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Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow: Causes & Fixes

Orchid is one of the flowers that can be found all over the world, and it is many people’s favorite. This plant comes from the family Orchidaceae and it stands in the group with many other blooming colorful flowers.

Something that I would like to add is that orchid flowers are the most commonly known in different cultures and history. Especially in greek culture, as it is believed that orchids are kind of the reason for the gender of a baby on a pregnant woman, and basically they had to eat some pieces of this flower as if they are large the baby will be a boy, and if they eat smaller pieces the baby would be a girl. Funny enough, but too deep for greek culture!

Anyways, enough of history and culture, let me guys tell you that orchid leaves are the most sensitive types of leaves on a flower, and an issue that many orchid owners deal with is the part of the leaves turning yellow! Here I am at this article in which I will explain to you the things that cause the yellowing of leaves in them!

Without losing your time, let us get this article started!

Why Are My Orchid’s Leaves Turning Yellow?

As I mentioned above, orchid leaves are quite sensitive, and because of that, and some other issues, they can turn yellow real quick, faster than you can ever imagine! Those other issues in fact are some of the reasons through which many orchid plants go, and they include overwatering and underwatering, light conditions, temperature degrees, humidity percentage, and also other infections just as pests.

Overwater and Underwater

Watering an orchid plant isn’t the most difficult thing to do, but it isn’t the easiest either. An orchid plant can get easily overwatered and underwatered. These two things are one of the main reasons why your orchid leaves may turn yellow.

Too Much or Too Little Light

Light is one of the most essential things that every plant needs and orchids are no exception. However, just like the water, light can be too much and too little somehow. If this type of plant cannot get sufficient light that is needed to be grown healthy, the symptoms of the “sickness” are shown on the leaves, all of them turning yellow.

High or Low Temperature

Orchids are flowers or plants that can stay with you for years, but if the temperature isn’t how it is supposed to be, orchid plants can “turn off” easily. Lucky enough, there are leaves that turn yellow, and basically, they show how the plant is dealing with the temperature.


Aven though not quite mentioned, humidity also plays one of the main roles in different plants, and in orchids, it is kind of the main character as well. If the humidity level isn’t at its best for an orchid plant, the leaves will turn yellow immediately.

Other Infections

When I say other infections, you should always think about pests and insects that gather around! There are different pests that love orchids and they can completely destroy the plant, of course, in case you don’t care about the yellow spots or the entire yellowing of the flowers.

Two main things that should definitely be known are that orchid plants have normal yellowing of leaves as well. The normal ones are considered SEASONAL CHANGES and PLANT’S AGE. If you consider these two things, you will notice that yellow leaves appear because it is more than normal, and there is nothing to worry about.

Things to Do: How to Prevent Orchid Leaves From Turning Yellow?

Every condition and every cause has its prevention, and I cannot leave unmentioned the things that you can do in order to protect your orchid plant leaves from turning yellow! The things that you should do are as follow:

Proper Watering

Since overwatering and underwatering is one of the main issues on orchid leaves turning yellow, it is important to know, what proper watering sounds like. In orchid plants, you should know that they need to be watered twice a week during the spring and summer seasons, meanwhile during winter they need water once a week.

Light Conditions

Another important factor in growing healthy plants is light. Orchids are plants that are in hunger for natural light, and you should know that they require from you 12-14 hours, and they can stand it without any problem.


Besides lighting, there’s the temperature or the weather, which should be between 65-75°F (18-23°C ). It is specifically said that 65°F is the best during the night, meanwhile 75°F during the day.

Humidity Level

These flowers cannot quite decide whether they love high or low humidity, and that’s why on their specifications stands humidity at a level of 40% and 70%. So, everything that is in between these two percentages is more than okay.

Deal with Pests

As mentioned above, pests love orchids, but orchids don’t quite like them. Being full of pests, orchid leaves can super-quickly turn yellow, and since we don’t want it, you should have in mind that pests should definitely be moved. However, if you can’t move them, move the whole plant while planting it in new soil.

Final Words

Here we came at the end of this article! Yellow leaves on orchids are something that many plant owners go through, but if you consider the things that I mentioned as preventions, you can act beforehand and completely protect the plant.

I really hope that this article will help the readers understand why the leaves of an orchid become yellow, and of course, understand the ways how can they protect the plant!

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