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Fertilizing Orchids: When, How & Which Fertilizer To Use

Orchids are the types of flowers that many people love and in fact, many people take care of them, as they consider orchids the celebrity among other different flowers. In culture and history, orchids are one of the most mentioned types of flowers as well.

Orchids are also known as the most amazing blooming flowers that one could own, but whenever you notice that the blooming is somehow fading away, you should know that the fertilization process comes in handy. Just like in many other plants, orchids also have the need for fertilizers, and that’s basically the reason why I am writing this article.

Throughout this article, I will mention to my readers the whole fertilization process in orchid flowers while starting with the answer to the questions about when and how to fertilize orchids. If you stick until the end, you will also find the best fertilizers that you can use!

Without any further ado, let me get this article started and let us find out about the fertilization process in orchids!

When to Fertilize Orchids?

Orchids are flowers that love fertilization, and they are the types of flowers that need to be fertilized super frequently.

An orchid requires fertilization from you once a month as a common and general rule, but there are also some types of orchids that need to be fertilized weekly!

Anyways, this factor is also based on the fertilizer that you use. If your fertilizer is stronger, you can use it monthly, if it is weaker then you are more than free to use it weekly.

How to Fertilize Orchids?

Now that we found out that orchids need fertilization quite frequently, you should know how to do so, right? Well, there are some things that you may want to consider, and I will mention them as steps in order to fertilize an orchid flower!

  • Find the best fertilizer that will help you grow healthy orchids (more on them down below)
  • Based on the type of fertilizer that you will use, put it in whatever thing that may ease your job (ex. spraying bottle, spoon, etc)
  • Always remember that the fertilizer should be applied to the soil of the plant, next to the roots

Watering is one of the most important things that you should do after the whole fertilization process, as it helps the fertilizer go deeper within the soil. 

Best Fertilizers for Orchids

It is important to know that not all fertilizers will do the job whenever you need one specifically for orchids. Based on that, I have chosen some of the greatest fertilizers that you can use in order to feed an orchid flower! Let me mention something more about them!

1. Aquatic Arts

The first fertilizer that I chose as one of the greatest for orchid plants is a liquid fertilizer that includes some of the basic substances that any plant needs. They are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

It is also considered one of the most organic fertilizers, and it is specially made for orchids that are planted in pots. It helps the orchid flowers in different forms starting from stronger roots, healthy stems, amazing blooms of flowers, as well as super vibrant leaves.

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2. Orchid Plant Food

From a liquid fertilizer, I would like to mention a granular which is definitely one of the greatest, and a fertilizer that is definitely worth mentioning. The NPK ratio on this fertilizer is 13-4-14, and the potassium part has more percentage.

Anyways, this fertilizer is made specifically for all types of orchids and it helps them all differently, based on where you use it. It brings health, amazing growth, amazing flowers, and a blooming process for 6 months.

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3. The Grow Co

The Grow Co is another liquid fertilizer that will help every orchid owner bring the best out of their flowers. It is important to mention that this fertilizer already comes in a spraying bottle, so you don’t have to be worried about mixing it in any way.

Just as the ones already mentioned, this fertilizer also helps with the strength of the roots and it is the primary thing that it “has in mind”. After that, whenever you use this fertilizer you will notice that there is impressive growth.

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4. Espoma Organic Orchid

Espoma is also a name of fertilizer brand that should never be left without being mentioned. In this case, it is again a liquid fertilizer for orchids, and it is 100% organic.

This fertilizer will help you grow amazing big and very beautiful orchids and besides that, it also is one of the safest fertilizers to be used. If you are an owner of pests, you are more than free to use the Espoma fertilizer as it doesn’t cause any harm.

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Final Words

Coming at the end of this article, it is important to mention again that the fertilization process in orchid flowers is quite different from other flowers because orchids need fertilization more frequently. If you ever owned another plant that had to be fertilized once in spring and summer, orchids require it every week or month.

Anyways, I really hope that this article will help you find out how the fertilization process should be done, and also I hope that the fertilizers that I mentioned will be the right choice for you!

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