How to Revive Croton Plant? (Short Guide)

Croton plants, otherwise known as garden croton are considered tropical plants, but they are mostly found in the group of houseplants in general. They are colorful plants, which include yellow, orange, and green color mostly. It is a super cute plant that would definitely give your place a better look.

However, if you already own a croton plant you know how good they are, but still, there are some issues that you guys may face while owning one. Now, we all know that plants are alive and they need different things and care to stay that way, but as I mentioned, there are some issues that you may encounter through the process of having a croton plant in your house.

What are those issues, and how to solve them? How to revive a croton plant if it is “dead”? You are about to find out the answers to those questions if you keep reading this article.

What can I say besides stick until the end to find out everything that you need!

The Symptoms that show a Croton Plant is “Dying”

The first thing that I would like to mention in this article, and get it started, are the symptoms that they kind of use, in order to tell you that it is dying.

You should always have in mind that croton plants and other plants, in general, go through some things and stages, and throughout the process, you will encounter some symptoms that show that the particular plant is damaged. How to notice that your croton plant is dying? Here are the symptoms that tell you:


Having in mind that croton plants are colorful, there is a specification that shows that your plant is not in good condition and it is the discoloration. All the colors that may be present on the plant start to fade.


We know that plants have that amazing fresh smell that can cover the whole place, but when a croton plant starts getting damaged its leaves start giving a very bad smell. The bad smell is one of the most known symptoms that show problems in croton plants.


Croton plants have big leaves in full color and once they start to fall, you should know that something has happened to that particular plant. It is important to notice this symptom at the time it starts as once every leaf is damaged and starts to fall there is nothing that can cure it.

Inadequate Growth

Croton plants, in general, have slow growth, of course in order to achieve their “maturity”. However, in case you notice that the plant is going super slowly, then you should know that something is definitely wrong.

How to Revive Croton Plant? – Things to Do!

Once you see that your croton plant is getting destroyed or basically is going through its death, there are a few things that you may want to do in order to revive it!

Cut the Damaged Leaves

The first thing that should always be done is to check out the leaves of your croton plant. In case you notice that any of them is damaged or has started to become brown, take your scissors and start the action of cutting them. I wouldn’t recommend letting it for too long since one damaged leaf can damage all the others super easily.

Schedule the Watering

Watering is good and bad at the same time, and it is a critical and confusing thing when it comes to croton plants. Anyways, after you have cut the damaged leaves, make sure to reschedule the watering of your croton plant. The best times in which you can water them are the fresh mornings and in the evenings.

Use Chemical and Non-Chemical Remedies

If the water is not doing anything and your plants keep getting damaged, you can check out some chemical and non-chemical things that you can do. As chemical ones, I would like to mention pesticides and peroxides, meanwhile non-chemical stands for the cleaning process which is done while using soap water, and a cleaning cloth.

How to Prevent the Death of Croton Plant?

Plants go through different stages, and in each stage, there is a specification, and the things that I would like to mention here are all related to the prevention of croton plant death while mentioning the reasons that it can go through its end and the things that you can do.

Transplant Shock

Transplant shock refers to the number of stresses that may be caused to the croton plant. It mostly occurs because of movement. It is not a fact that you cannot change the place of your croton plant, but when there is excessive movement, the plants get kind of stressed.

How to fix it?
The best way of dealing with too much movement is less movement. Once you choose a particular place for the croton plant or a specific soil, do not change it every day/week.


I mentioned above that watering plants is sometimes a confusing thing, and here comes another reason which is related to that. If there is overwatering or underwatering, the plant can get easily destroyed.

How to fix it?
Never overwater or underwater your croton plant as it may definitely cause big problems and fully destroy it.

Light and Temperature

The light is also an important factor that plays one of the main roles in growing a plant, and if it isn’t sufficient enough for the croton plant, the plant will come to an end faster than you think.

How to fix it?
Make sure to always put the croton plants in direct sunlight, as they are known as tropical plants and they love the sun.


Mites are insects that cause irritations to plants and not only, they can irritate the human skin as well, but still, we are here for croton plants. Whenever there are mites, you should definitely know that they are the main reason why your croton plant is getting damaged.

How to fix it?
Cleaning is the best way to deal with insects, and if you see some surrounding your croton plant act as fast as possible because their power of destroying plants is immersive.

Final Words

Here we are at the end! I tried to write as simpler as possible so you guys can have an idea on how to revive the croton plant, in case yours is damaged and you don’t know what to do.

I really hope that the things that I mentioned will be your biggest helper in this bad situation, and I hope your croton plant blooms again, plus in a better way!

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