Eggplant Leaves Turning Yellow: Causes & Fixes

Planting and growing eggplant isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but still, those that love them and are able to grow them in their gardens have in mind that this plant has its necessities, and let me say that there are several requirements that this plant has.

Some people believe an eggplant is a vegetable, but funny enough the trick is on you! Eggplant is a fruit because they grow in a flowering plant.
However, when an eggplant is in good condition it shows on the fruit based on its colors, but when it is somehow sick, there are the leaves that show the condition that the plant is in. There is always some luck within the bad luck, and in this case, I mean the fact that the leaves show us whenever a plant isn’t doing its best.

Eggplants are plants that have a lot of leaves, and when they turn yellow, the time has come to tell you what is going on! In this article, I will elaborate on this issue as much as I can, while firstly informing you why the eggplant leaves turn yellow! To find out more details, stick until the end of this article because I will mention other things as well!

Now, without further ado, let me get this article started!

Why Are My Eggplant Leaves Turning Yellow?

Eggplant leaves definitely have some things that we can talk about! An eggplant leaf is basically the same size as the fruit itself, and that makes them quite interesting and different from other plant leaves in general. Leaves’ colors are either green or a super-deep green, but it is important to mention that it also depends on the age of the plant, meaning that if you just planted them, the leaves have a deeper and stronger color, and if some time has passed, that deep green starts to fade away somehow.

However, when those leaves start turning yellow, the first thing that comes to mind is that the plant is dying, and you are more than right if you think so. First thing first, let me elaborate on the reasons why eggplant leaves turn yellow!

Pest Infestation

Eggplants are super tasty as fruits, but their leaves have a disgusting taste. However, there are some little things that love the taste of an eggplant leaf, and they are pests. Eggplants are one of the favorite plants for different pests, especially spiders and fusarium wilts. If any of the pests make the plant a habitation place, the leaves firstly start having small pots of yellow colors, meanwhile, if they stay for a prolonged time, the leaves turn completely yellow, and it is something that you should be concerned about many ways.

Improper Watering

Watering is another issue that many plants deal with, and when I mention watering as an issue, you should always have in mind that I am talking about the watering procedure that isn’t done properly. There is the overwatering and underwatering, that cause eggplant’s yellow leaves, and it is definitely an issue that you should have in mind.

Nutrient Lack

Eggplants are those types of plants that grow on the ground, and nutrients are one of the most needed things in these types of plants. They are basically substances that are considered primary food in plants, and whenever the eggplants lack them, the leaves can quickly turn yellow.


From water to food, light is also one of the most essential things that eggplant or any other plant needs in order to be grown fully and in the best way possible. However, if an eggplant plant doesn’t have its proper lighting environment, it shows this problem by turning yellow its leaves.

How to Prevent Eggplant Leaves Turning Yellow?

In order to not deal with yellow leaves on eggplants, it is important to mention that there are different things that you can do in order to prevent them. There are really a lot of things, but still the main ones, just like in the reasons, stand the water, light, and nutrients.

Let me tell you in more detail about these three main things!


An eggplant plant needs 1 inch of water per week, and it is a fact that it should be done properly. It would be better to soak the plant in water rather than watering it frequently. That’s because it can turn leaves yellow, and besides that, it causes root rot as well.


As the light was another reason, it is quite important to mention that eggplants need at least six hours of direct light during a day, and it is especially stated during the spring season.


As I mentioned above, the lack of nutrients is also one of the reasons why eggplant leaves turn yellow, and there are some requirements that need to be followed.

In order to find out more about the nutrients needed, and an eggplant’s requirements during one day, check out the table down below!

Nutrients Day Requirements
Carbohydrate 1000-3000
Fiber 130
Magnesium 310-420
Choline 400-550
Folate 400

Final Words

As we move along, we came to the concluding part of this article. As you can read throughout the article, there are different things that cause yellow leaves in eggplants, but still, the three main ones stand only three of them which I mentioned mostly.

What I hope here at the end is that this article will help you, the readers, to know the reasons why an eggplant leaf turns yellow quickly, and the things that you can do as prevention to this problem! I hope the article was understandable as well!

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