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Perennial vs. Evergreen Plants: What’s The Difference?

Once you are a newbie in the world of plants and trees in general, you definitely feel a little bit weird when you notice that there are a lot of phrases and lots of names that you should remember, starting from botanical names to the types of plants that you have in mind.

Now, considering the fact that you are here, you are probably wondering about two different names that are related to plants in general and they are perennial and evergreen! What are they? Are there any differences between them? Which one is better? Well, let me say that I am here for that particular thing! I am here to help you find out all the answers to the questions mentioned above!

In this article, you will find everything that you may need to know, that’s why, don’t let me waste your time, and let’s get this article started!

Meet Perennials and Evergreens

Now, without knowing what these names mean and what kind of plants these names refer to, it is important to find out what each name means. Let me tell you more!

What Are Perennial Plants?

Whenever you notice perennial in any plant, you should immediately think about the timing that the plants live. That’s because perennials are the types of plants that can live longer, and have a specific season through which they grow. As an example, there are flowers that live from three to five years, as they bloom in spring, and without any worry, they bloom next year during spring as well.

The are some types of plants that are known as definite perennials and they include hibiscus, hosta, salvia, lavender, coneflower, crane’s bill, daisies, tulips, and many others.

What Are Evergreen Plants?

Differing from perennials, evergreen plants are those that can live a whole year with green leaves within, without mattering in what season we are. Even though they might be in a bad condition when the weather is a little bit frosty, you can see the greening in their best form. Evergreen plants are also known as shrubs.

The most famous types of evergreen plants are hemlocks, hollies, azaleas, junipers, and any type of boxwood that you can think of.

Perennial vs Evergreen – Which Ones Are Better?

In order to find out which ones are better regarding perennial and evergreen plants, it is better if you consider the things that they require and need from you! I would like to make a division at this part based on those requirements:

Planting Time

There is an exact planting time for both perennials and evergreen plants.

You should have in mind that perennials should be planted during the spring season and during early fall, of course, it is based on what type of plant you are thinking about, but still, most of the time perennials should be planted during the seasons mentioned, and you should extremely avoid planting them during the summer season.

When it comes to evergreens, they have only one perfect season for planting and it is the spring. Evergreen seeds cannot quite withstand either too cold or too hot temperature of the soil, so the best time to plant them stands during spring.

Watering Procedure

You may know that watering plants is one of the first things that many of them require from you, and it is a fact that should be known for every type of plant.

Perennial plants require a 1-inch depth of water in a week, and that means that they should be watered almost every day, especially if there’s no rain in the area where you live or have them planted.

Evergreens on the other hand are more durable, and they can be watered only once a week. At this part, evergreen plants can be watered whenever you want, but still, it is better to water them on the exact day that you have watered the week that has already passed. For example, if you watered your evergreen plants last Monday, you should wait and water them the Monday that is coming.


Just like the watering procedure, the fertilization of plants is also an important thing that you should have in mind and do it as properly as possible.

In perennial plants, fertilization is required twice a year, and the first one is during early spring; meaning the time when you plant them, and during autumn, so that you can help the plants survive the winter without any worry.

Evergreen plants love to be fertilized once a year, and they require it again at the beginning of their phase of growth. After you have planted your evergreen plants you should know that it is the best time to fertilize them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there perennial evergreen plants?

Interestingly enough, there are some plants that are considered perennial evergreens, and it is the best combination that you can ever find. As perennial evergreens are considered lenten roses, coral bells, mondo grass, and some others.

What are the other types of plants besides perennial and evergreens?

Just like there are perennials and evergreen types of plants, you may also encounter annual plants, and also biennial plants.

Final Words

Coming at the end of this article, I would like to mention that my favorite types of plants regarding evergreens and perennials are the evergreens because they are low maintenance and they can fulfill the need for plants all year long. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t own perennials! Considering their blooming phases, perennials are quite cooler and more beautiful.

I hope that this article will help you make a distinction between perennial and evergreen plants, so that

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