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Fertilizing Cherry Trees: When, How & Which Fertilizer?

Cherries are one of the most famous types of fruits that many people prefer, and in that many people group am I as well! Cherries are loved for everything that they own, starting from the way they look and the way that they taste.

However, in order to look that good and taste that amazing, cherries have their requirements and those requirements include fertilization as an important factor that allows you to grow super healthy and wealthy cherry trees!

In this article, you will be able to find important information regarding fertilization in cherry trees! It is important to know how and when to fertilize a cherry tree, as well as it is important to know which are the best fertilizers that one can use! Well, in order to find answers to those questions mentioned, and why not, find out more about them, you can stick until the end of this article!

Without further ado, let us see when and how to fertilize cherry trees!

When to Fertilize Cherry Trees?

The best way to understand the fertilization in a cherry tree is to know when to do so, and that’s basically why I am here for!

It is a fact that cherry trees love to be fertilized during spring and fall, but still, spring stands as one of the most preferable seasons that cherry trees would deal with fertilization in the best way possible. Also, you should have in mind fertilizing your cherry tree a month before the tree flowers.

Differing from other plants and trees, cherry tree owners say that this tree should be fertilized during the morning because at that time everything is fresh and you need fresh soil for fertilization.

How to Fertilize Cherry Trees?

Now that you understood when to fertilize cherry trees, the other thing that is important is the way how you can fertilize cherry trees in general. The methods are quite similar to fertilizing any type of plant or tree, but still, there are the steps that should be mentioned and followed by you!

Those steps include:

  • find the best fertilizer for your cherry tree (more on them down below)
  • once you found it, based on the type of fertilizer you will put it in a bottle (if it is liquid), combine it with water (if it is powder), and if it is in granules form you can use them directly from the box.
  • the time has come to apply the fertilizer to the soil that you have the cherry tree planted in
  • you should remember to always apply the fertilizers (any type) on the part where the cherry tree lays its roots
  • water the tree deeply because watering helps a lot during the fertilization process

Best Fertilizers for Cherry Trees

As I mentioned above, the first step in applying fertilizer is to find the best one! There are different fertilizers that you can choose and use on your cherry tree, but still, I have chosen three of them, and I assure you from the beginning that they will do an impressive job!

1. Dr. Earth 708P

This fertilizer from Dr.Earth is one of the most organic fertilizers that you can ever find, as it is made 100% from natural ingredients.

It is a fertilizer that comes in granules, and it provides you with the substances that any cherry tree may need in order to grow in the best way possible. Being organic, you have no need of using any other chemical substance with it, of course, as long as it is used as instructed. What should be mentioned is that this fertilizer feeds the tree for several months and you don’t have to repeat it too often.

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2. BioAdvanced 701615A

Differing from the first fertilizer mentioned, the BioAdvanced one comes as a liquid, and you can purchase it directly in a gallon.

Whenever you use this fertilizer you will notice an immediate improvement in your cherry tree. Besides that, this fertilizer can also be considered a protector of the cherry tree from different insects and pests. If you ever use this one, you will have 12-month protection for anything!

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3. Jobe’s 1612

Jobe’s is a quite famous name in the world of fertilizers, and differing completely, this one comes in spikes that can be put directly to the soil in which you have the cherry tree planted.

It is a fertilizer that can be used in many different fruits, but the ones that take the first place are apples, cherries, and oranges as well. The motto of this fertilizer is to keep the tree healthy and happy, and it does that in the best way possible. You shouldn’t be afraid of using it since it will bring health to your cherry tree better than you can ever imagine.

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Final Words

Moving along, we came to the end of this article! As I mentioned throughout the article, the fertilization process on a cherry tree is definitely one of the most important things that one should do in order to have amazing cherries to eat. As you can notice, the fertilization process isn’t the hardest thing to do, and if you follow the steps and do the fertilization at the exact schedule that is given, I am more than glad to say that your cherries this year and other years will be on top. The cherry on top – a quite famous phrase!

Anyways, I hope this article will be your biggest helper and supporter whenever you feel like your cherry tree needs fertilization!

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