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Types of Palm Trees in California (With Names & Pictures)

California stands as one of the most famous US places to be seen and visited, and here the main role of this fame stands the amazing beaches that it has. Some of them are Laguna Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu, Santa Barbara, and San Diego.

Now, if you let me talk about myself, whenever I say beach I think of sun, heat, summer, and also palms! I am pretty sure that palms come into everyone’s mind as well, considering how cool they make a place look.

Well, California as a place cannot stay away from “the coolness” and all those beaches that I mentioned above are filled with palms, but which ones are they? There are many different types of palms, and my aim in this article is t show you which ones can be found there!

Let us get diving into some amazing types of palm trees that you can find there!

Types of Palm Trees in California

Santa Monica, California

As I mentioned above, in California you can find different types of palm trees, but there are some of the most famous ones that should definitely be mentioned. I will mention some of them which are seven in number, and you can find some of the main informational content that you may need to know regarding each type. The types of palm trees in California include:

1. California Fan Palm

This palm, based in Botanics is called Washingtonia filifera and it comes from the family Arecaceae. The palm is native to California state, and it is one of the most famous palms that can be found in this place.

The blooming time of these palm trees is during the summer season, and they can achieve a height of 30-80 feet.

2. Beach Palm

Beach palm, else way known as Allagoptera Arenaria, seashore palm, and many other names, comes from Argentina and Brazil, being its native places, but still, it can be grown easily in California and other places like California.

It is known as one of the types of palms that can’t achieve a super high height, as it can be grown up to 6 feet. Even though short, it can withstand strong winds and a high level of humidity without any problem.

3. King Palm

The king palm is one of those palms that once planted can give a better look to the whole place! This palm tree is known by different names some of them are feather palm and Alexandra palm, meanwhile, its botanic name is Archontophoenix Alexandrae. What I would like to mention here is that it is named after Denmark’s Princess Alexandra!

It can be grown easily up to 40-60 feet, and its blooming season is during summer because it needs full sunlight!

4. Queen Palm

From the king palm, I would like to move on to the Queen palm which is again one of the greatest palms that can be found in California. It is called queen palm because of its super-elegant look, being the queen of the palms. It comes from the family Arecaceae as well and its native place stands in South America.

The height that this plant can achieve is 50 feet and again it is one of those palms that is fully grown during summer.

5. Cuban Royal Palm

Mentioning the king and the queen without mentioning the whole royalty would be a shame, right? The Cuban Royal Palm is a palm that comes from Cuba and Florida, and its name is Roystone Regia. By the way, this type of palm tree is also known as a majestic palm.

This palm can be fully grown at 50-70 feet in general, and yes, again, it blooms amazingly in summer.

6. True Date Palm

True Date Palm is one of the types of palm trees in California that should definitely be mentioned. Its scientific name is Phoenix dactylifera and it comes from the same family that I mentioned the palms above: Arecaceae. The origin of this palm tree is India and North Africa.

Its full body can be at a height of 75 feet and it is a very strong palm tree.

7. Dwarf Palm

The dwarf palm is one of the types of palms that can not be found all around California, but still, it definitely needs to be mentioned in this list. This palm tree comes from Asia, and it is one of those palm trees that need the most care.

It can achieve a height of 12 feet, which is a short one, but I assure you that it looks super cute.

Based on the types of palms that are mentioned above, the California Fan Palm is the only palm that is native to California as a place. The other ones mentioned, are found in California, but they are native to completely different places.

Final Words

Here we came at the end of this article! You should know that the types of palm trees that I mentioned above aren’t the only ones that can be found in California, as there are many others. However, I tried to mention to you some of the most famous ones and the types of palm trees that you will definitely find there.

I really hope that I included in this article whatever you may need to know, and I hope that this article will clear your idea on asking yourselves about the types of palm trees in California!

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