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Fertilizing Avocado Trees: When, How & Which Fertilizer To Use

Avocados are known for containing a lot of vitamins, and in order to stay healthy and provide you with those vitamins, they need to be fed with different things as well.

The best way of keeping an avocado tree growing healthy is the use of fertilizers! However, there are some things that every avocado tree owner uses and it is the way how to fertilize avocado trees and the timing when should one fertilize them.

In this article I will go through those two main questions, as well as I will introduce to you some of the greatest fertilizers that you can find for an avocado tree!

Now, without any further ado, let me get this article started!

When to Fertilize Avocado Trees?

The most commonly asked question in fertilizing an avocado tree is when to do so! Well, it has its own specifications and basically, it is one of the most important things to know whenever you want to fertilize.

An avocado tree should be fertilized in its first year of planting. There is a specification that if you do so, the roots will easily be established and they will provide an impressive strength, and super-healthy growth.

Also, you should know that the best time to fertilize an avocado tree stands during spring, summer, and autumn.

You should avoid fertilizing an avocado tree during winter, as its roots hate the cold and basically they hate to be touched during cold weather.

How to Fertilize Avocado Trees?

Whenever you want to fertilize an avocado tree, you should consider some steps that should definitely be followed.

Those steps include:

  • Find the best fertilizer for an avocado tree (you can find some of them below).
  • If you use a liquid fertilizer put it on a spraying bottle.
  • Spray the fertilizer on the soil where you have the avocado tree planted.
  • If you use granules as fertilizers, put them directly in the soil.
  • Always remember that either fertilizer that you use, should be put next to the roots of the avocado tree. You should avoid putting it somewhere else.

If it is important to you, you should have in mind that smaller application of fertilizers in an avocado tree is better than bigger ones and they have more effect on the avocado’s growth.

Best Fertilizers for Avocado Trees

You can notice that fertilizing an avocado tree if you follow the steps, is quite an easy thing to do, and it is important to know how to do so. Yet again, something that is very important as well as the type of fertilizers that you will use in order to help the avocado tree grow in the best way possible. There are some of them, but I’ve concluded the best three ones that will definitely do the job in the best way possible.

1. Miracle-Gro Shake ‘N Feed

This fertilizer is definitely one of the first ones that come to any gardener’s mind when talking about fertilizing an avocado tree, and it is basically the first one that came to my mind as well.

It is a liquid fertilizer that includes potassium, sulfur, iron, and magnesium, as they are some of the greatest substances that you can feed your avocado tree with. It is known for the ability to feed the plants for up to three months, and it helps a lot in the growth of a healthy avocado tree.

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2. True Organic

Another fertilizer that shouldn’t be left unmentioned comes from True Organic, and owning this name, you can clearly notice that its organic manner will help you grow amazing avocados.

Differing from the first one, it comes in granules, but still, it owns nitrogen as the main one, as well as potassium and phosphorus. It works at a ratio of 4-5-4, and also contains 1% sulfur and 7% calcium. Besides feeding avocados, it can also be used in lemon trees, mangoes, oranges, and many others.

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3. AgroThrive

AgroThrive is also a super famous name in the world of fertilization, as it has some of the best types of fertilizers on the market. This one is definitely one of the most used fertilizers in avocado trees and many other plants.

This fertilizer is a liquid as well, and it includes a 3-3-2 ratio of the main types of nutrients within, which are nitrogen, potassium, and potash. This type of fertilizer will help your avocado tree grow faster and super-healthier as it increases the growth by 70%.

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Why Should You Fertilize an Avocado Tree?

Just like every living thing needs food in order to be grown and live properly, an avocado tree needs its food as well. In different trees and plants, food is considered the nutrients that you give during fertilization.

The main reason why should one fertilize an avocado tree is to be more aware of the fact that a fertilized avocado tree brings to you better fruits in a healthier manner.

Final Words

Here we are at the end of this article! I tried to be as clear as possible so that you can understand the ways how you can fertilize an avocado tree without complicating anything.

What I hope is that this article will be your biggest helper in the fertilization process of an avocado tree, as well as will help you find the best fertilizers for this plant!

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