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Fertilizing Geraniums: When, How & Which Fertilizer To Use

Since I was a child, I remember asking my mom what were those colorful flowers she kept taking care of, and she always referred to them as “her other children” while mentioning two names of the flowers, she always said geraniums and Crane’s bill. The struggle was more than real when I kept confusing myself about whether those flowers are called geraniums or Crane’s bill. Well, now, I am more than glad to say that I understand my mom!

Geraniums have different names in fact, but the most famous one among them all is Crane’s bill. So, if you find these types of flowers mentioned as geraniums or Crane’s bill, you can be more than sure that it is basically the same thing.

Anyways, geraniums are one of the most famous flowers that many gardeners or plant lovers all around the world own and love to take care of them. There are, of course, the requirements that it desires, and two of the most important ones stand the watering process and fertilization.

In this article, I will be more concrete about the fertilization in geraniums! When should you fertilize geraniums? How to fertilize geraniums? Which are the best fertilizers that you can use in order to fertilize geraniums? In order to find the answers to the questions mentioned, you can stick until the end of this article!

I know that I wasted your time a little bit, but, right now, I am getting this article started!

When to Fertilize Geraniums?

Geraniums are flowers that need fertilization as much as they need water in order to bloom in the best way possible. 

Owners of geraniums have a lot of doubts regarding the timing when the fertilization should be done in these flowers, and the best time to do so is during spring and summer.

As some of you may already know, geraniums bloom during springtime, and that’s why it is important to mention that you should do the fertilization when they start “getting awake” and their flowers are ready to bloom. Basically, the best time to fertilize geraniums is after they pass the dormant period which happens during the winter season.

How to Fertilize Geraniums?

Fertilizing geraniums is the easiest thing to do, as they are types of flowers that can withstand different things happening to them. Anyways, what is important to mention in this part as the first thing that should be done is to find the best fertilizer for these particular plants. 

Based on the type of fertilizer that you choose because there are fertilizers that come as liquid, granules, and spikes, you can apply it based on the instructions that are given on the package of the fertilizer. For example, if you will choose a liquid fertilizer, it is definitely better if you put it in a spraying bottle, and that way apply it. Granules and spikes on the other hand do not require such thing as they go directly.

Once you chose the fertilizer it is more than ready to be used. What you should have in mind is that geraniums love the fertilizer applied to their roots. Considering the fact that the roots are one of the most essential things that need strength, applying the fertilizer there is the best thing to do. 

After you fertilized the geraniums completely, it is important to water the flower’s roots deeply so that the fertilizer combined with water can go and touch the deepest parts of the flowers. 

Best Fertilizer for Geraniums

If everything that I mentioned above is clear enough, I am more than glad to say that we came to the part in which I will mention the best fertilizers that you can use in order to fertilize geraniums!

Those fertilizers are:


The EZ-Gro fertilizer is one of the greatest liquid fertilizers that you can use in geraniums. It is known for its powerful 15-15-15 NP ratio, and it is more than sure that this will help.

Whenever you use this fertilizer you will notice an instant difference in your geraniums, as besides helping them bloom better, it also takes care of the flower while protecting it from different pests. By the way, something that I would like to mention is that you can use this fertilizer both indoors and outdoors.

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2. BioAdvanced 701262

Another liquid fertilizer that takes a place in my choices is the name Bio Advanced. This name is definitely one of the most famous names in fertilizers, and I am pretty sure that many gardeners have heard about it.
Anyways, this fertilizer’s NPK ratio is 9-14-9 based on the main things that it owns, meanwhile, it also includes other substances that will help you kill different insects. This fertilizer’s job is to deal with the roots of your geraniums and their blooms! Everything will go better than you can imagine!

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3. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble

Differing from the two fertilizers mentioned above, this one that comes from Miracle-Gro is a powder fertilizer type. Still, it doesn’t mean that it won’t do the job properly!

This fertilizer is specially made to be used in flowers that bloom almost the whole year, and you know that geraniums are one of them! Besides that, the Miracle-Gro fertilizer is one of those fertilizers that also deals with the colors of the flowers and not only with the blooming part. It will help your geraniums have brilliant and vibrant colors while working at a ratio of 5-30-15.

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Final Words

Coming through the end of this article, I don’t think that I left something unmentioned, regarding the fertilization in geraniums. Of course, it is worth mentioning that if you follow the things that I mentioned, the fertilizing process will go in a great way.

I really hope that this article will be your biggest helper in fertilizing geraniums!

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