How Often Do You Water Aloe Vera? (Prevent Overwatering & Underwatering)

Aloe Vera grows in dessert-like environments and they are made up of 95% of water. They have a different type of water storage in their leaves. This is how these succulent plants survive in Africa’s high temperatures. 

Aloe Vera is super sensitive against cold, even the slightest cold can end the plant’s life. So overwatering and underwatering is an issue. 

Another issue is sunlight, because aloe vera is used to the sunlight exposure, even though the minimum is 6 hours, the plant can still be fine even 8 hours of sunlight.

The Aloe vera plant is the easiest to grow because it doesn’t need much attention, in North African places, especially in Tunisia, it is most likely to see huge aloe vera in the streets that have grown itself without care. That is why I call it the easiest plant to be taken care of.

How Often Do You Water Aloe Vera?

The watering process in aloe vera is different. During the summertime, of course, it needs more and during wintertime is vice versa.

The leaves don’t need too much watering because each leaf is protected by a really thick skin. Watering aloe vera once a week will be fine. 

On winter days, you can water once in two weeks. The challenging part to keep the aloe vera alive during winter is not watering frequency and exposure to light throughout the day (as much as you can). Because sunlight is weaker during winter, no water is needed. 

Do NOT water aloe vera if the soil isn’t dry, always check the soil by putting your index finger an inch deep and add water accordingly.

How to Water Aloe Vera?

As I mentioned previously, succulent plants like Aloe Vera keep the moisture in the root and leaves.

The moisture spreads evenly in every part of the leaves and roots. By watering from the bottom, you let the plant keep the natural moisture. Plus, watering Aloe Vera from the bottom avoids excessive salt and other mineral absorption.

If water goes through the top, Aloe Vera loses moisture. To prevent that, let the moisture feed itself and create that balance between nutrients and roots.

Aloe Vera Watering Tips

  • In case you changed the pot of aloe vera, you should wait three days and then water it. The root transplant needs time to adapt to the new soil, give the plant some time.
  • Overwatering 2 maybe more 3 times a week can result in root rot or even fungus disease. Avoid water as much as you can, they will be fine if you water once a week on hot days. 
  • If you see rain, that means is a happy day for the aloe vera plant, the rainwater will help the plant to grow healthier. As I said previously, if it doesn’t get rainwater, it can go along with normal water.
  • At times, use filtrated water that you can find in every grocery store because the chloride is removed it seems a healthy alternative. You don’t necessarily need it, but once a month appliance of filtered water has extra benefits.
  • If you have doubts about the soil’s dryness, then don’t water aloe vera at all. No worries it will be fine and please avoid watering if the soil isn’t dry enough at any cost.
  • Never water from the top, always water from the bottom. Avoid using a watering can because it may splash the water in the leaves, instead use a regular glass, this way you will prevent the water that splashing the leaves. 
  • If you overwatered mistakenly and the root rotting is the problem, then pull out and let the aloe vera sit in gritty material for a while and water afterward.
  • If summer days in your country are boiling hot, then water aloe vera between 4-5 days.
  • Always water deeply, check if it drains out from the bottom part to be sure you have watered aloe vera correctly.  

Watering Aloe Vera in the Planted Garden

If you plan to plant aloe vera in the garden, the watering process should not be done frequently. Ok, the sun will absorb water, but leaves still store a little bit for survival. So, 2 times a week or even 3 is the right time to water. Again check the soil, if it’s dry, then you can water it. 

Watering Aloe Vera in a Gardening Pot

Before watering, use quality drainage because if your plant shows some discoloration, the drainage is the top problem to kill your beautiful plant.

Check if the soil is moisturized before planting. The size of the plant also differs, the smaller the pot is, the less water is required. 

Sings of Overwatering Aloe Vera & How to Fix it?

    • Yellow Leaves– As I mentioned previously, aloe vera stores the water inside, if you notice some changes in the leaves, exposure to more sunlight so the water can evaporate faster.
    •  The Stem is Mushy- Touch the stem to see if it’s mushy, then you have to take the plant out completely and change the soil. Get a new container and check the drainage. Cut the damaged roots to leave space for new healthy leaves.
    • Root Rot– the excessive water stays on the surface and opens the door for diseases and bacteria to infiltrate inside. If the root is red, then cut them off with scissors and change the soil. This is the only way to save the plant. Get the combination of perlite lava rock and chunks of bark.

How Long Can Succulent Plant Aloe Vera Go Without Water?

No worries, even if it’s summer days and you are far on a trip or a vacation. Your succulent plant aloe vera will be fine without you and water. They don’t need much care and are low-maintenance, so enjoy doing your favorite activities throughout the weeks.

You think African water their plant every week, nope. You will be surprised how long they can get without a proper hand. I’m talking firsthand and asked locals how they grow and how they take care of that, and their answer was ” We water aloe vera plant maybe once in two or three months”. 

So, what do we elicit according to locals, the succulent plant aloe vera can go 3 maybe 4 months without water.

A Brief Recap

Watering aloe needs care. First of all once a week in peak heat is enough. Depending on the temperature and location, the watering can be done from two weeks to a month. 

No worries, even if you forgot that you have an aloe vera plant indoors because the life cycle is for about three to four months.

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