 to 4.5mm.

If you pick a large size, there is the risk of slowing down the speed of the engine. Vice versa, if you pick the trimmer line that is smaller than the size of the engine, you will get the midrange performance.

Engine capacity

Trimmer Line Sizes

Below 20 Cubic capacity

1.2 to 1.4mm

From 20 to 25 Cubic capacity

1.6 to 2.2mm

From 25 to 35 Cubic capacity

2.3 to 2.7mm

35 Cubic capacity

2.7 to 3mm

40 Cubic capacity

3 to 3.5mm

From 40 to 50 Cubic capacity

3.5 to 4mm

Above 50 Cubic capacity

3.5 to 4.5mm


Most trimmer lines have tough material called monofilament nylon. Hard materials power the lines and handle well any sudden breakage in opposition to difficult surfaces. 

For that reason, the manufacturers prefer to use nylon, aluminum, or polymers. 

Thicker vs Thinner Trimmer Line

Trimmer lines come to differ in size, weight as well as thickness/thinness, and diameter.

If the diameter is thicker and larger, it is most likely to perform better against thick grass types and can handle very well the weeds. On the other hand, if the trimmer line is thinner, it’s preferable in the regions that are cultivated regularly and have minimal weeds.

A Brief Recap

If you want to see your garden trimmed, neat, and tidy, getting a string trimmer for help is essential. However, when you choose one be careful about the thickness, the engine size, and material.

Bear in mind that no matter which product you purchase, read the instruction because most of the time, the usage and installation differ.

Until next time, stay tuned.

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