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How Often Do You Water Rosemary? (Tips To Prevent Overwatering & Underwatering)

Rosemary, else way known as salvia Rosmarinus, is a shrub that comes from the mint family and is known as an evergreen aromatic plant. It is as well known as a culinary herb, which means that its parts are used in different foods and give particular dishes a specific taste, definitely a good one.

An important fact about this plant is that it is known to help strengthen memory, and also, it is known as a herb of remembrance. Besides that, in some cultures, rosemary is considered the main emblem of fidelity in relationships as it has a strong relationship with loyalty and love!

Now, if any of you have just planted a rosemary plant, one of the essential things to know is the watering process. Knowing how and when to water a plant, is the best thing to search for, the thing that has led you to read this article! Here you will find information regarding how often to water, how much to water, and when to water rosemary!

Let’s start this article without losing your time any further!

How Often Do You Water Rosemary?

When it comes to the main question of this article, how often to water rosemary, it is important to say that this action is based or dependent is some factors and the main one stands the place in which you have planted it.

As a general answer would be watering it once a week, but still, on the table below you can find more information about it!

Growing Place Watering Frequency
Garden  One Time Per Week
Indoors (in a pot) One Time Per Week
Outdoors (in a pot) One-Two Times Per Week

Another thing that is quite important in watering rosemary plants is the season that we’re in! As an example, if it is spring, a rosemary plant should be watered 1 time per 10 days. Yet again, would like to add for you another table, in order to find out better!

Season Watering Frequency
Spring One Time Per Ten Days
Summer One Time Per Week
Autumn One Time Per Ten Days


If we consider rosemary seeds, it is important to mention that they don’t need a lot of water, and again, the frequency of watering should stay between one time per week or once every two weeks.

How and How Much to Water a Rosemary?

Whenever you think about how the watering process should be done if you have a rosemary plant, you should know that the main thing that requires water mostly is the root, and not the other parts of the plant. It is a fact and a rule that should be followed in other plants as well. Make sure to water deeply the roots of rosemary plants!

Now, how much to water rosemary is a complete another question, for which the answers should be known as well. The best way to explain how much to water rosemary stands at another table. Check it out below!

Season Water (in gallons)
Spring 0.5 – 1 gallon
Summer 0.5 – 1 gallon
Autumn 0.5 gallons


When to Water Rosemary?

Another important thing to know about the watering process of rosemary is the time, as it is in many different plants.

However, just as in many of them, a rosemary plant should be watered during the early mornings and in the evening. It is like that because after watering, a rosemary plant should stay cool enough, and even though it requires lighting, it isn’t said that it needs it immediately after the watering process, because it can harm the plant in many ways.

As you can notice, I didn’t mention the winter season at all. That’s because a rosemary plant during the winter season is at its rest, and it needs no watering in any kind of way. Especially if in the places that you live the winter season is super-freezy and snowy.

Overwatering Symptoms of a Rosemary Plant

When I have to talk about watering a specific plant, I always say that there is an illness that you yourself can cause to your plant, and a rosemary plant is no exception, as it has the overwatering illness as well. Lucky enough, they do have some symptoms that show you that the plant isn’t in good condition, and basically, those symptoms tell you to stop!

Those symptoms include:

  • Super-Wet Soil of the Plant
  • Yellow Marks on the Tips of the Plant
  • Uncontrolled and Uneven Growth
  • Marks

Based on the symptoms that I mentioned, you can easily notice when to stop watering your rosemary plant, and the best thing to do is create another schedule, that will completely fill the needs that the plants have. If you see those symptoms starting to go away, your rosemary plant is ready to be watered again as it is supposed to.

Final Thoughts

Here we came at the end of today’s article! As you can notice, by the things that I mentioned throughout the article, watering a rosemary plant isn’t the hardest thing in the world, as it isn’t the easiest either. Still, if you stick to all the things mentioned, and create your own schedule, you should be more than sure that the plant will be grown at its best, and you will be more than ready to use it however you want!

I really hope that this article will be your biggest supporter and the biggest helper in the watering process of a rosemary plant!

Further Reading

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Have fun!

Natalia Michalska

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