Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves Turning Brown: Causes & Fixes

Even though it owns the name of a tree and fruit, a fiddle leaf fig is one of the most preferable indoor houseplants that many people own in their houses. Still, it is important to mention that this plant has a lot of requirements from the person who plants it, and all those requirements should be done properly in order to not cause any kind of “disease” to the plant.

One of those diseases stand the leaves turning brown! It is one of the most common issues that a fiddle leaf fig plant has to deal with, and I bet that the owners of this plant have gone through it.

Well, if you are a newbie to owning a fiddle leaf fig plant, and its leaves have started to turn brown, you don’t have to worry at all because I am here for you! In this article, I will elaborate in detail on the fiddle leaf fig’s leaves when they turn in a brown color!

What are the reasons that it happens? How to prevent it? Well, stick until the end to find out everything that you may want to know!

Without further ado, let’s get this article started!

Why Are My Fiddle Leaf Fig’s Leaves Turning Brown?

The fiddle leaf fig plant is else way known as ficus lyrata which is its botanical name, and it comes from the family Moraceae. It is important to mention that this plant can be grown up to 12-15 meters, which makes it one of the tallest plants you can ever own, and considering that it is a houseplant, it is definitely the tallest one.

This plant has the name leaf within, and that basically refers to the plant’s look. It is a plant that is basically made of leaves, and when they turn brown, nothing is the same anymore! Here I would like to mention for you some of the main reasons why the leaves on a fiddle leaf fig turn brown. Those reasons include root rot, pests, infections, watering, lighting, and humidity.

Let me go into deeper detail about them!

Root Rot

Root rot is a type of bad condition through which different plants pass through. It happens because of the soil that is used in order to plant any type of flower, and in fiddle leaf fig, if the soil isn’t appropriate, the roots rot easily. Roots of these plants go deep under the soil, and they cannot be seen if they are rotten, but the leaves turning brown is a sign or symptom of this illness. So, if the leaves on your fiddle leaf fig start turning brown, the problem may be the roots.

It is somehow related to the watering process which will be mentioned below.

How to deal with it?
Move the plant into another pot! Choose a better soil, and have in mind that the soil shouldn’t be too dense.

Infections and Pests

The leaves of a fiddle leaf fig plant are quite big, and as some of you may already know, pests love big leaves because they have like “a place to hang out”. Whenever there are pests or any other bacterial infection on this plant, you will immediately notice its leaves turning brown, since there is no other way on telling you so.

The good thing about the pests is that they can be noticed once you have a deeper look at the plant.

How to deal with it?
Use different variations of killing pests on plants. Advice from me would be to check out my articles regarding killing gnats in plants. It definitely will help!

Watering Issues

Underwatering and overwatering are the most annoying things that any plant owner deals with, and it is always one of the things that lead to brown leaves on any plant. A fiddle leaf fig plant has its own watering routine or schedule, and whenever it isn’t done properly, the leaves start to turn brown and also yellow at the same time.

How to deal with it?
Water your fiddle leaf fig once a week, or every ten days.


Good lighting is another requirement from a fiddle leaf fig, and if it is not given to it as it should be accomplished, the leaves will start turning brown.

How to deal with it?
As a matter of fact, a fiddle leaf fig plant requires morning and afternoon light, but it doesn’t need an explicit one, especially during the hot summer days, because a hot sun can destroy the leaves, and besides turning them brown it may shrink them easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is fiddle leaf fig a good plant?

A fiddle leaf fig plant is one of the greatest indoor plants that you can own. It can be planted outdoors as well, but still, concluding it all, this plant is amazing and it looks perfectly wherever you may want to put it.

Are fiddle leaf fig plants hard to take care of?

Being the greatest plant that can be owned doesn’t conclude with the fact that it is easy to be taken care of. Just as I mentioned at the beginning of this article, this plant has lots of requirements, but if you get used to them nothing is hard.

Are these plants poisonous?

As a matter of fact, fiddle leaf fig leaves are not completely toxic but a small percentage are. You should be careful around this plant, especially if you have children or any kind of pet since its leaves can cause some sickness such as irritation of the mouth, throat, and stomachache. Even though they are not very serious things, I would advise you to be careful around them.

What to do with the brown leaves on a fiddle leaf fig?

Just as in many other plants, you should have in mind that dealing with brown leaves would be cutting them off and throwing them in the trash! You should do the same with the brown leaves on a fiddle leaf fig, as if you leave them there besides not looking good, they may damage the healthy ones as well.

Final Words

Coming through the end of this article, you can clearly notice that when compared to other plants, a fiddle leaf fig is a little bit more complicated in order to take care of. However, as I always say, if you stick to things that you should do, just as the preventions mentioned above, you can be more than sure that the plant will stay with you for a pretty long time. Basically, it goes the same for all types of plants.

I really hope that this article will help you gather more information regarding the fiddle leaf fig leaves turning brown!

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