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Types of Palm Trees in Australia (With Names & Pictures)

Whenever I say Australia, there is one thing that comes to mind and it is kangaroos, right? Well, I am sorry to disappoint you but the first thing that comes to my mind is Australian beaches. Now, beaches have something else that makes you think about palm trees! At least I, as a plant and palm lover, think about them most of the time.

A combination of Australia and palms brings us to the main purpose of this article: Types of Palm Trees in Australia!

The article that I am about to start is completely related to palm trees, which you can find in different small places in Australia, and I am more than glad to say that I found a lot of them!

Well, let us see which are the types of palm trees in Australia!

7 Types of Palm Trees Australia

1. Australian Cabbage Tree Palm (Livistona Australis)

The first palm tree that comes to my mind is the Cabbage Palm which is one of the palm trees that come directly from Australia and hence the name, it is the Australian palm tree. The botanical name of this palm tree is Livistona Australis.

An interesting fact that should be mentioned about this plant is that it grows naturally in Queensland Australia.

Native Place Australia
Family Name Arecaceae
Type  Tree
Min. and Max. Height 20-65 feet
Soil Type/Soil pH Dry/Acidic
Blooming Time(Season) Autumn and Winter

2. Arenga Palm (Arenga Australasica)

Arenga Palm is another super-famous name that many people, palm lovers, have heard about. It is again one of the palm trees that represents Australia in the best way possible. Its botanical name is Arenga Australasica, again being a palm from Australia.

This tree comes from a species of palm trees that are used to produce sugar, and somewhere it is called the sugar palm.

Native Place Australia
Family Name Arecaceae
Type  Shrub
Min. and Max. Height 8-15 feet
Soil Type/Soil pH Well-Draining/Acidic, Neutral
Blooming Time Summer

3. Australian Fan Palm (Licuala Ramsayi)

The Australian Fan Palm is also one of the main palms from the Australian region, and it is definitely one of those palms that are easily noticed in these places, especially on Australian beaches.

It has the biggest leaves when compared to other types of palm trees found in Australia.

Native Place Australia
Family Name Arecaceae
Type  Tree
Min. and Max. Height 32-65 feet
Soil Type/Soil pH Moist Humusy Sandy/Acidic, at any pH level
Blooming Time Early Summer

4. Carpenteria Palm (Carpentaria Acuminate)

Carpenteria palms are types of palms that come from a specific part of Australia, they come from Northern Australia. It is not the most famous plant that you can ever find, but still, it stands as one of the most important ones in the northern region.

A carpenteria palm is one of the fastest growing palm trees that can be found in Australia.

Native Place Northern Australia
Family Name Arecaceae
Type  Perennial
Min. and Max. Height 35-40 feet
Soil Type/Soil pH Super Adaptable in Any Soil
Blooming Time Spring, Summer, and Autumn

5. Coconut Palm (Cocos Nucifera)

Hence the name, the coconut palm is basically the type of palm that gives you coconuts! Even though it doesn’t come from Australia, there are some beaches and other places in this state where you can clearly notice coconut palms growing.

This type of palm tree is best known for economic purposes. What does that mean? Whenever the palm gives coconut fruits, many people in Australia take them to the market, and as coconut fruits are quite famous, the gaining is quite huge.

Native Place Asia
Family Name Arecaceae
Type  Perennial
Min. and Max. Height 80-100 feet
Soil Type/Soil pH Moist/Acidic
Blooming Time All-Year Round

6. Kentia Palm (Howea Forsteriana)

The kentia palms come from Australia as well, and you can find them in many different big and small places in this state. They are also called paradise palms and besides finding them outdoors, there are many people that grow kentia palms indoors in pots.

Based on their bodies and their roots, the kentia palms are the most durable that you can find in different Australian places.

Native Place Australia
Family Name Arecaceae
Type  Tree
Min. and Max. Height Up to 40 feet
Soil Type/Soil pH Sandy, Loamy/Acidic
Blooming Time Winter

7. Lady Palm (Rhapis Excelsa)

Ladies are always first, but here I chose to mention the Lady Palm as the last palm tree which is found in different Australian places. This palm is called the lady palm because of its quite modern look, it is tall and it looks very pretty.

Besides looking good, this palm is also known as an air cleaner and it helps a lot when the climate isn’t at its best!

Native Place Australia
Family Name Arecaceae
Type  Shrub
Min. and Max. Height 6-15 feet
Soil Type/Soil pH Well-Draining/Acidic
Blooming Time(Season) Spring

An important thing that is good to be remembered is that all of the palm trees that I mentioned throughout this article come from the same family and they come from Arecaceae. Anyways, as you can notice, the palms that I mentioned all come from Australia with the exception of the coconut palm that comes from Asia. This part concludes with the fact that Australia is a place that owns many different palm trees.

Final Words

Here we came at the end of this article! I hope that everything that I mentioned above is understandable, and I hope that this article will help you find out which are types of palms in Australia!

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