How to Kill Lily Pads? (Organic & Chemical Methods)

Here we are at another “killing” article, not literally though, but yes literally if you ever thought of killing a type plant!

In this article, you will find the answer to the question of how to kill lily pads, which are quite beautiful leaves of flowers, but they can make our life difficult somehow while taking a lot of place on different lakes and ponds as well.

There are some reasons why one may want to kill lily pads, and one of the most common reasons is because lily pads can ruin and destroy a pond and a lake, starting from its visuals to the benefits of recreation!

However, without losing your time, let us get this article started!

What are Lily Pads?

Lily pads are leaves of flowers, that live on top of the water, while their roots are quite deep within the water. A lily pad comes from the family Nymphaeaceae which can also be found called a water lily. What should be mentioned about them is that there are 70 types of lily pads that you may encounter worldwide. Still, there are some specific places in the world where you will definitely find lily pads and they are America, Europe, Africa, and especially Australia.

These plants are mostly found in tropical places in the world, and they are an amazing habitat for frogs mostly.

How to Kill Lily Pads? – Two Main Methods

If everything is clear about why you should kill lily pads and what lily pads are, the time has come to present to you some of the methods or the main ways on how you can kill lily pads in general.

There are two main methods, and they are physical and chemical, and both of them are quite easy things to follow!

Physical Method

The first method known for killing lily pads is the physical one. The physical method means the things that you physically can do, and that includes different activities.

First thing first, you should know that if your concern is only creating a path for your boat you should just use the boat and easily create the road for you, based on the size of the boat.

Another physical way is using a rake. While on a boat (yes again), you can use the rake in order to collect the lily pads in some place on the lake, while taking them all and throwing them in the trash. You should always have in mind to not leave the gathered lily pads in the lake.

A spade is also another tool that can be used in order to deal with deeper lily pads while in a small pond. You can directly take the lily pads from their roots (yes they do have roots).

Mowing lily pads is a temporary solution, yet it is considered a solution. Anyways, when I say mowing, I don’t mean the mowing machines that we use on the lawns, but instead, you can use an aquatic mower.

Chemical Method

Another method of killing lily pads stands the chemical one, and basically, by saying chemical, you may already understand that I mean a type of substance!

The most commonly used and famous chemical substance that is known for killing lily pads, in fact, all plants, are herbicides! They are substances that are used by many gardeners when they want to get rid of any type of plant, and herbicide is also known as a weedkiller.

In order to use herbicides on killing lily pads, it is a fact that should definitely be mentioned, and that is that the best one to be used is a glyphosate herbicide. This type of herbicide is one of the most commonly used substances for killing lily pads, and it does a great job. Still, you may want to check out if it is legal in the place where you live, as it isn’t in some of them.

Facts About Lily Pads

“July is Coming”

A lily pad is considered to be the birth flower of the month of July. They are basically summer flowers, and also, they are considered the flower of people born in this month!

“Completely Spiritual”

It is known as a spiritual symbol, especially in Buddhism and Hinduism. It is related to the resurrection, as they have a specialty in closing during the night and opening during the day!

“A Rainbow”

Even though a lily pad is known as a leaf mostly, its flowers come in different colors, and some people call it the rainbow flower.


The most used flower and leaf in the artistic world, as many painters use it in their paintings, and it is quite famous!


In some places, where water lilies and lily pads are most commonly seen, they are known as great helpers in healing things, especially if you have a swelling part of your body, which helps reduce!

“They Have Roots”

Even though lily pads look like they just float on the water like simple leaves, they have the strongest roots that you have ever seen! It is a matter of fact why any of you may be diving on the internet searching for ways on killing them!

Final Words

Here we came at the end of this article! It is important to mention that lily pads are parts of lily flowers, and they are leaves that are strongly kept deeper in the water by the roots. Anyways, I really hope that this article will be your biggest helper in killing these plants, as everybody may have their reasons!

Further Reading

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