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Best Zero Turn Mower For 2 Acres (Buying Guide & Reviews)

Here we are at another article, in which I am more staring at the lawn owners! I am well aware of the fact that not all lawns are the same, and each one of them has its own requirements, but what they all need is to be mowed in the best way possible, while using the best mowing machine.

That mowing machine is the main reason that I am writing this article! You may know that just as there are many lawns there are different and a lot of mowing machines as well. However, in this article, I will be talking about a specific kind of mowing machine and they are the zero-turn ones.

Now, another thing that is important to mention from the beginning is the fact that in this article you will find the best zero-turn mowers for 2 acres, as it is one of the most important things to know, all based on the size of your lawn.

Without any further ado, let us get straight to the main topic, and find out which is the best zero-turn mower for 2 acres!

The Top 5 Best Zero Turn Mowers For 2 Acres

5. EGO Power+ ZT4204L – Best Budget

Let’s get this article started with a “budget” zero-turn lawn mower for 2 acres. It is a famous mowing machine that has a super cool look.

The EGO Power+ ZT4204L is quite big, measuring 83.46 x 43.93 x 32.55 inches while it has a weight of 450 pounds. I would like to mention again that it is a very cool item, that comes in a combination of black and grey colors.

This zero-turn mower works at 3-7 MPH speed, and it has three modes of driving. The first one is standard, then we have control, and sport is the last one.

The motors that are found on this mower are 4 in number and they are independent brushless motors. Besides them, there is the 42-inch deck which owns a zero-turn radius.

In order to work properly, the EGO Power+ ZT4204L mower owns 4 56V 10.0Ah batteries, making this mower one of the best known as battery-powered.

Why Should You Buy It?
You will notice throughout the article that these mowers, the zero-turn ones, are quite expensive, and when compared to the others, the EGO Power+ ZT4204L is the cheapest one, in case you are in search of a budget price in general.

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4. Troy-Bilt Mustang – Best Automatic

The next zero-turn machine that definitely deserves to be mentioned in this article is the Troy Bilt Mustang, which is one of the best automatic zero-turn mowers that you can ever find.

The Troy Bilt Mustang is quite a big mower that measures 83.5 x 60.75 x 35.5 inches, meanwhile, its weight is around 829 pounds. Now, the color that this mower comes at is red, and it is amazing when it comes to the whole look in general.

Differing from the one mentioned above, based on the way I listed it, this zero-turn mower works fully automatically, making it easier so that you don’t have to change modes when needed. It can “change the modes” by itself.

Troy Bilt Mustang works with a 25 HP motor engine, which is quite fast, and it owns a Twin Cylinder Engine, which makes it a perfect performer on the working part. There is the 54-inches big deck which has a zero-turn radius.

This mower should be filled with gasoline in order to work, and it will perform in the best way possible for 2 acres of lawn.

Why Should You Buy It?
Just as mentioned, the automatic function in this zero-turn mower will be the best thing that makes this mower “one step further”. In case you are not one of those people that changes modes while mowing, this zero-turn mower is the best one to use.

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3. RYOBI – Best Battery-Powered

The name RYOBI is quite famous when it comes to choosing mowing machines for anything, and I couldn’t leave it unmentioned in this article. Here goes an RYOBI zero-turn mower which will do a great job mowing 2 acres!

This mower is a very strong one, made of steel, and it is a quite big mower that needs someplace in case you put it in your garage. Its weight on the other hand is 830 pounds in general. It also looks very nice if you are a fan of the green and black color combination that it owns.

Now, if the first one included four modes and the second one was automatic, the RYOBI mower is manual while it owns 12 positions of deck adjustments that will help you a lot while using this mower. As I mentioned the deck, is made of steel and it measures 42 inches.

In this mower, you will find 4 motors as well, and they are super-high-powered, and they are brushless motors.

Like the listing part, this mower needs batteries to perform precisely. You will have to use 100 Ah batteries because it won’t work with other types.

Why Should You Buy It?
In case you are in need of a battery-powered zero-turn lawn mower for 2 acres, let me say that this one is definitely one of the best mowers out there.

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2. Craftsman 17ARFACT091 – Best Runner-Up

Moving along, here appears another amazing zero-turn mower for 2 acres, and it is the Craftsman 17ARFACT091. It has some amazing features that make it win second place in this article.

Measuring 84 x 52 x 34.75 inches and weighing 623 pounds, this zero-turn mower is a very compact machine that will help you do the job on your 2 acres quite easily. Besides being compact, it also looks super nice coming in red color. Just like the one mentioned above, this mower is also made of steel. Another thing that I would like to mention about this mower is that it is very comfortable while in use.

Anyways, the Craftsman 17ARFACT091 works with a 23 HP Kohler twin cylinder engine/motor, which is easy to be maneuvered. The deck measures 46 inches, but it also allows adjustments that include the minimum cut of 1.25 inches while its maximum is 3.75 inches.

This zero-turn mower for 2 acres is gas powered as well, and basically, if you will it with how much gas it needs, you can be more than free to use it quickly and surely!

Why Should You Buy It?
Being compact and super powerful, the Craftsman 17ARFACT091 deserves to be purchased as it makes your job even easier.

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1. Husqvarna Z254 – Best Overall

Last but not the least, here goes the Husqvarna Z254 mower, and based on its features, it definitely needs to be listed and known as the best overall.

This mower is definitely the one that has the most exciting look. It is covered in red color while it measures 72 x 61.49 x 34.48 inches in general. Besides being good-looking, this mower is also super strong, every piece of its body is made out of metal. It is comfortable, and what is special is that it owns a parking brake.

The engine that Husqvarna Z254 owns is a 26 HP Kohler engine, and it achieves a maximum speed of 6.5 MPH. There is the cutting deck which measures 54 inches, and when it comes to cutting 2 acres of lawn, this mower is not only good but it is considered perfect by many people.

Just like most of the mowers that I mentioned above, the Husqvarna Z254 also works with gas, and once in use, you will notice that everything will be cut precisely, even the smallest things.

Why Should You Buy It?
If you love details, let me say that this mower is the one that cuts every piece of the grass and it will help you do an amazing job!

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Buying Guide

Just like in anything that you may need, in any kind of thing that you are thinking about purchasing, whenever choosing the best zero-turn mower, you should have in mind the main things that should be considered!

Acre Coverage

Considering the fact that in this article I mentioned mowers for 2 acres, one of the most important things that a buyer can consider is the acre that any particular mower can cover.

Just like there are mowers for 2 acres, you may find mowers that have a bigger acre coverage as well.


Whenever I say capacity in a mowing machine, I always mean the part that can be turned off during the process of mowing, and I am pretty sure that no one needs that thing while working, right? Well, at least I hate it! Anyways, based on what the mowing machine uses in order to work, you should have in mind that particular thing from the time that you are trying to find a mower, just like when searching for the best zero-turn mower for 2 acres.

Deck Size

As you can notice, throughout the article I mentioned different deck sizes, and that is included on the part that will be cut. The deck size is also one of the things that must be considered when you buy a mowing machine, as it is definitely something that makes the mower a good or a bad one. It is also somehow linked with the things that need to be mown, basically, on the size of lawns that you should mow, just like 2 acres, it is better if you check it out.


When talking about the price of a zero-turn lawn mower is a bit extreme, and that’s because the price itself is extreme. The price of any item that you are about to buy is important, but when it comes to these types of mowers, it is something that should definitely be considered before purchasing one.

That is because I repeat, zero-turn mowers for 2 acres are expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a zero-turn mower?

I know that the term is a little bit confusing, but when you go deeper into the definition, it expresses that a zero-turn lawn mower is a simple mower for your garden that has the mowing deck in front of you. I am pretty sure that you know the normal mowers have the deck underneath, here it is just in front

It is called zero-turn because of the radius, as it is 0 inches.

What are acres?

Acres are basically a measuring unit for land, and it is mostly used in US and UK. If you think about square feet, you will find one acre equal to 43.560 feet.

Do zero-turn mowers have brakes?

The only brakes that you will find in a zero-turn mower are the ones for parking and emergency. Otherwise, when mowing with these types of mowers, you won’t find foot-pedal brakes of any kind.

Where should I keep my mower?

Whenever I have to talk about mowers in general, I always say that you should keep them indoors mostly. It is important to protect them from rain and snow, and if you don’t have enough space indoors, you can cover them when it is raining or snowing.

Are zero-turn mowers long living?

Zero-turn mowers are the types of mowers that if you take care of them in the best way possible, you will have them living for at least 10 years in general.

Why are zero-turn mowers used?

Besides the part that they help you mow your lawn amazingly, a zero-turn lawn mower is one of the fastest types of mowers that you can find on the market for mowing machines.

Final Words

Moving along, we came to the end of this article! I would like to mention again that these types of mowing machines are very expensive, but what they bring to you is inexplicable and amazing!

They are definitely the ones to use in case you own 2 acres of lawn, and basically if you want to speed the process of mowing it!

I really hope that this article will help you find and choose the best zero-turn mower for 2 acres of lawn!

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