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How to Kill Blackberry Bushes In A Few Easy Steps

Blackberries are the most famous types of berries that many people love, and that word many people including me as well. Considering the fact that you are here, I am pretty sure that you own blackberries as well, and the time has come to find out something more about it.

Blackberries are definitely very delicious, but there is something that may bother you guys about them, and it is their bushes that don’t know how to stop when they start growing and can take a quite large place on the part of your garden where you have planted them! Well, that is the reason why I decided on writing this article, as its main point is killing blackberry bushes that may annoy you in many different ways!

Well, without any further ado, let us get this article started!

How to Kill Blackberry Bushes?

Saying that killing blackberry bushes is easy, would feel like I am lying to you, but if I say that there are two types of methods that you can choose from, that would make the job definitely easier.

Those methods include mechanical ways and chemical ways. Let me explain them to you in deeper detail!

Mechanical Methods (Easy Things To Do)

Here are some of the easiest things that you alone can do, without any worries, and be sure that the blackberry bushes will be completely gone!

Dig the Grass

In order to completely remove the blackberry bushes from your garden, you can start off by digging the bush. You should be aware that you won’t be destroying anything else besides killing the bush, as the seeds for the next generation of blackberries won’t be harmed in any way. What you do by digging is just turning it over, in order to do a proper clean function.

Mow the Grass

Another mechanical method of killing blackberry bushes stands the mowing part! If the bush is completely out of control, you can easily mow it as much as you want, of course until you don’t damage the whole blackberry plant. However, you should know that mowing an unnecessary blackberry bush isn’t a permanent problem solver since they can grow back.

Note: Somewhere you may read that burning them can also be considered a great method of getting rid of them, but I wouldn’t prefer it in any way! So, be careful!

Chemical Methods

The only chemical method of killing or getting rid of blackberry bushes stands the herbicides!

Herbicides are substances that are super-toxic to plants, and they are used in order to destroy any type of plant, and the best types of herbicides that you can use to kill blackberry bushes are streamline, glyphosate, picloram, dicamba, and metsulforon.

Anyways, the ways on using herbicides to kill blackberry bushes are these:

On the Soil

If any of you is growing blackberries in a specific place with no other plants around, you can easily put any type of herbicide in the soil in which you have the blackberries planted, or where the bush comes from. It will easily start to kill the bushes.

On the Plant

Besides the soil, you can easily apply herbicides directly to the blackberry plant, and it includes the leaves and the roots as well. If you want to just “cut it” you can apply it to the direct structure, meanwhile, if you want to destroy it completely, the roots are the place to go and apply herbicides.


If you don’t want to use too many herbicides on the roots or the soil, the easiest method to use it is by spraying it on the blackberry bush’s stem or the leaves. If you choose this method, you should know that the parts of the bush should all be wet in order to be killed properly.

Note: Something to know about the herbicide method is that you shouldn’t apply herbicide on the blackberry fruit, as it can cause damage to you as well. Herbicides are better if used during late fall or winter, as there are no fruits anymore and nothing can be damaged.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can vinegar help?

It is widely known that vinegar is one of the best helpers when dealing with different plants, and here it would help as well. Still, if the bush is too big, vinegar wouldn’t be the best thing to use, and it can do a better job just if the weeds are smaller.

Can I use bleach?

Bleach is also a super powerful substance (a chemical method) that is used in killing different types of things, but when it comes to killing blackberry bushes it isn’t the best one! Compared to vinegar it is way more powerful, but still, it won’t do the job perfectly of trying to kill a big bush.

Are there biological methods?

Funny enough, there are two biological manners as well and it is by using goats and chicken! Goats can completely clear the bush in different ways, while chickens will lower the parts of the seed while cleaning it from the potential new bushes.

Final Words

Blackberry bushes tend to be super large, and they definitely would not look good in your garden, or wherever you may have your blackberries planted. However, if you stick to the things that I mentioned in this article, you can be more than sure that those ugly bushes will definitely come to an end, especially with the use of herbicides.

I really hope that this article will be your biggest helper in killing blackberry bushes!

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