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Dracaena Leaves Turning Brown: Causes & Fixes

Dracaena is one of the greatest plants that one can ever plant and take care of. A dracaena plant will definitely make any place where it is put more good-looking since it is also known as a decorative plant. In general, it is a type of plant that doesn’t need high maintenance, and its requirements are the most basic ones.

Still, there is an issue that many plants go through and a dracaena plant is no exception, and that issue is the leaves turning brown. Well, you should be happy that I am here because in this article you will find whatever you need to know about dracaena leaves turning brown. The things that cause brown leaves, preventions, and many other things! Stick until the end of this article in order to find out the things mentioned, and also find some other information.

Now, without any further ado, let me get this article started!

Why Are My Dracaena’s Leaves Turning Brown?

A dracaena plant is one of the most famous houseplants that one can own, and it is a favorite plant for many people worldwide. It is a plant that is known for its powerful green leaves, and when they are damaged nobody feels good because no one wants damaged leaves of a leafy flower, right?

Anyways, there are some main things or reasons that can make the dracaena plant leaves turn brown, and the most common ones are watering, pests, temperature, humidity, nutrients, soil, and also light.


One of those basic requirements that a dracaena plant needs is the proper watering process. However, if there is an overwatering or underwatering issue, you can expect the leaves to turn brown, since both of them have no control, and both of them can have a quick presentation.

Pest Infestation

Being a houseplant, dracaena stays mostly indoors, but as you may already know, houseplants tend to gather more pests and insects when compared to the ones that stay outdoors in the garden. If your dracaena’s leaves turn brown, you might want to check for any type of pest.


Most houseplants, just like dracaena, love high levels of humidity, and when there is a drainage of the air, they don’t seem to like it in any way. A dracaena plant is no exception, and if it stays for too long at low humidity, the leaves show it by turning brown quickly.


Besides the humidity, a dracaena plant also loves to stay at a warm temperature, and being a houseplant, it loves room temperature in general. If the degrees go a little bit down, the brown spots on the leaves start appearing.

Lack of Nutrients

Just like water, every plant needs some food in order to be grown properly, and a dracaena plant needs its food as well. However, if you are a plant owner, you know that plant foods are called nutrients, and if there is a lack of them in a dracaena plant, the leaves turn brown immediately.

Direct Light

Light is necessary but too much light can damage every type of plant. Talking specifically about a dracaena plant, you should know that this plant hates direct light, even though it needs light for its growth. I know is a bit confusing but what you should have in mind is that direct light turns the leaves brown.

How to Prevent Dracaena Leaves Turning Brown?

Just like the reasons that I mentioned above, there are also some things that you can do in order to prevent dracaena leaves from turning brown. I would like to do a division in this section and mention for you the things to do!

Water Properly

As overwatering and underwatering are a big issue in the brown color of leaves, you should know that the best time on watering a dracaena plant stands between once every 10-14 days. If it is done that way, the leaves will stay green enough.

Check Out the Humidity and Temperature

I mentioned that a dracaena plant loves high humidity and the best percentage of it would be between 60-80%. Meanwhile, the temperature should be around 65-75º F.

Take Care of the Nutrients

A dracaena plant will be on “its highest level” if you nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. If you use these kinds of foods in order to feed a dracaena plant, the brown leaves won’t be shown in any way.

Dracaena Leaves Turning Yellow

Besides brown, there is another color that shows you that the dracaena plant isn’t in good condition and it is yellow color.

Now, what I would like to mention here is that both the colors, brown and yellow, appear because of the same reasons. If you wonder why the leaves on the dracaena plant are turning yellow you should again think about watering, humidity, and temperature, but here we have the pest infestation as well.

Pest infestation means that your plant is surrounded by damage-causing insects, and the dracaena plant shows this issue while having yellow leaves.

Final Words

As I mentioned throughout the article, a dracaena plant is a favorite one for many people all around the world, and I am one of those people as well. I think that a dracaena is one of the plants that complete every other plant. Still, I know that dealing with brown leaves is a little bit frustrating, but every damage and every problem has its solving!

I really hope that you liked what you read in this article, and I hope it will help you find out the important information that you need if dracaena leaves are turning brown!

Further Reading

In the last part of this article, I would like to include some other things that I have already written!

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