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How Often Do You Water Dracaena? (Tips To Prevent Overwatering & Underwatering)

Dracaena is my favorite plant to grow, they look so eye-pleasing for any type of décor you intend to. I love how low-maintenance the plant is and the glossy shine leaves are sagging from the top beautifully.

Before we start, I would like to give some background information about the dracaena. 

Dracaena is a genus of more or less 120 breeds and a succulent shrub family. Since it is preferred mostly in high temperatures between 65 – 75º F it makes a perfect indoor and outdoor plant.

You can’t let dracaena in direct sunlight, you have to find a location where it’s shady but catches the brightness spot.  

How Often Do You Water Dracaena?

Dracaena trees desire the soil to be moist but not fully dry between waterings. Usually, watering once every 10 to 14 days will keep the soil’s moisture content good and even. The soil should never be wet as this plant is susceptible to root rot, yet, if the soil becomes completely dry, the plant will most likely have brown tips.

It is important to check the soil’s moisture degree first to make sure it isn’t wet directly under the surface before watering. Additionally, think about aerating your plant’s soil before the first time watering.

Aerating can help the soil breathe and enable rainwater to escape since we compact the soil to prevent it from shifting while being transported.

How Much Water Does Dracaena Plant Need?

The key point on how much watering the plant needs is determined by the soil dryness. To figure out, put your index finger in the soil, if you feel moisture even a little bit avoid watering. The root should never feel soft, soggy, or wet.

I love the fact that is so low-maintenance even in watering. Dracaena is one of the least water-requiring indoor plants because you only need to keep the soil slightly moist.

When you water dracaena, please do it thoroughly, and never water the plant if you feel a little bit of moisture in the soil. Abort the watering mission, abort the mission immediately.

Pro Tip: The likable way to water dracaena is pouring water from the top waiting to drip into the bottom, and I almost forgot to mention, do not let the water stay in the pot’s tray. 

Dracaena Watering Tips

  • Misting the leaves 2 times a week will make the plant grow and glow even more.
  • Fluoride is considered sensitive for dracaena and constant tap watering can make the leaves slightly yellowish and not that vibrant blossoming leaves. So time to time, using filtered water can come to rescue the yellowish leaves and make them look healthier.
  • Watering can be done from the top in a shallow way or you better find the balance over time. Avoid too deep watering.
  • Rainwater as well is beneficial, not that dracaena can’t survive without rainwater, but it would be nice to cross your mind to take an indoor plant to get some rainwater.
  • Never in million years let the soil dry completely, if you travel too often then look for good self-draining pots or apply an irrigation system. Keep in mind that dracaena is a tropical plant, no need to worry too much about watering.
  • Eliminate using cold water, instead use lukewarm water. The super cold water will create shock to the root.

Common Watering Problems with Dracaena & How to Fix?

Excessive Watering 

Let me introduce you to every gardener and farmer’s common mistake called overwatering. I get it you can say watering makes them blossom more. Yes, couldn’t agree more but know that this plant is drought-tolerant, so stop watering that often (two weeks will be enough) and check the soil first.

The visual clues of excessive watering are leaves turning brown and falling off more often. The overall health condition looks poor when you compare it with the previous version. 

As a remedy, you must change the soil and get the volcanic soil of Madagascar. Dracaena loves a slightly acidic pH level that starts from 6 to 7. When you move the dracaena, you can add rocks to remind the natural habitat of the plant. 

I’m sure you are aware that size is an important fact to consider. You cannot add the same amount of water to different sizes of plants.


When you think of tropical plants, underwatering is the least of your concerns and even worse you avoid the clues that plants give you. The underwatering result in pale and super yellow even brown leaves, and before that they will start to limp. 

It can be tricky to notice whether the leaves become brown because of underwatering or overwatering, both clues can be the reason.

Since you have me you’re so lucky, I will share my experience with you. Check how the leaves feel, if they feel dry and crispy, it’s underwatering and if it feels soft is probably overwatering. You’re welcome.

How Long Can Dracaena Survive Without Water?

You’re so lucky that dracaena is drought-tolerant which means it can live without water for longer in comparison with other indoor plants.

The dracaena marginata type can happily live for over a month without water. So, this is pretty much the average of these species. 

Dracaena’s natural habitat is drought places, so it stores water in the leaves, in case of forgetfulness, the plant can stand for itself. 

Important Note: After a week, dracaena starts to activate the water stress system. It will stop daily growth to save water and to survive. 

A Brief Recap

To sum up the entire article in a couple of months, dracaena is a plant that needs watering every 10-14 days. It can survive over a month without watering though, but as a side, it won’t grow daily to save the leftover water.

Another point to be careful of is overwatering and underwatering. These two troublemakers will be the death of gardeners. Plus, dracaena is sensitive to fluoride, so from time to time using filtered water from the grocery store is highly beneficial.

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That’s all for today, till next time stay tuned. 

Natalia Michalska

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