How Often Do You Water Majesty Palm? (Tips To Prevent Under & Overwatering)

Palms are favorite plants to a huge percentage of people all around the world, and including majesty on its name, shows and tells how amazing this plant is! By the way, it is my favorite plant as well, and I love to take care of it!

It is a tropical plant that comes from the family Arecaceae, and it is most known as a decorative plant that can be planted in a garden and a pot as well. As a houseplant, it is definitely known as one of the most decorative plants that you can ever find as it gives an impressive cool look to your rooms.

However, there are requirements that sometimes people hate, but need to do so. One of the main requirements in different plants is watering and a majesty palm requires its water in order to be grown up properly. Well, I am more than glad to say that you have found the right article in case your concern is about watering. Here you will find information regarding the whole watering process of a majesty palm!

Now, without losing your time any further, let us get this article started!

How Often, How to, and When to Water a Majesty Palm?

As I mentioned above, a majesty palm has its requirements when it comes to watering, and in this section, I would like to make a division, while answering three main questions related to watering a majesty palm. Let’s see how often to, how to, and when to water a majesty palm!

How Often to Water Majesty Palm?

Directly going to the main topic, a majesty palm should be watered every 7-10 days! However, it is a part that is related to some other things as well which include the planting time, and the places that it is planted.

Check the table below for more information regarding them.

Conditions of the Majesty Palm Frequency of Watering
Seeds if you just planted your majesty palm, then you should know that you should water the seeds every day, especially in the first week, meanwhile, in the second week you should water it once every other day. 
Indoors if you planted a majesty palm indoors, you should water it for 7 to 10 days. 
Outdoors based on the areas that you live in, an outdoor majesty palm plant should be watered every 14 days, of course, if there is no rain. But, if you live in a place in which there’s rain most of the time, then the watering goes to 20 days.
Pot considering the fact that pots are a bit small, the water says more in there, and you should water it between 1-2 days. 

How to Water Majesty Palm?

Whenever you want to water a majesty palm, you should have in mind that it is the base that should be watered and not the leaves. While having water in your hands, make sure to run it directly on the roots, as if you put it on the leaves they can quickly fall off.

There is the bottom watering as well. If your majesty palm is planted on a pot, make sure that it has holes in it, so that way you can put it on a container filled with water, and it can easily absorb the water.

Always remember that majesty palms love to have their roots completely wet!

When to Water Majesty Palm?

Make sure to water majesty palms during the morning, as the fresh air of the morning can make them healthier in many other ways.

Here I would also like to mention some underwatering symptoms of majesty palms, as it is one of the worst diseases that could happen to this plant. Those symptoms include:

  • Super-Dry Soil
  • Shrinked and Wrinkled Leaves
  • Yellow Leaves
  • Spots on Leaves

When to Stop Watering a Majesty Palm? – Overwatering Symptoms

Since above I mentioned underwatering symptoms, you should know that there is an overwatering condition as well. Majesty palms love water, but still, too much of it can cause real damage! Lucky enough we have symptoms for it as well, and they are:

  • Root Rot
  • Appears Fungus
  • Suffocation
  • Brown Tips

Facts and Other Considerations on Growing a Healthy Majesty Palm

Here, I would like to mention for you guys some important things that you should know about majesty palms in general, and also, there are some other things that help you grow an amazing healthy majesty palm!

On the table below, you can find general information about Majesty palms:

Name Majesty Palm, Majestic Palm
Botanic Name Ravenea rivularis
Family Arecaceae
Plant Type Tree
Size 10-100 ft. tall, 6–20 ft. wide
Native Area Africa


Things to Consider:

Every type of plant needs some things in order to grow as it should, and the things that help you have a proper majesty palm include:


Majesty palms are plants that need light but an excessive one can harm them in many ways. It is basically known as an introvert plant that loves to be in the light but not in a direct one, especially during hot days of summer.


What is good for you is god for majesty palms! That being said, majesty palms are plants that love to live at a constant room temperature, of course, if you have them inside. If they are outside, then it doesn’t really matter.


The best soil that can help grow a super healthy majesty palm is the one that is fertile. Fertile soil should retain the water and yet again it can be dried out pretty well. Also, you should remember that if the soil is too dense, this plant won’t be able to be grown as it should.

Final Words

Here we came at the end of this article! You guys can notice that watering a majesty palm isn’t the hardest thing to do, as long as you stick to the schedule, and you will notice that it will grow completely fine!

Anyways, I hope I was clear enough in explaining everything that you may need, and I hope that this article will help you during the watering process of a majesty palm!

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Have fun!

Ella Holmes

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