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Can Rosemary Grow in Shade? (Growing Tips)

The autumn season may be just around the corner and I am pretty sure that many people will miss the heating sun of summer, but just as everything has its end, seasons go and get ready for a new beginning for the next year.

Imagine this, you are sitting in your garden, staring at your plants, and the first thing that your eye catches is your rosemary flower. I know, it is one of the most interesting and most good-looking flowers that you may own. As I mentioned autumn, your head gets full of tons of opinions, and the first thing that you might think while looking at rosemary is will it survive the autumn and winter? Can it be the same just as when the sun is above it? Well, let me say that the best question that you may ask at that moment is will your rosemary flower grow in shade. That’s when I appear!

In this article, I will tell you, lovers and owners of rosemary, whether this plant can grow and live in full shade! I will start by mentioning some really important things that you need to know about this plant while having in mind its necessities and requirements!

Well, don’t let me waste your time anymore, and let us find out if rosemary can grow in shade!

Representation of Rosemary – What is Rosemary?

Rosemary is one of the most famous plants in every part of the world! It is an evergreen shrub that comes from the family Lamiaceae. It is a plant that owns needle-like leaves, and from time to time, during the spring and summer, it brings to you some very beautiful flowers which might come in white, purple, blue, and pink colors.

Rosemaries, in general, are plants that are in use for many different things but first thing first it is known for their benefits in the health category and their use of it in different dishes. As I mentioned the health benefits, it is important to know that this plant is known to help with muscle pain, immune system, and hair growth, and also it can help with improving the memory of a person.

All in all, rosemary plants are super usable in different fields of life!

Can Rosemary Grow in Shade?

Just like many other plants or herbs, in fact, rosemary is one of those that requires mostly light than shade. That definition basically shows that a rosemary plant cannot be grown in full shade!

It is a plant that loves the sun mostly; meaning that the sunlight helps it grow faster and stronger, meanwhile, the shade can stop or damage this healthy process and the things that rosemary needs.

However, as I said, rosemary cannot be grown in full shade but it can stay there for a period of time during the day without any problem.

How to Grow Rosemary? – Main Requirements

Now that we understood the main purpose of this article, I would like to mention some of the most important things that any rosemary lover should know, of course, considering the part of growing a great rosemary plant! The things that I will mention, include the exact timing when you should plant rosemary, the light requirements (since it cant be grown in shade), how the watering procedure should go in rosemary, and the feeding of the plant, which includes fertilization.


As some of you may know, a high percentage of plants love to be planted during the spring season, and rosemary is no exception. If you plan on planting a rosemary herb, it is important to know that it will be better if you plant it during spring, of course, after the frost of the winter is completely gone.

Also, you should have in mind planting the seeds 2-3 feet apart from one another, in well-draining soil.


Since we understood that rosemary cannot be grown as it should in a shady place, the light requirement is one of the things that should definitely be mentioned.

A rosemary plant requires 6 hours of sun and light for just one day! The best way to grow a rosemary herb is to place it in full sun. In case you have it planted in a pot indoors you should place it next to a window that gets the light that is needed.


The watering procedure of plants is one of the most important and most confusing things at the same time. Having in mind the fact that rosemary plants don’t own the leaves to show you whenever they need water you should always be checking the soil in which you have planted it.

In general, a rosemary plant should be watered every 1-2 weeks, always depending on the area that you live in. If there’s rain, you can water it every 2 weeks, if not, once a week is more than enough.


Rosemaries are known for their powerful way of growing, and it is one of those plants that is not completed living because of fertilization. However, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use fertilizers on this plant. You can use different types of fertilizers, but it is important to use them directly on the roots of the plant.

Final Words

Moving along, here we came at the end of this article! As you can read above, it is important to know that rosemary plants cannot be grown in the shade as it will completely stop the growth of the plant in a bad way.

Anyways, I really hope that based on this article you will be able to find out more about rosemary!

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Have fun!

Ella Holmes

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