How to Clean a Lawn Mower Gas Tank?

Cleaning keeps the gas tank of the lawn machine performing better. Avoiding cleaning can lead to disasters starting from leaking gasoline to personal injury.

Not using the lawn machine for a long time and one day you decided to chop the grass without cleaning firstly can bring the gas tank to fire up. Always try to open the tank and see if everything’s all right.

Over time, the gas tank of a lawn mower can be reduced in quality. I’m sure you don’t want to replace a machine that you bought so expensive and used a couple of times, do you?

So, keep it clean by following the rules mentioned down below. It’s not going to take a lot, in 15 minutes, you will be done.

However, be extra careful because opening a fuel can cause the gas to fire. Using a protective mask and gloves beforehand isn’t something to avoid.

Steps to Clean a Lawn Mower Gas Tank

Pull Out the Spark Plug

Detach the Spark Plug and disconnect the battery if it is powered. This is a must-do in case the blade starts to spin. The spark plug needs to get out of your way before you start cleaning.

Drain the Gas Tank

Be sure that the gas caddy is ready to be opened and looks good. You have to squeeze the clamp that links the fuel to the carburetor and remove the tube. Afterward, you can take off the clamp and line from the base of the lawn mower’s gas tank. 

Place the caddy underneath and let the gas out. Let it sit for the moment.

Wash the Carburetor and Tank

Take both the carburetor and tank and clean with a specific cleanser by spraying into the hole exactly where the fuel comes out. Spray the cleanser entirely.

Rinse the Gas Tank 

Just a friendly reminder that never use water in electronic machines, particularly in lawn mowing machines. Rather than using water, fill a little bit of the gas in the tank. Make sure you closed it tightly and stir the lawn mower to rinse itself. 

Avoid using the same gas, you aren’t allowed to work with the same gas you have rinsed or the gas that has been there for ages. It will clog or damage the machine because we don’t want to make matters worse while trying to be helpful right?

Take a Good Look

To make sure that the cleaning process goes well, checking whether the gas tank is clear before adding fuel is a must. Activate a flashlight or use your smartphone’s flashlight to see if you can notice any dust, dirt, or debris. You can take a long baster to clean the leftovers if needed. 

If anything goes wrong, leave the job to the professionals or use the brand’s original equipment. 

Fill the Gas into the Tank

Be extremely careful whether the gas is fresh. Don’t let a month pass because after a month the gas starts to lose quality.

Replace the lawn mower’s gas tank with newly and freshly bought fuel just an hour or maybe two before the station.

Now screw back again if you took some part out. Use the original equipment only, or go the professional in case you have lost them. Don’t replace anything without consulting because it can lead to a serious personal injury. Facts!

It’s Better to be Safe than Sorry

On every occasion, get and read the instructions, I highly recommend not to throw it away. The machines’ use and cleaning differ from one another which is the reason why they put the instructions or user’s guide inside the box in the first place. 

Now, since we made a deal about that, the engine model number is made of six numbers for instance 13J870-0306-E1. So, to see the illustrated parts in the user guide, it is required the type of engine, the series number, and the code

Additional Information About Lawn Mowers & Gas tanks

How Many Gallons is Required in a Gas Tank of Lawn Mower?

Every machine is built and functions differently. The gas tank sizes approximately are between 1/4 to 2 gallons. Occupied private houses’ lawn mowing machines hold more or less 4-6 gallons of fuel.

If you have a large lawn machine that looks like a tractor (with 4 vehicles) or even larger than that such as Zero-Turn mowers or gravely lawn mowers normally run with 10-12.5 gallons of fuel.

For more, you can watch the video

How Fuel Tank in Lawn Mower Works?

Never in a million years try to fix the damaged gas tank. You better let the professionals deal with it.

A fuel tank or a gas tank is mainly built to secure outdoor power. If any small unfortunate such as a fuel tank leaking or debris has infiltrated inside, it can lead to unpleasant events. 

The gas tank has a gas cap entirely devoid of the pressure that the machine creates, so it can withstand many hours of constant use.

The built material of gas tanks is made out of non-corrosive or corrosive-resistant coating in opposition to water, alcohol, and salt. If any harm is noticed, it should be replaced immediately.

Can You Use a Car Gas to Fill the Tank of Lawn Mower?

No, you can’t because the gas with ethanol over time gradually erodes the carburetors of lawn mowers. 

The gas specified for cars mostly uses 10% ethanol, but the size of the tank in the car is larger and more durable. That is why it handles the ethanol chemical perfectly fine. Small engines hold a higher risk of getting eaten away. 

A Brief Summary

To sum up the entire article in brief, just in a few steps that will take no longer than 15 minutes, you can clean the lawn mower’s gas tank. The first step is to pull out the spark plug for safety, then drain the gas tank, follow by washing and rinsing (without using water). If you see any debris or dirt inside, clean thoroughly with a baster. For any additional information, take a quick look at the article, and you will find anything in it.

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