How Often Do You Water Jade Plants & What To Do To Prevent Overwatering

A jade plant is one of the most famous succulents that can be seen in many different houses, as they are mostly known as house plants! It is also known as crassula ovata which is its botanic name, and besides being a succulent, it comes from the stonecrop family of plants.

Now, after mentioning all those confusing names above, I would like to add here that a jade plant is also known as the “luck plant”! It is believed in Asia that if you own a jade plant in your house or wherever you want, it will definitely bring good luck to you and the entire place.

However, in order to have that good luck in your house, a jade plant requires some slight things from you, and one of them is watering it properly! You probably know how important the watering process is in different plants, and a jade plant is no exception! Well, you have found the right article! Here, you will find the best way on watering a jade plant, while being mostly dedicated to the part how often should you water a jade plant.

Without further ado, let’s get this article started!

How Often, How to, and When Should You Water Jade Plants?

As I mentioned above, a jade plant has its requirements or needs, and one of them is definitely the watering process. However, we cannot just say that you should water it and then state anything else. It has its own rules, and every rule has its specifications. Here, in this part, you will find a division regarding three commonly asked questions about watering a jade plant: how often to water it, how to water it, and when to water it! Let us find out more!

How Often to Water A Jade Plant?

A rule or a definite fact about watering a jade plant is that you should water it once a week, in normal conditions! However, there are some things that should be considered, and the schedule of watering may change completely.

During spring and summer, the watering can be two times a week, meanwhile, in the chillier seasons like autumn and the cold winter, the jade plant should be watered once in three or four weeks.

Note: I know that watering it like that sounds weird somehow, but it is because the jade plant carries water on its leaves, and it can withstand non-watering it quite well.

How to Water a Jade Plant?

I know that you might see this phrase in different articles, but you should water your jade plant only on its roots! It is essential to know that it is a rule of thumb, and it goes the same with many different plants and not only the one that I am talking about.

When to Water a Jade Plant?

Being repetitive again, a jade plant and every other plant should be water during the chillier hours of the day when the temperatures are high. For example, during summer, you should water the plant in the morning. Meanwhile, during the winter season, it doesn’t really matter, as you can water it whenever you want but always remember that in winter the soil of a jade plant should be dried.

Facts About Jade Plants

Where to place it?

As I mentioned at the beginning of this article, a jade plant is supposed to bring good luck, but there is a specification that should be mentioned about it. It is believed that depending on the place where you put it, the jade plant brings different things. For example, if you put it at the front of your door, especially at your office, it brings growth to the business, if you place it on the southeast window it brings wealth, meanwhile, if you put it on the eastern part, then it brings happiness and health.

An amazing gift!

If your friend’s birthday is in some days, and you haven’t really thought about the present, I would definitely advise you to bring him or her a jade plant! Besides the things that I mentioned above on the luck part, it is simple and a very good decoration on any room.

The best medicine!

When it comes to culture, especially in the Chinese one, a jade plant is definitely the best one to be used for medical purposes. Traditional Chinese medicine mentions the jade plant as a helper for people with diabetes, cures skin problems, and also raises energy.

An elevator of humidity!

Hence the phrase, a jade plant helps a lot if your home has dry air, and it fully improves the level of humidity. By the way, the reason why it helps s because of the evapotranspiration that is caused in this plant during the night.

Final Words

Moving along, we came to the end of this article! It is funny enough how every type of succulent requires the same watering procedure, but still, it is important to mention each one, so that it is clearer for you and for me as well. You can notice that watering a jade plant is definitely a walk in the park and that’s because it isn’t necessary to water it every day or twice a day like some other plants do. Watering a jade plant is definitely the easiest thing that you can ever do!

I really hope that this article will help you find the way to the watering procedure of a jade plant!

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Good Luck!

Natalia Michalska

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