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Types of Palm Trees in Hawaii (With Pictures & Names)

Hawaii, this beautiful tropical place has more or less 200 genera which make up 2.600 different types of trees that grow perfectly fine. Loulu palms are the only native tropical tree in Hawaii.

If you have difficulties identifying whether it’s a palm tree, check the distinguished shape of the leaves, they usually are

  • Pinnate- the leaves are shaped like a feather
  • Palmate- the leaves are associated with fans.
  • Trunk- the palm trees have that elongated shape that can come in with one or multiple stems with some texture.

‘Ōhi’a lehua type of plant tree is the most plentiful native tree and probably the most stylish and bougie-looking one.

However, The kukui (Aleurites moluccana) palm tree is considered a national palm tree that symbolizes protection and guidance through peace. Still to this day, it is known as an official emblem tree in Hawaii since back in 1959.

Palm trees have been associated with places like Hawaii and their lifespan lasts between 7-8 decades.

Types of Palm Trees in Hawaii

Let’s get straight to the point and find out the most common types of palm trees in Hawaii

1. Wodyetia

Wodyetia uses the nickname “Foxtail Palm” because of the fluffy leaves that look like it’s falling. Actually, the tree comes from Australia and is seen almost in every location in Hawaii.

The trunk is thinner in comparison to other palm trees but it can reach the height of 25 feet. 

The unique characteristic that differs is that both males and females have viable seeds and pollen. Also, they are easy to maintain.

With the change of the seasons, the colors turn to produce orange fruit.

2. Areca Palm

Areca palm hangs around in low positions in the ground, but after it’s fully established, it reaches out 10 feet wide and is more or less 40 feet tall.

The interesting fact about growing is having multiple skinny palm trees connected to one trunk, so it grows in cluster form. It’s also called bamboo because of its looks. 

How tall the areca palm will get and how wide it will get depends on the climate of the region, but in Hawaii particularly, the palm tree can reach 8 feet indoors and 30 feet outdoors.

3. Red Sealing Wax Palm

Red Sealing palm’s native is Thailand, but a long time ago it has been brought to Hawaii.

Ladies, this palm is also known as a “Lipstick Palm” as you can see it represents the red color beauty. This characteristic is what makes the red sealing wax palm to stand out amongst other beautiful palm trees. It’s quite noticeable at first sight.

Hawaii locals use this exotic palm tree to spice up their gardening and once it’s developed, they contribute to the décor of the state.

4. Fishtail Palm

Fishtail palm as you see in the picture took its name from the fish’s anal fin. It is the most visible or let’s say recognizable plant because who can forget the wild look of this palm tree?

Another interesting feature is having subspecies and commonly the leaf shapes vary, so it kind of looks like a hybrid-leaved palm tree.

Bear in mind that after the flowering period passes, it can lose its vibrancy, and stems are weakened and ready to die. They eventually grow new ones.

5. Bottle Palm Tree

Since here, I feel like you have got the idea where the names come from which their metaphorical looks or similar appearance. 

Look at the trunk, it’s almost shaped as a bottle and is unbreakably thick. The crown of leaves on the other hand completes the look like it’s planted in the pot.

The unique part is that the bottle palm tree has 2-3 trunks that make it different from other types, and all these trunks are linked to only one base trunk. Amazing, isn’t it? 

6. Bismarck Palm

Bismarck palm is born in Madagascar and to be honest it embellishes the Hawaiian streets with its pale gray color together with fan-shaped foliage.

It grows in a single trunk that reaches up to 60 feet tall and the leaves widen as it grows. The characteristic of the leaves is that Bismarck produces 30 leaves per plant in total.

It’s so satisfying and beautiful to watch, and I feel like it contributes much more to the Hawaii state than other palm trees

7. Coconut Palm

I cannot pass on the palm tree topic without mentioning the famous coconut palm. The native comes from Malesia and Australia and a long time ago, it was brought to Hawaii.

To be honest, not only the looks but also the versatile benefits bring itself the need for a high appreciation. Their giant growth is highly visible among other palm trees.

Snuggled around the clusters, the coconut palm tree has a super thick trunk that is able to handle the ground-growing coconut and bring it to such a high height. The leaves in this scenario help to cover the coconut fruit from direct sunlight exposure and present a beautiful view to visitors.

What Kind of Palm Trees Can You Grow Indoors?

  • Jelly Palms
  • Date Palms
  • Bamboos
  • Spindle Palms
  • Fan Palms
  • Princess Palms
  • Areca palms
  • Christmas Palms

What is so Special About Palm Trees?

Most palm trees’ lifespan last decades and even more than a century. They are evidenced as the longest-living plants on earth.

Also, the palm tree is mentioned in the bible in psalm verse 92:12 “The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree, he shall grow like a cedar on Lebanon.”

A Brief Recap

Hawaii with boiling hot temperatures is ideal for palm tree growth. Each and every type is so unique and beautiful in its own way that I find it difficult to say, yes this is the best one. 

Hopefully, you’ve got the information you’ve been looking for. Stay tuned for more informational content.

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