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Fertilizing Watermelon: When, How & Which Fertilizer To Use

Whenever I mention watermelon, there is something that comes to my mind and that is the summer nights. There is an impressive combination between watermelon and summer and that’s because these fruits represent summer in the best way possible.

Being that great in taste and looks, there are some needs of watermelons that you should fulfill. Now I know that when I say needs or requirements the first thing that comes to your mind is the watering process, but here I am more concentrated on something else and that is the fertilization procedure!

In this article, you will find the timing when you should fertilize watermelons, how to fertilize watermelons, and if you stick until the end you can also find other information as well.

Without any further ado, let’s play Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles, and let’s find out more about the fertilization in watermelons!

When to Fertilize Watermelon?

Watermelons are plants that love fertilization, but they want it at the exact time, and it feels like now or never!

That now or never time in fertilizing watermelons stands when you have planted the plant and the watermelons are basically seeds, young ones. What the fertilizer would do in this phase is help them grow healthy and super strong, in order to bring you the watermelons that you need.

How to Fertilize Watermelon?

Once you see that the fertilization in your watermelons should be started based on the timing mentioned above, it is important to also know how to do so, right? Well, let me help you!
Once you found your fertilizer (if not, you can check out the ones that I will add below), you are more than ready to start fertilizing your watermelon plants.

Watermelons need a specific and correct amount of fertilizers in their system, and the correct one is 0.25-0.50 pounds in one root.

Any type of fertilizer that you will use will come with its own instructions, but still, the specifications that I mentioned above are needed to be known whenever you fertilize this plant.

Also, you should remember that you cannot touch anything else with the fertilizer besides the soil in which the roots of the watermelon are laying.

Best Fertilizers for Watermelon

Just as the when and how to fertilize watermelons is an important thing to know, something else that is important is what fertilizer to use, and I am more than glad to help you find one! Here, in this part, I will mention to you some of the greatest fertilizers that you can use during the fertilization procedure of watermelons!

1. Burpee Bone Meal Fertilizer

The first fertilizer that I would like to mention comes from Burpee Bone, and it is one of those fertilizers that is more concentrated on the roots of the watermelon plant.

The NPK ratio formula of this fertilizer is 6-8-0 and based on that, its job is to strengthen completely the roots of the plant, as the phosphorus is listed at 8%. Another important fact that should be mentioned about this fertilizer stands on the part of its full organic nutrients, which will help the watermelons grow super-healthy.

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2. Miracle-Gro Water Soluble

Now, when I mention Miracle-Gro fertilizers, I always say that they are the best ones that any plant lover or owner can use. Well, it is like that because no list can be completed without a Miracle-Gro.

It is a liquid fertilizer that will help not only your watermelons but any type of plant as well. It feeds your watermelons for about two weeks, and once in use with watermelons, you will notice a total improvement in their growth.

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3. Bloom City

Let yourselves free and bloom your watermelons with the fertilizer Bloom City! It is one of those fertilizers that will do the job precisely on different plants, but of course, mostly in watermelons.

The nutrients on the Bloom City fertilizer are organic as well and it is known as the cleanest fertilizer that you can ever find. Before usage, it is important to combine it with water and once you use that mixture in your watermelons or any other plants, they will be more than ready to provide you with amazing watermelons.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does fertilizing affect the taste?

Watermelons are known for their look and taste at the same time, and it is interesting enough to say that yes, the fertilizing process in watermelons has to do a lot with the taste and if you overfertilize them, the taste will be a bit bitter.

Are there benefits of using fertilizers in watermelons?

In case you are a person that loves quality over quantity then yes! There are benefits to this part. As I mentioned in the article, if you fertilize the watermelon whenever it comes to your mind, you will have a bigger number of fruits but they all will be smaller and with a weird taste. If you use fertilizers precisely, you can be more than sure that every watermelon will be grown perfectly with the amazing taste that it deserves.

How many types of watermelons are there?

You may have seen different pictures of different watermelon types, but there are four main ones and the most famous ones. There are seedless watermelons, yellow and orange watermelons, icebox watermelons, and picnic watermelons.

Final Words

Moving along we came to the last part of this article! As you can notice, the fertilization process is an easy thing to be followed, and most importantly, you should know that fertilizing watermelons will bring better watermelons to you.

I hope that this article will be your best supporter of when and how to fertilize watermelon plants! Yet again, I hope that the fertilizers that I mentioned will be one of your choices!

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Have fun!

Aurora Hansen

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