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Why Is My Cactus Squishy?

Cacti is a plant that derives from the succulent family. Usually, these types of plants tend to grow in dry and high-temperature levels like deserts, more precisely the North African sides. To be honest, all the plants that come from this family are extremely eye-pleasing. So, it would a huge disappointment if you fail to take care of them. I don’t blame you, at times, you can show maximum care and still can end up with a dying plant.

Lately, you have been noticing some changes in your favorite cactus, and looks kind of squishy. There can be specific reasons behind it.

The exact answer you are looking for is probably one of these facts mentioned down below. Saving the rotten or squishy cacti is the main target now.

Many reasons can rely on why your cactus out of the blue looks squishy. The top reason can be the environment. Because the cacti need proper sunlight and water to grow beautifully. Another reason behind the curtains can be injury or fungal disease due to the not quite well-draining soil. A squishy cactus is mainly the outcome of root rotting. 

Why Cactus Looks/Feels Squishy and How to Fix it?

Overwatering Makes Cactus Look Squishy

Desert plants are very immune to water. They have an organism that can store water for weeks. So, there’s no need to add water daily. A thumb rule for watering is 1 to 2 weeks in the summertime. During winter times, you can wait 3 to 4 weeks. No more than that.

To determine whether your cacti need water, just poke your index finger into the soil for a few inches and if it’s dry, you are allowed to water it, if it’s not, stay away from the beautiful plant.

How to Fix: Water only between 1-2 weeks. During winter times, you can wait a month to water. Don’t worry, your cacti will survive. They are used to boiling hot and waterless environments.

Check the Drainage

Poor drainage can end up being squishy because the plant has already stored the needed water in the leaves, that is how they manage to survive in desert-like places. 

The cactus needs proper drainage soil to stop water from clogging. 

Mixing 75% substrate, 25% perlite, and low fertilizer in a pot is a saving decision for your cacti because the pH level of 5.5 has a greater degree of acidity than ordinary potting soils (if you grow indoors). Plus, it is so light and carries 25% perlite in it.

How to Fix: Lots of soil pots are available now, maybe changing the drainage soil can save the dying plant.

Spore-Producing and Bacterial Issues

Spore-Producing and bacterial issues can make your cactus look squishy. This means that the plant has an open would inside, it’s just like normal human beings. Cleaning and keeping the cactus entirely clean can prevent infection. 

If your current space has moisture and is a decent degree warm, it is most likely that bacteria and spore-producing will happen. Just in case you spot some black small roundish marks, know that some infection is happening in the cactus. 

Alternatively, fungal diseases and bacteria can be an action by insects or bad weather conditions like hail. The bacteria, fungus, and injury that happens after these incidents can make your cactus look squishy.

How to Fix: Get a knife and sterilize it. Cut the infected leaves and dust the plant with sulfur to kill the gathering bacteria. You have to sterile the entire pot too, not only the plant because the bacteria or disease have already spread. The weather conditions are controllable too, protecting from direct sunlight and hail.

Root Rotting 

Root rotting can be another reason why you are wondering if the cactus looks squishy. Root rotting is totally your mistake. One of the root rotting mistakes is overwatering. You don’t have to water cactus every day, the leaves themselves store weeks of water supply, so everything that is excessive is harmful to the plant.

To find out if the problem is at the root, you have to open and see it yourself. If the root disperses in your hands, then it is rotten.

How to Fix: Move the pant to a new pot and replace the soil that is infected, but get a new sterile soil though. Wash the roots for a fresh roots. You can try to cut the squishy parts and get rid of brown spots for the cactus’ brand new start over.

Humid Environment

Humid environment can make your lovely cactus look squishy. Their born environment is different and just like a living and breathing thing, it’s hard to withstand high humidity.

Not every plant you want can be taken care at any temperature levels. Instead of drying out and killing the plant, take some action to fix it, here is how.

How to Fix: Move the cactus where the dryness and sun are on point. If this doesn’t seem possible, then don’t water once a week, water once in two weeks (water from the top). Also, there are dehumidifiers you can buy online.

Why Is My Cactus Squishy in the Bottom?

There isn’t only one answer to that question. But the biggest reason is the pot not being suitable. As the plant grows over time, you need to change to a bigger pot that has good drainage. 

Another reason is not checking the cactus if it’s watering directly. It wouldn’t take too much time to poke your finger a few inches deep and see if you feel wetness. Wait till the cactus is completely dry.

A Brief Summary

Hopefully, now you are aware of why your cactus looks squishy and solve the problem. To explain in the simplest way the reasons behind it are:

  1. Overwatering
  2. Poor Drainage
  3. Spore-Producing
  4. Bacterial Issues
  5. Humidity
  6. Rotten Root

Overwatering is the number one enemy of the cactus. Everything is born from there because if you overwater, you will end up with rotten roots and the climate in your current living isn’t very adaptable to desert-like temperatures.

However, with some hints that I gave you, you can bring the squishy cactus alive, what are you waiting for, act immediately before it’s too late.

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