How Often Do You Water Cilantro? (Tips To Prevent Overwatering & Underwatering)

Cilantro is one of the most famous herbs that is used by many people around the globe. In fact, many people become fans of it quite easily!

While doing some research on the internet, I encountered that cilantro is a name that has been used in the Bible as well with some references, meanwhile, it can also be found mentioned in ancient texts from Egypt, China, India, and many others. It is a plant that can be seen in different kitchens and dishes in Mexico and India. Basically, cilantro is used as an ingredient and makes the food taste even better!

Enough of that, though! I am well aware of what you guys are here for, but I cannot help but mention something about cilantro being famous.

Anyways, the main question of this article that I am starting right now is “how often do you water cilantro?” and you guys will be able to find the answer to it. Throughout the article, I will also mention some other things that are worth to be known!

Now, without any further ado, let us go to the main topic!

How Often and How to Water Cilantro?

Watering cilantro is one of the easiest things that you can do, as it doesn’t give specific rules when it comes to this process! However, the best way of watering cilantro would be to water it every 1-3 days.

You should always remember to water the roots and not the cilantro leaves! It is a fact that should never be forgotten, as it is known as a thumb rule. Cilantro has super deep roots and you should consider the fact of wetting the soil as much as you can so that it can go deep enough to touch every little piece of its roots.

Anyways, you can as well spray the leaves with water as it helps the plant stay fresh, especially when there is no direct sunlight.

When to Water Cilantro?

Besides knowing how to do a thing, you definitely should know when to do it! It goes the same with cilantro as well, and it is a crucial thing to know!

I mentioned that cilantro needs a lot of water, and it is interesting enough how fast it drains the water and how fast the soil dries. In order to find out when to water your cilantro plant, you should always check out its soil. If you are not sure whether it is dried or not, a method would be touching the soil with your finger, as you can notice better.

Underwatering and Overwatering Cilantro – Symptoms

When I talk about overwatering and underwatering symptoms of a plant, I always say that they are illnesses, and indeed thinking about the fact of what could happen to the plant, they really are! In cilantro, underwatering and overwatering occur as well, and it is worth mentioning the symptoms of how you can notice them!

Underwatering Symptoms

  • Dried Soil
  • Yellow Leaves
  • Dropping Leaves
  • Weak and Dry Leaves

What to do?
In order to be safe from underwatering your cilantro plant, you can water it every day, and you will notice that the plant will become fresh again.

Overwatering Symptoms

  • Super-Moist Soil
  • Dark Color of Leaves
  • Soft Stems and Leaves

What to do?
As you can notice, overwatering also has its own problems, and if you notice those symptoms, you better stop or at least change the schedule of the watering process!

Things to Know: Facts About Cilantro

If you are more than ready with the watering part and you got how to do the whole procedure, I cannot leave unmentioned some interesting things that should be known about cilantro! Let me mention some of them!

Celebrity and Versatile

Cilantro is definitely the celebrity of herbs, as it is one of the most famous ones when it comes to eating and planting as well. It is said that at least 60% of people all around the world plant cilantro in their gardens and use it as one of the main ingredients when it comes to cooking!


When I say helper, I mean that cilantro is a great helper when it comes to health. It owns three vitamins that include Vitamin A (for teeth, eyes, and skin), C (which boosts the immune system), and K (for blood clotting and bones). Cilantro also owns iron, calcium, and magnesium.

In Chinese history, earlier, cilantro was used by doctors, for digestive issues in patients.

Combination of Love and Hate

Love and hate are two things that don’t meet each other frequently, but in cilantro they really do! Many people that have eaten cilantro cannot really clear the fact whether it tastes good or bad.

Some people say that it tastes like soap, meanwhile, others say that it is quite normal!

2 in 1

You may have heard about coriander as a plant, and it is interesting enough how both of these plants, cilantro, and coriander come out of the same roots. Basically, if you plant one of them, calling it however you want, you get both cilantro and coriander.

Final Thoughts

Cilantro is a plant that you can talk about the whole day, but still, in this article, I tried to be more concentrated on the part of watering while mentioning some facts about it.

There is no complication in watering cilantro, but still, you wouldn’t like to destroy it by overwatering or underwatering because that’s when you will notice that everything is destroyed! Take care of the symptoms that I mentioned!

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Have fun!

Ella Holmes

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