Spider Eggs in Plant Soil: How to Deal With Them?

There are different people all around the world, but I like to divide two groups those that love plants, and those that don’t. Basically, for every person that plants or garden, in general, is important, the division goes like that. At least I like to divide people like that when it comes to gardening issues!

You guys that love plants never want to see them in bad conditions, and that is the reason why I am here, writing this article for you! You may already know that different insects love to move around the plants in general, but did you know that they can also leave their eggs on there? Personally, it had happened to me many times, especially with spider eggs on my plant soils. Well, that is an issue that many gardeners have dealt with and it isn’t the best experience! Anyways, based on my experiences and some research on the internet, I have concluded some things that you can do in order to deal with spider eggs in plant soils!

Now, I wouldn’t like to say anything more! Let us get this article started!

How to Deal with Spider Eggs in Plant Soil?

There are different ways in order to remove everything from your plants in order to keep them safe enough, but still, when it comes to spider eggs, there are some specifications that should be mentioned, and there are chemical things and non-chemical things that can be done.

If you are a beginner in the “garden world”, you guys first may want to prevent this issue with some non-chemical solving and then chemical solutions that will ease your job in many ways, so I will be starting with them, as they are easier things to be done!


Every person, gardener, and non-gardeners knows the importance of water in different plants, and many people have a kind of watering schedule in which they water their plants. However, here I would advise you do some changes to that schedule.

Spiders are known to leave their eggs in dry places, and that’s why you should have in mind keeping your plants moistured enough to make in a non-habitant place for spiders as they cannot resist hydration of any kind! Water your plants at different timings, and once you see them completely dry, never leave them like that.


For some people, it may sound a little bit weird, but as a solution to this issue, you can use also a vacuum cleaner! I know that it is strange enough to be said, but many gardeners use this method, of course, once they see that there are spider eggs on their plants. Anyways, when using a vacuum cleaner, you wouldn’t want to destroy it completely while taking all the soil inside of it, instead, you should be more focused in case you see the spider eggs and only take them. It is a method that should be done carefully!

Do Some Changes

In case you see that in a way it is the soil’s fault that your plants are full of spider eggs, you guys should know that the time has come to completely change the place, that you use your plant in. Before doing so, you should always clean the plant, that is being removed, as it can start hatching eggs again, on the new soil, that is being used.

These three things that I mentioned above, as I mentioned are all non-chemical things, meanwhile, right now, I will be moving to some other things that can be done, and what I would like to mention here is that you should always be very careful with these chemical things, especially you should be very careful with your hands, skin in general. 

Use Pesticides

For those that don’t know, pesticides are chemical compounds that are used mostly by gardeners, and they are basically made to kill pests of any kind, especially insects. In case the “natural ways” that I mentioned don’t work and you cannot save your plants, you can find different pesticides, and they will definitely help you deal with spider eggs of any kind.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic that is in use for different medical conditions of the skin, and it is a big help in preventing different infections. However, here we need this substance for a complete something different and I assure you that the spider eggs will be completely disappeared from your plants.

The best way of using it is to mix 3% of hydrogen peroxide with a cup of water and spray it on the soil that you have your plant in, and you will notice an immediate change, as spider eggs start to get destroyed.

Castile Soap Water

It is not super-verified that castile soap water can completely destroy the spider eggs from the soil of your plant, but still, many people say that it does. That’s why I added it as one of the solutions when it comes to dealing with spider eggs in plant soil.
You can mix a tablespoon of fluid soap with warm water while putting it in a spray bottle. The only thing left to do is to spray the soil in which the spider eggs are fond, and you will notice that slowly they will disappear.

Final Words, Conclusion

Here we are at the end of this article, in which I tried to tell you guys some of the things that can be done, in case you are “suffering” from spider eggs in plant soil. As I mentioned above, there are different things that can be done, but still, it is important to be known that everything that you do should be completely done while taking care to not damage your skin in any way.

However, I really hope that this article will help you find out the ways how to deal with spider eggs in plant soil, as they know to destroy your plants, and I hope that the things that I mentioned will help you do so.

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