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How Often Do You Water Basil? (A Short Watering Guide)

Basil is a plant that has poems written about it, and if you like to read about culture, you will find basil mentioned in many different things. Something that I would like to mention is that there are different beliefs and rituals in which basil was mentioned and used, at earlier times!

Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks were the biggest fans of basil as they believed that this plant is the one that would open the doors of heaven. Another important fact is that Greek Orthodox Churches use basil in order to sprinkle holy water, meanwhile the Jews say that basil gives strength if you are fasting! Based on the things that I mentioned, you guys can notice that basil is a quite representative plant or herb when it comes to different things, mostly religious ones!

However, now that you have an idea about basil as a plant, I am well aware that you are here for something else! How often should you water basil? This is the main question of this article, and basically, it is the topic about which I will give more details throughout this article! When to water basil? How to water basil? To find out the answer to these questions and find out more, stick until the end!

Right now, without losing your time any further, let us get started!

How Often Do You Water Basil?

I know that you guys are here only to find out how often should you water your basil plant, and I will start by saying that it all depends on the environment in which you have planted your basil plant!

Basil is a plant that definitely needs moisture on a higher level, and it can achieve this goal only if you water it every day or every 1-2 days! However, if you think about the fact that I mentioned above, depending on the environment, you can check out the table below to notice when you should do it!

Environment Watering
In a Pot (Inside) Every 4-5 Days
In a Pot (Outside) Every 1-2 Days
Garden Every 3-4 Days
Basil Seeds (If you just planted) Every 1-2 Days

How to Water Basil?

Now that you know how often you should water your basil plant, you should definitely know how to do so!

If you are a perfectionist, like me, and want things to be done in the best way possible, I would like to mention that basil requires 1 inch of water every week, so you can do your calculations based on that.

Still, there is a fact that when it comes to the watering process of a basil plant, you should have in mind that the best way to water it is started by lightly spraying its leaves, meanwhile after that, the water should be directed fully at the soil in which lay the roots of your plant. As I mentioned above, basil needs a lot of water and it is super important to fully moist its soil.

When to Water Basil?

The best time to water your basil plant is the early fresh morning! In fact, it goes like that for every other plant, but when it comes to basil, it is one of the most essential things to be known. Basil should be watered early in the morning when the temperatures are not too cold or too hot!

Anyways, there are two important questions that many people ask, and it is completely related to overwatering or underwatering basil plants. Let us find out more!

Are You Overwatering Your Basil? – Symptoms of Overwatering

Overwatering is always a problem and thinking how basil needs a lot of water, you can never control the watering process. However, there are some symptoms that show that you are overwatering basil, and they are:

  • yellow and brown leaves
  • wilting
  • root rot
  • bad smell
  • wet top of the soil

What to do?
The first thing to do is to plant the basil into a pot that allows partial drainage of the soil, and that way none of the things that I mentioned above will happen!

Are You Underwatering Your Basil? – Symptoms of Underwatering

Just like overwatering, underwatering is also one of the things that could totally make your plant die! However, because of the symptoms that it shows, you can easily notice that you are underwatering it. The symptoms are these:

  • wilting (yes, again)
  • shrinking yellow leaves

What to do?
Fixing underwatering means watering it again! However, in order to avoid this bad condition, you guys should stick to the schedule of watering, meaning that you should follow the steps and the things that I mentioned above at the beginning of this article!

Final Words

Here we are at the end! Don’t get mad at me guys, but it is important to say every time that watering is super confusing, or at least it was for me when I made my first steps on the gardening part, and thinking about the fact that you read this article, it is probably hard for you too.

Anyways, based on the things that I mentioned throughout the article, you can notice that watering basil requires only one thing to know and it is that it needs a lot of water and moisture.

Keep that always in mind!

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Have fun!

Natalia Michalska

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